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Week 1

Date: Monday, 20 April 2009

Time: 1530 hours

Location: SMU Library Level 2

Type of Meeting: Internal Group Meeting

Chairperson: Irwan Sunjaya

Attendees: Irwan Sunjaya, Jeremy Gan, Jayson Ang, Richard Yau, Zhou Zhe

Absent: None

Prepared by: Jeremy Gan

Item Discussed

Agenda Item: Key specifications to be confirmed with client

Key Points: Refer to Appendix A for list of questions

Action Item: Email to be sent out to client to confirm next meeting date

Assigned To: Jayson Ang

Due by: 20 April 2009

Agenda Item: Main Roles (with responsibilities) to be developed within team

Key Points: Refer to Appendix B for roles and responsibilities

Action Item: Team to decide on which member assumes what role

Assigned To: All

Due by: 20 April 2009

Agenda Item: Draw up default templates according to each member’s responsibilities

Key Points: Default templates should be available so that other members can take charge if the main member falls sick

Action Item: Default documents and templates to be sent out via email and uploaded to Google Docs for the time being. It should have a copy within the team’s local Wiki when the wiki is up

Assigned To: All

Due by: 20 April 2009

Agenda Item: Research on open-source / available Bug Tracker / SVN

Key Points: To find a usable, free Bug Tracker and SVN that can handle the school’s load

Action Item: Team is to go research on list of available Bug Tracking and SVN software and do a comparison

Assigned To: All

Due by: 23 April 2009

Meeting Ended: 1800 hours

Next Meeting: Thursday, 23 April 2009 after meeting with client

Appendix A

Timetabling of Student Schedule Format

  • What is the format required / used for this?
  • Will we have access to OASIS / Microsoft Exchange’s API?

Student Projects / Assignments Preparation Module for Instructors

  • Our team will require an email server for emailing deployment instructions to students and instructors.
  • Where will we be able to get access to one?

Group Project Student Allocation Module

  • What is the algorithm for student allocation in groups?
  • How often does the algorithm change?
  • Would you prefer to upload student information via CSV or Web Interface?
  • Do we allow changing of students in project teams? What about the grading criteria?

Peer Evaluation Management Module

  • What is the scoring criteria and weightage for each?
  • What is the workflow for the peer evaluation? (Students to Instructors to Students?)

Create / Upload Code Bases to Code Checking System Module

  • How is the availability / reliability of the Web Service?
  • What would be checking for plagiarism? IA or Final Project or both?
  • How would we do the checking? By package or individual file?

Single Sign-On

  • Who do we get the single sign-on script from?


  • What is the server’s name and IP? How do we connect to it?
  • Who will be using Bug Tracker? When will be using it and how frequently?
  • Do you have a preferred SVN in mind?
  • We need permission to get a domain for hosting the Wiki etc. Who do we approach?
  • Will the development server be online 24/7? If not, what is the scheduled downtime?
  • How do you want to archive past data?
  • What is the Linux Server version?
  • Can we use the development server as a file server (SVN for our team)?

Appendix B

Project Leader: Irwan Sunjaya

Secondary: Jeremy Gan

  • Creating and updating the Gantt Charts
  • Organizing Meetings

Documentation: Jeremy Gan

Secondary: (Richard Yau)

  • Taking the minutes
  • Consolidation and compilation of documents

User Interfacing:Zhou Zhe

Secondary: (Jayson Ang)

  • Drafting up the user interfaces and sending it to documentor

Database Modeling: Richard Yau

Secondary: (Irwan Sunjaya)

  • Designing the database schemas
  • Drawing up the UML Diagrams
  • Ensuring that database schemas are in 3NF

Code Leader: Jayson Ang

Secondary: Zhou Zhe

  • Ensuring consistencies within the codes
  • Coming up with convention guidelines
  • Delegation of tasks

Secondary ICs are denoted by the brackets