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Our Team

Our team name is S3P, which is, simply, a short form of our names. S3P should be pronounced "Strip".

Team Members

S3P consists of:

  • Shanvito Chandra Thali
  • Sutayasa
  • Sylvia
  • Prima Aulia Gusta

More details of our members


We are being supervised by Professor Benjamin GAN Kok Siew.

Our sponsor is National Heritage Board (NHB). Our point of contact with them is Steven Wu.

Project Overview

Project Description

At H-Portal, people will be able to access a wealth of heritage resources developed and put together by the National Heritage Board of Singapore. Members can login to use an assortment of community networking services that are presently only provided by international portals. Hence, the H-Portal serves as a pioneering portal in community networking for the heritage sector.

H-Portal also serves as the gateway to browse the database of Singapore's heritage artifacts stored in NHB's repositories including its museums and archival databases and information from NHB corporate website and other government websites. On top of that, being a nation state board that actively champions the development of Singapore’s vibrant cultural and heritage, NHB are also striving for wider and more diverse audience exposure through different festivals (Singapore Heritage Fest, International Museum Day, etc.) and public outreach.

Judging by the number of events organized each year by NHB and their association partners, our Final Year Project team will focus on providing an event e-management tool using a portal, specifically for art-related events and gathering. Through assembling problems and drawbacks that repeatedly occurred on events organized by CCAs and diverse cultural community groups, S3P is intending to develop a QUICKR group, which is similar to a portal, which showcases the capability to address needs and mitigate any potential problems different users may encounter within an event.


The H-Portal project aims to be a frontrunner in the adoption of Web 2.0 services in the public sector with particular focus on heritage communities. As promoting arts and cultures in Singapore is closely intertwined with organizing events to create awareness, we feel that there is a necessity for people or groups working within art and cultural communities to have a portal to streamline their activities during the event management processes. The overarching goal of this project is to create a virtual environment where the virtual heritage community actively participating in collaborating online. Through this approach on developing virtual portal on arts & cultural-related event management, our team believes that it will eventually serves sponsors’ goal to engage community with H-portal.


  • Gather users requirement from art-related events coordinated by CCA and NHB’s affiliation
  • Address requirements gathered identified in 3 iterations (each last for 3 weeks and ended by 1 week of UAT for feedback and debugging) from different stakeholders by developing an event management portal that resides on H-Portal
  • Increase the traffic of visitors to NHB’s sites, especially H-Portal via our event management portal which will be residing there
  • In particular, our Arts Event Management Portal would help users listed on stakeholders table above and any other cultural community groups to:
    • Administer and monitor event progress effectively and efficiently
    • Allow members participating in the event to collaborate online anytime
    • Aid managerial decision-making with useful lists and statements related to the event
    • Eliminate most management hassles and problems that often occurred in the past

Project Details



  • Place for all members to collaborate in organizing the event
  • Set event milestones, deadlines, and meeting schedules in team calendar
  • Manage event-related documents, lists and pictures
  • Organize team announcements and contacts list
  • Approval workflow of marketing articles
  • Analyze break-even points for priced-events
  • User Access Control based on different Roles
  • Feeds Notifications for libraries, meeting minutes, and calendar

Roles Categorization

S3P Roles Categorization.png

User Access List


Use Cases (in matrix)

Use Case Executive Team Main Committee Heads of Dept. Sub. Comm. Status
A1 – Login V V V V DONE
A2 – Logout V V V V DONE
A3 – Create Event Place V V V V DONE
01 – Manage People and Roles Settings V DONE
02 – Upload Event Scope V DONE
03 – Manage Event Scope V DONE
04 – View Event Scope V V V V DONE
05 – Set Event Milestones V V DONE
06 – Approve Event Milestones V REMOVED
07 – Set Resource Limits V V DONE
08 – Approve Resource Limits V REMOVED
09 – Propose Financial Plan V V DONE
10 – Approve Financial Plan V DONE
11 – Propose Changes on Financial Plan V V REMOVED
12 – Approve Changes on Financial Plan V REMOVED
13 – Propose Dept. Financial Plan V REMOVED
14 – Propose Changes on Dept. Financial Plan V REMOVED
15 – Approve Dept. Financial Plan V V REMOVED
16 – Generate Periodic Dept. Financial Statement V REMOVED
17 - Declare Incomes-Expenditures V V V DONE
18 - Generate Balance Statement V V V CHANGED
19 - Generate Customized Income-Expenditure Statement V V V CHANGED
20 – Upload Marketing Collateral Draft V DONE
21 – View & Comment Marketing Collateral Draft V V V DONE
22 – Approve Marketing Collateral Draft V DONE
23 – Create Logistics List V V V DONE
24 – Approve Logistics List V V REMOVED
25 – Insert Contacts List V V V V DONE
26 – View Respective Role's Contacts List V V V V DONE
27 – View All Contacts List V V DONE
28 – Upload Stage Design V DONE
29 – Approve Stage Design V V DONE
30 – Upload Scene-by-Scene Rundown V COMBINED
31 – Approve Scene-by-Scene Rundown V V COMBINED
32 – Upload Musical Score V COMBINED
33 – Approve Musical Score V V COMBINED
34 – Update Personal Weekly Schedule V V V V COMBINED
35 – Set Dept. Meeting/Rehearsal Schedule V V V COMBINED
36 – View Respective Dept. Schedule V V V V COMBINED
37 – Set Combined Meeting/Rehearsal Schedule V V COMBINED
38 – Approve Combined Meeting/Rehearsal Schedule V V V COMBINED
39 – View Combined Meeting/Rehearsal Schedule V V COMBINED

Project Schedule

Project Timeline

IS480-GanttChart-S3P-v3 1.gif IS480-GanttChart2-S3P-v3 2.gif

Meeting Schedules

  • Weekly Internal Meeting : Tuesday 13.00-15.00, Friday 14.00-16.00
  • Weekly Supervisor Meeting : Thursday 11.30-12.00
    • Venue : Prof Gan's Room
  • Sponsor Meeting : as required

Compiled To-Dos

This is the compiled to-dos. (We usually put it per week). The compiled to-dos will help us more in tracking our to-do list. Past to-dos won't have Start Time/End Time and sometimes Responsible Member, for efficiency purpose.

Item Tag Responsible member Assigned at To be Finished by Status
Settle with the installations and development environment required as quick as possible in order to proceed with the development stage User - Week 1 - DONE
Gather more detailed requirements from the other clients suggested by NHB (Museum Volunteer, Friends of Museum, etc.) User - Week 1 - DONE
Come up with rough plan of the portal’s user interface using QUICKR Application - Week 1 - DONE
Explain more about the QUICKR technologies and link essential references to wiki Wiki - Week 1 - DONE
Link the actual project to the wiki Wiki - Week 1 - DONE
Align the proposed project milestone displayed by the gannt chart with the project milestones Wiki - Week 1 - DONE
Post the more categorized roles dictionary Wiki - Week 1 - DONE
Request NHB to let the team deploy and test the portal developed on the UAT server provided by NHB Sponsor - Week 1 - DONE
Try to deploy prototype of the project on NHB’s UAT server latest before midterm recess week Application - Week 2 Week 8 DONE
Try to come up with a working demo : Create event site (use case A3) Application - Week 2 Week 4 DONE
Try to come up with a working demo : Change people and roles setting (use case 01) Application - Week 2 Week 4 DONE
Try to come up with a working demo : Propose event milestones (use case 05) Application - Week 2 Week 4 DONE
Conduct internal lesson on approval workflow and e-mail alert Learning, Application Sutayasa Week 4 - DONE
Conduct internal lesson on UI and theme branding Learning, Application Sylvia Week 4 - CANCELLED
Conduct internal lesson on connecting with Microsoft Office 2003/2007 Learning, Application Prima Week 4 - CANCELLED
Conduct internal lesson on page rule mapping Learning, Application Shanvito Week 4 - CANCELLED
Gather enough amount of descriptive snapshots that will elaborate the project clearer Midterm Reflection - Week 6 - DONE
Mention specifically customizations that the team had done for the project given the technologies provided by the sponsors, instead merely explaining the many things that had been done Midterm Reflection - Week 6 - DONE
Come up with a summary that could briefly explain on different aspects on what you have learnt through the project up to date Midterm Reflection - Week 6 - DONE
Mention certain customization plan that will be implemented on iteration 2 (post-mid-term reflection) Midterm Reflection - Week 6 - DONE
Create a step-by-step workflows on certain important processes that could be easily used as user documentation if needed Midterm Reflection - Week 6 - DONE
Try to categorize functions according to roles instead to specific user to enhance scalability of the portal Application - Week 6 - DONE
Use case 17-19 Application Sutayasa, Vito Week 9 - In Progress
Customize login page and home page of Quickr UI Sylvia Week 9 - DONE
Approval workflows: Use Case 20, 21, 22, 28, 29 Application Boy Week 6 - In Progress
Decide what coding/programming to be done Application - Week 6 - DONE (programming in progress)
Revamping the whole look of Quickr theme - colours and designs UI Sylvia Week 11 - DONE
Designing FYP Poster Final Deliverable Boy Week 11 - DONE
Work on final presentation slides Final Deliverable everyone Week 14 - In Progress

Weekly Updates

Week 1

Week 2

Week 3

  • No supervisor meeting this week
  • Managed to re-format and also managed to install Windows Server 2003 for the purpose of installing QUICKR
  • Unfortunately, QUICKR Installation kept failing after numerous installing and reinstalling. Still trying to install it.
    • Turned out it failed because the port 50000 was not open, by default it's not opened by SMU network
    • Tried to install at own notebook and opened port 50000 at home network, but there was unexpected and unknown errors again (not related to port this time, totally something the team can't comprehend)
    • In the end decided to work directly in sponsor's compound

Week 4

  • Week 4 Supervisor Meeting Minutes
  • Did presentation to Supervisor to clarify differences between Quickr Mini-portal and Microsoft SharePoint
  • Did a demo to Supervisor on Quickr Mini-portal with relevance to our project and in particular use cases A1, A2, A3, 1, 2, 3, 4 and 5 (refer to Use Cases Matrix)
  • Presented difficulty to customize things in Quickr to Supervisor
  • No supervisor meeting on week 5
  • Asked supervisor to do UAT on week 6

Week 5

  • No supervisor meeting this week. Focus on finishing demo for the purpose of UAT.
  • Internal lesson on workflow done by Sutayasa
  • Faced problems of customizing due to no admin access. Turned out Quickr requires admin access for most of the advanced customization which team wants to do. Hence, failure in the rest of internal lessons
    • Successfully gained admin access to H-Portal Quickr in order to carry out advanced customization and testing
  • Confirm UAT to be done next week to all testers

Week 6

Week 7

  • Finished and sent Mid-Term Reflection
  • Skipped supervisor's meeting this week as he is doing mid-term reflection grading
  • Sent out emails attached with UAT document to 9 viable testers
  • Successfully done some Theme Branding (UI Customization) on the banner and footer of Quickr Places

Week 8

  • Successfully done some UI Customization on the navigation menu and changed some color schemes/palettes of Quickr Places
  • Met with 5 people from Friends of the Museums (FOM), including their President, Vice President and IT Coordinator to discuss thoroughly about the Event Management System using Quickr as the platform and confirmed UAT with them for the next three weeks with feedback at the end of October
  • Use Cases 23-27 Done (Logistics List and Contacts List)
  • Quickr Connectors with Microsoft Office Outlook, Word and Excel have worked during testing, but not implemented yet

Week 9

Week 10

Week 11

Week 12

  • Received nice feedback from Calista, 1st Vice-President of FOM: "The UAT document is quite well written. I am impressed by the detailed steps presented, which are quite necessary in quality UAT." She also regarded the notifications on the application itself to be very easy to understand and the UI as something natural.
  • Continue coding and whatever is still in-progress in To-Do List
  • Project Manager decided to put 2nd and 3rd iteration together because it is very hard to get any UAT done around these 'busy' weeks in school and it might slow down our progress significantly if we waited for UAT to be done again (lessons learnt from 1st UAT). Hence, this will be our final iteration and afterwards we will have final UAT followed by final testing, debugging, and deploying sessions accordingly.

Week 13

Week 14

  • Working on final presentation slides
  • Deploying several additional features
    • Photo Gallery
    • Break Even Point Analysis
  • Tidied up navigation (grouping several pages together)

Week 15

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