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Project Overview

Online trading of financial products started in the late 1990s, built upon the familiar website design style that was created before the 'bursting of the Dot-com bubble' in 2001.

Today, these financial institutions are still using the same methodology and the same systems that they implemented back in those days. The world has moved into Web 2.0, a world of social-networking, video-sharing, wikis, blogs and iPhones. These traditional institutions are coping with the latest developments with incremental enhancements. These systems function well practically but struggle to keep pace with the new multi-tasking, fast thinking generation of web users. We believe, once the web community find another solution such as KWTS, these systems will die a natural death.

KWTS allows web users to mingle with their communities and trade anywhere on the web: - Their own or friends‘ social network account - A favourite blogger‘s website - Any traditional website - His/her trusty smart phone

More than just displaying news, rates and collecting orders, KWTS allows the community to contribute news and intelligently sort them out, reflecting rates that depends on the market‘s demand and supply, where orders can be placed anywhere on the web convenient to the users.



Project Deliverables

Deliverables: Team Kudos will build a sub system of KWTS by November 2009.

The Sub System of KWTS will include the follow features:

Order Management System(OMS)
Order book of the trading system. Functions include collection of quotes/orders, publish market rate etc.

Membership Management System(MMTS)
Handles different membership types and relationships. Determine the access control and authentication for different memberships.

Trade Management System(TMS)
Facilitate trades and handles market closure. Responsible for all Transactions settlement and Clearing.

Market Maker System(MMS)
Provides IPO listings and functions for Pre-IPO Counters.

Feed Management System(FMS) - Optional
Sorting of news and feeds from various sources and RSS feeds.

System In-Charge

Role allocation & Meeting Schedule


System Development Tools Standardisation

Database Related Tools
MySql Community Server (Win32) 5.1.37
MySql Admin 1.2.17
MySqlWorkbench 5.1.17

Web Development Tool Apache Tomcat 6.0.14
IntelliJ 8
Struts2 2.1.6
Java Version 1.6
JQuery 1.3.2

Project schedule & Milestone

Team Progress Report Week 1

Weekly Meeting with Supervisor (19 Aug 2009) Media:Highlight Report (19 Aug 2009-edited).pdf

Meeting Minutes (19 Aug 2009) Media:Minutes 20090819.pdf‎

Weekly Meeting with Client (21 Aug 2009)

Team Progress Report Week 2

Modules Breakdown

New listing Order Book - 30%

Member Module - 40%

Order Collection - 25%

Order Matcher - 35%

Other Task

DB Schema - Completed (Met Swapna for clarification)

User Interface - Completed (Template)

FIX Protocol - Received change in requirement and currently researching on it

Trading Platform Research - Completed (Attend a session to understand other trading platform)

Meeting Minutes (24 Aug 2009) Media:Minutes 20090824.pdf‎

Weekly Meeting with Client (28 Aug 2009) Media:Minutes_20090828(PAM).pdf‎

Team Progress Report Week 3

Modules Breakdown

New listing Order Book - 50%

Member Module - 50%

Order Collection - 20%

Order Matcher - 70%

Other Task

FIX Protocol - Researching and implementing

Business Rule - Updated

Dummy Data - Implemented

Supervisor Update:Media:Highlight_Report_(02_Sept_2009).pdf

Team Progress Report Week 4

Team Progress Report Week 5

Modules Breakdown


Team Progress Report Week 6

Working prototype ready

• Inclusive of vaidation

• Basic functionality

Team Progress Report Week 7

Cross Group Testing
Team Kudos is going to do up two UAT tests for mid term:
Scheduled below: • Client and Superisor: 9 Oct 2009Team Ezenium: 16 Oct 2009

Assumptions and Risk Management Updates: refer to Progress Tracker

Team Progress Report Week 8

Edited UAT Briefing Slides: Viewable Content


Team Progress Report Week 9

Mid term Reflection Highlights:

Personal Reflection Taken from mid term report

Yeena “I’m already expecting the unexpected issues but more and more issues seem to appear. Learning to manage changes and to be able to adapt to the latest situation with the most effective and efficient action is the correct attitude to get things done. In the process, I have learnt to work within constraints (like time and manpower) and to appreciate each team member’s capability. Willing to learn, unlearn and relearn is very much applicable to this project. I have much struggle learning Struts2; where we use a whole new way of do and post servlet for web development. In addition, building KWTS has given me much insight pertaining to trading system as well as the concerns in regards to data integrity and system reliability. All thanks to industry experts and our client for their generosity in sharing their experiences and advices to enable the vibrant learning environment for the team.

i feel that Team Kudos really understands fellow members well as we all are willing share workloads and burden. I am pretty confident that we can finish the project but my greatest concern is HOW PUSH DATA?”

Andy “The learning curve for this project has been tremendously steep but very fruitful. Firstly, Team Kudos is building a trading system with little or no knowledge on the finance industry. Secondly, there are many stakeholders to manage in this project and the alignment of understanding, expectations and requirements are different between various stakeholders. Lastly, there are multiple issues that are needed to be considered in this system more than ordinary shopping cart websites or content management systems. Issues like scalability, performance and security are paramount concerns and issues in this project which has to be managed separately. However, what Team Kudos has, to counter all these issues is a great team with a common understanding and good work ethics with the end goal in mind.

Not to forget, a great client and sponsor, Professor Pamela Lim who has adopted a collaborative approach in helping us deal with this project. She has put in commitment (weekly meeting, up to 4 hours on average) to help us understand the finance part of the project. Our supervisor, Professor Ben has indicated various considerations and concerns which serve as a wakeup call in many of our planning. With such team dynamics and support, it makes the project very meaningful and fulfilling to complete.”

Elvin “Thinking back to the days from my SE project, the whole experience was very different. Furthermore, our FYP scope is much larger compared to SE, but comparatively, FYP went smoother than SE. After some thought, I realized that there were many lessons that I have learnt from SE that I have implemented into my FYP. One important lesson is that I am able to forecast what is required more accurately, which helped to improve on the planning for the project. On top of that, I am in a great team that is reliable and responsible to the parts assigned to them.

There are of course still lessons to be learnt through this process. I was the project manager for the first few weeks and my responsibility is to iron out the project plan which will be adopted down the road. I had to fully understand the entire project before making plans for it. For example, the decision to do the project logic before integrating with the presentation layer so that we can all focus on developing the necessary functions first. As the logic could be heavy, I had to balance the workload throughout the 4 team members and decide to ignore the presentation layer for the time being. It was different from the usual practice of doing up the presentation and implementing it along the way.

Overall, I am confident of the team’s progress in hitting the deadline and scope spelled out. I’m sure the next half semester would be a great one too.”

Vincent “This project has been an exciting journey for me. I have picked up Struts2 and JQuery as well as gaining knowledge on stocks trading. I am working in a highly efficient team where bonding and personal understanding is the foundation of the project. This project has special meaning for me because of our client – Pamela Lim. She is more than just a client to me, she is like personal mentor to me, guiding and sharing with us on how she built her trading system in the past, how to be an entrepreneur. This is the first time I am working with a professor and trying to raise 0.5 million in this project. I know it is going to be tough, but Professor Randy said, the wall is there to see how badly you want something. To me, this is a once in a life time chance given to me, I will seize it and do it well. It is extremely important to have an A-Team given my schedule this semester; I have to manage my time between study and working on my own company.

We have been progressing well in our project, except that most of us are a slightly busier this term because of our individual commitment. Often you will find us working overtime in SMU BIG through the night. But we are enjoying what we are doing, so it is quite fun to me. Learning some cool stuff such as JQuery is really a cool thing, the mundane way of developing application is already dead. The web application is so much richer now and can be made very intuitively.

From now till week15, we will continue to work hard on this project. Like what you said when during our 1st meeting, build something useful for people to use.

Client and Sponsor Feedback Taken from mid term report, by Prof Pamela Lim


Things to Improve Supervisor Feedback

- The project is to develop an exchange trading system for almost anything. The usability is very important and the team is on track to do a UAT test with another team.

- It would be nice to highlight the changes made to proposal in some of the deliverables, if any. Such as the use case, class diagram, etc.

- The wiki is updated till week 5. More details required for weeks 6 and 7. The progress tracker is useful.

Team Progress Report Week 10

Client Weekly Meeting Media:Minutes_20091016.pdf‎

Supervisor Weekly Meeting(Highlight report) Media:Highlight_Report_(21_Oct_2009).pdf‎

Supervisor Feedback
- Cant guarantee 100% stop loss ( If the market move too fast)
- Role chart: with definition of the role
- Keep the good document of the script not working on browner
- Do a video for user navigation guide ( weight between the functionality VS usability)

Team Progress Report Week 11

Dear Friends,

We will be deploying KWTS on the deployment server on the 4th November 2009. A 3rd User Acceptance Test will be conducted and we welcome all friends and team to test our system. You might want to test it using our UAT test specifications, however individual feedbacks are welcome too. Thanks and Good day =)

UAT test specification attached: [Updated copy TBC]

Client Weekly Meeting - 30 OCT 2009 Media:8-Oct-2009-Client Requirements Updates.pdf

Team Progress Report Week 12

Supervisor Weekly Meeting (Highlight report)

Team Progress Report Week 13

Poster Submission


Team Progress Report Week 14

UAT By Supervisor, Prof Ben
Email: https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/6/6e/Kudos_Ben_Test.txt

UAT with our good friends Participants: Soo Teng / Jin Rui / Darren and friends - 9 person in total.

Here are the feedback: https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/8/86/KudosUAT_Feedback.doc

Team Progress Report Week 15

Prepare for final presentation, documentation touch up and ready for a cool show !

Progress Tracker

Changes Requested by Client

--Chunyap.lai.2006 00:09, 22 September 2009 (SGT)| UI--Chunyap.lai.2006 00:09, 22 September 2009 (SGT)
Requirement Date Description of Changes Level of Completion
Theme change to red 21 Aug 09 TO BE DONE ON 28 Aug 09 COMPLETED
FIX Protocol 28 Aug 09 Financial Information eXchange

•To be used as an exchange of bids and orders with other trading platform

Order Book 28 Aug 09 •Use example from NASDAQ

•Add order book to the place order page •Market order, limit order, parent & contingent order •Interface, use parent & contingent order layout

Change of Interface 04 Sep 09 Change of button placement, form interface, look and feel (mainly the change on CSS of the system) COMPLETED
Add "View Order Book" 04 Sep 09 View Order Book” is no longer attach to a form interface, it will be a separate tab or “right click > view COMPLETED
Pre-Listing application process 11 Sep 09 To add voting process into the system COMPLETED
Pre Listing Waiting Period 11 Sep 09 • Make the new listing waiting period configurable COMPLETED
Create Pre-Listing 11 Sep 09 use "Lots" and "BasePrice" to auto calculate the "Capital To Raise". Initially we allow use to key in. Also, validate the symbol at the interface level, check whether the symbol has been taken. Change "New-Listing" to "Pre-Listing" COMPLETED
Push Mechanism 18 Sep 09 Displaying of counter info through push mechanism Completed using Pull now instead of Push.
Holdings Display 09 Oct 09 •Check for the integrity of the displayed information on holdings summary

•Add UPL for each open position

Changing of interface with new logo and theme 16 Oct 09 •Change theme to a fresher and brighter red

•Modifications to layout
•Navigations and menu updates
•Inserting of new logo
•Delete unwanted graphics and charts
•UI clean up.

Create Pre-Listing 02 November 09 When users select the lots on drop down list, immediately call the calculateCapital method COMPLETED
Create Pre-Listing 05 November 09 Add Tooltip COMPLETED

Assumptions and Risk Management Updates


-The coding language and platform has been decided by Team - JAVA programming language and Struts2 framework. -Integration of the system with the client existing system (if any) is not part of the project scope. -There are no existing data supported for the development of this project. All data used in developing this system are new data suggested and implemented by team. -UAT test case will be done both internally and externally by clients and public users. Preferably by SMU students.

Risk Descriptions Probability Impact Overall Mitigation Strategies Residual
Unexpected Scope Changes The Project requirements might change or add on unnecessarily. Such changes may be inconsistent with the overall project objective, resulting in delays and poor deliverable quality. L H L Understanding between client and the team must be achieved. After consulting Prof Ben and Prof Pamela, the team has managed to achieve a stability of project requirement with minimum changes expected during the course of IS 480. Team has successfully secured major requirements and deliverables with Prof Pamela Lim with minimum changes expected. L
Unfamiliar with struts framework and Jquery There are multiple javascripts that might not be suitable for our project requirements. Extensive research has to be done and this might cause project delays and unexpected changes in using different javacripts to support the project. L M L Trial runs are currently conducted by the team to find out suitable javascripts available to support Struts2 framework and fit the project requirements. Challenges are surfaced to the client and the required javascripts effects might not be achieved. Client has clear understanding of the challenges and is able to compromise with the final deliverables without some of the javascript supported effects L
There are multiple performance issues to be considered The team is facing with performance and scalability issues. Although this is not part of the project scope, the team would like to solve some of these issues to enable scalability and a system with good performance for future enhancement. H H H Issues are surfaced to the client and the client is updated with the project progress weekly and is clear with the performance and scalable issues. Team is currently trying out the solutions suggested by client. Team will be consulting Prof Shih-Fen and Prof Kevin Steppe for advice with regards to the problem indicated. Team will also try out “Drible Post” suggested by Pamela. L
Javascripts among all browsers are not consistant The team is facing some issues with regards to running javascripts on multiple browsers. There are different standards with regards to javascript usage and it affects the look and feel of the system which includes some of the validations as well. L M L Team has decided to standardise on one browser and will solve the relevant bugs and issues affecting the selected browser. Client is aware of the issue and has agreed that KWTS is viewed best with browser(Mozilla Fire fox 3.5). L


Version Date Description of Changes
V1.0 7 June 2009 Initial Draft
V2 05 Aug 09 Updated
V3 12 Aug 09 Updated Added ER to diagram created kudosDB in mySQL.
V4 24 Aug 09 Updated Removal of static tables and added category tables base on Swapnas comment .
V5 11 Sep 09 Updated Added voting tables for new requirements by client.
V6 07 0ct 09 Updated Updated Tbl_NewListing with new column.
V7 01 Nov 09 Updated Added Paypal column, Tbl_Condition, Tbl_Customization, for new requirements by client.