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Project Overview

Project Description

As SMBC has many paper based processes, they aim to convert some of these processes, namely:

  • GM Approval System

into intranet web based systems. This will speed up internal processes, prevent misplacement of forms and reduce the usage of paper.


As the whole group aspires to work in the financial sector upon graduation, our team really wanted to value-add to our resume by working with a financial institution. Furthermore, as most of the team has worked with ASP.net during EWS and Olivia has worked on an ASP.net using Visual Basic project during one of her internships, the team is comfortable with the development tools and is confident that the project can proceed efficiently.


  • Sponsor

The team contacted SMBC amidst other banks to find a suitable project. Upon initial contact, SMBC had a handful of non-critical projects which their IT department was too busy to deal with. Mr. Lum, Assistant General Manager, who oversees 2 departments, obtained approval for us from the Tokyo Head Office to work on this project. This is the first time SMBC Singapore allowed students to work with them.

Working with Mr. Lum is Mr. Daniel Tan, Vice President, who is our direct supervisor, overseeing our progress and initiating contact between us and other stakeholders within the bank.

  • Clients

Daniel Tan from OSP is the project manager of this system. On top of that, all business information, such as User Requirements and Project Plans belongs to OSP. SMBC’s IT department is outsourced to Japan Research Institute (JRI), whose sole client is SMBC. The code of the project, as well as all technical specifications will be owned by JRI.

  • Supervisor

The skill sets important for the project include technical knowledge, project management skills as well as soft skills.

Technical knowledge includes in-depth knowledge of ASP.net and Visual Basic due to required coding conventions and restrictions. We will also need to understand Web Services as email generation is exposed as a Web Service to our system. Lastly, Data Management is important as we will connect the system to the central SMBC database apart from developing each system’s database schema.

Project Management Skills encompass team management, project planning and time management. In order to complete this project efficiently, we will need to plan our timeline wisely and divide work in the most efficient way possible. We also have to manage our team dynamics and make use of individual strengths.

Lastly, as there are many stakeholders involved in the project, soft skills are necessary to communicate with different parties, manage expectations and obtain required information.

  • Advisors/Practitioners

The team will be consulting the JRI team for connections to the database, internal email sending etc. The team will also hand the system over to the JRI team for User Acceptance Testing.

  • Objectives

Kijuuki hopes to deliver systems which are useful, modifiable and maintainable, while doing wholesome documentation in accordance with the project timeline without neglecting team dynamics.

  • Value Statement

By converting processes from paper to paperless, the systems aim to improve process efficiency while reducing resources (labor and time) spent. The systems will also prevent the misplacement of paper-based forms and ensure that approvals are obtained in a hierarchical order.


  • GM Approval System

The GM Approval System is a routing system to ensure that approval is granted by relevant department and management, ending with the General Manager.

In the paper-based process, approval is sought from various departments through passing the application form around through internal mail. The issues with the current process include misplacement of the application form as well as the inability to follow the standard workflow whereby departments do not approve in order.

The GM Approval System ensures that approval is obtained in a hierarchical order in normal circumstances. In urgent applications, management has the ability to override the approval process if conditions are met, such as operational risks, legal & compliance and budgeting issues. The system will also store all applications, their approval progress, approval history, and generate individual Approval Request Reports as well as Approval Summary Reports.

Project Plan

This plan describes the breakdown of work, timeline and iterations, and resources required. The plan provides a basic execution description of the project based on current knowledge of the project.

Work Breakdown Structure

Tasks will be divided into functionalities and split according to team member strength and preferences. There will be 3 iterations of 3 weeks each for the GM Approval Process Flow and weekly reporting on the wiki is required by each team member. Below is a simplified table of work breakdown by iteration for each system:

Work Breakdown Structure for the proposed system


Team Members

  • Tay Kang Xun
  • Olivia Chiu Cheuk Ning
  • Fu Qi Fei
  • Tan Keat Siong Jeremy

Roles & Responsibilities

Roles & Responsibilities.jpg


  • Professor Benjamin Gan [1]


  • Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Coporation [2]


Project Plan

Version Date Description of Changes
V1.0 07 May 09 Initial Draft
V1.1 17 May 09 Amended Appendix B
V1.2 08 Jun 09 Amended Project Description, Stakeholders, Scope and Work Breakdown Structure.

Added Appendix C

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Gantt Chart

Version Date Description of Changes
V1.0 14 May 09 Initial Draft
V1.1 18 May 09 Separating Gantt chart into 2 systems: GM Approval System and Control Ledger Recording System
V1.2 22 May 09 Adding of required fields by JRI (Japan Research Institute), IT department of SMBC
V1.3 25 May 09 Changing of JRI Workdays to only weekdays (Monday to Friday) from 9am to 6pm.

Workdays of SMU students remains.

V1.4 01 Jun 09 Extension of GM Approval System timeline to accomodate current progress.
V1.5 07 Jun 09 Removal of Control Ledger Recording System timeline from the chart to solely focus on one project.

Extension of the timeline till November to accomodate any requirement change by SMBC.

V1.6 19 Jun 09 Extension of JRI's code review to 19 Jun 09.

Factoring in the client meeting on 23 Jun 09

V1.7 15 Jul 09 Extension of Iteration 1 UAT due to SMBC's on-going major projects

Iteration 2 to be carried out as planned

V1.8 22 Jul 09 Adding "Preparation for Midterm Reflection", "Midterm Reflection", "Preparation for Final Presentation" and "Final Presentation"
V1.9 28 Jul 09 Adding "View All Applications" and "File Attachment" functionalities in timeline
V2.0 07 Aug 09 Shortened Iteration 3 timeline to accommodate for UAT to be ahead of final presentation

Shifted final UAT timeline to before Final Presentation

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User Specifications

Version Date Description of Changes
V1.0 06 May 09 Initial Draft
V1.1 07 May 09 Amended Background, No.1a, 4, 5 , 9, 10 and 11.
V1.2 17 May 09 Added Urgent Process Flow Amended Background, No.5a
V1.3 25 May 09 Amended Background, No. 1
V1.4 01 Jun 09 Amended Background, No.1a, 6, 15, 18, 20, Appendix B
V1.5 11 Jun 09 Amended Appendix A
V1.6 28 Aug 09 Amended No.5, 12

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Functional Specifications

Version Date Description of Changes
V1.0 13 May 09 Initial Draft
V1.1 13 May 09 Amended No.1.2, 1.3, 1.4, 2.1, 2.4, 2.6, 6 and 7
V1.2 14 May 09 Added No. 8 and 9
V1.3 17 May 09 Amended No. 2.4, 2.6 and 4
V1.4 25 May 09 Amended No. 1.4, 2.3, 3 and 4
V1.5 01 Jun 09 Amended No. 4
V1.6 28 Aug 09 Amended No. 4 (see highlights in yellow)

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User Interface

Version Date Description of Changes
V1.0 18 May 09 Initial Draft
V1.1 23 May 09 Adding of functional division in slide 7
V1.2 25 May 09 Removing links and all slides relating to Approve Application, View My Applications and Help
V1.3 28 May 09 Adding link and relating slides to Approve Applications

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Bug Tracking Report

View error tracking list

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Knowledge Based

Weekly Progress Summary

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Week 1

04 May 09 - 10 May 09

  • User requirements for the systems required by SMBC had been gathered from the various project owners.
  • Project plan had been drafted and vetted by both SMBC and Professor Benjamin Gan.

Week 2

11 May 09 - 17 May 09

  • User specifications and Functional specifications had been drafted for SMBC approval.
  • Use case
  • Domain diagram
  • Sequence Diagram

Week 3

18 May 09 - 24 May 09

  • Researched on css and masterpages
  • Completed css page n master page with the following functionalities (sitemap, breadcrumb)
  • Completed Create New Application and Confirm New Application Pages (inserted all input fields and renamed them for use, username and date auto-capture, and confirm submission notification message appearing mechanism)
  • Created shell pages for Approve Application and View All Application
  • Completed database structure in SQL Server 2000

Week 4

25 May 09 - 31 May 09

  • User and Functional specifications had been edited due to requirement change from client
  • User Interface had been redrawn to suit client's expectation

Week 5

01 Jun 09 - 07 Jun 09

  • Iteration 1 is 75-80% completed
  • Gantt chart had been readjusted to accomodate the current progress of iteration 1

Week 6

08 Jun 09 - 14 Jun 09

  • Confirmation on the dropping of 2nd system for IS480, as 1st system (GM approval system) fulfil the project requirement
  • Gantt chart edited to include only GM Approval System development
  • Project plan proposal had been redrafted to inclde the changes to the project
  • Completion of Iteration 1 and submitted to JRI for code review, according to new timeline

Week 7

15 Jun 09 - 21 Jun 09

  • Kijuuki starts on part of Iteration 2 while waiting for JRI's comments on Iteration 1 codes
  • Comments received on 19th Jun 09

Week 8

22 Jun 09 - 28 Jun 09

  • 1st meeting conducted between Supervisor from SMU and Client from SMBC together with Kijuuki
  • Internal meeting carried out to discuss comments made by JRI
  • Assigning of tasks to clear up any conflicts (based on comments) that the codes has with JRI's standards

Week 9

29 Jun 09 - 05 Jul 09

  • Completion of amendment of codes to comply with JRI's standard
  • Codes sent to JRI's for UAT

Week 10

06 Jul 09 - 12 Jul 09

  • UAT had ben delayed due to unforeseen circumstances
  • Source codes had been further amended to establish connection with SMBC's database
  • UAT had been dragged to week 11
  • Iteration 2 in progress to keep to project timeline

Week 11

13 Jul 09 - 19 Jul 09

  • UAT continued to be delayed
  • Debugging was done for errors found during UAT
  • Iteration 2 is still in progress

Week 12

20 Jul 09 - 26 Jul 09

  • Meeting with Supervisor to update on project progess
  • Iteration 2 is 70% done
  • Iteration 1 UAT will be delayed till end of July (31st July 09)
  • Gantt chart had been edited to accomodate the changes

Week 13

27 Jul 09 - 02 Aug 09

  • Completion of Iteration 2
  • Client and Supervisor meeting was held for updates on project progress
  • Run through of Iteration 2
  • Gantt chart amended to add in addtional functionalities

Week 14

03 Aug 09 - 09 Aug 09

  • Installation of IIS into assigned PC in FYP Lab
  • Replicating errors occured during deployment in SMBC servers
  • Resolving database errors in assigned PC

Week 15

10 Aug 09 - 16 Aug 09

  • Planning report structure for Mid-Term Reflection
  • Completing the report for Mid-Term Reflection

Week 16

17 Aug 09 - 23 Aug 09

  • Iteration 3 in progress and conforms to the timeline stated
  • Completion of file upload functionality
  • Completion of report generation functionality
  • Access control and exception report generation functionalities in progress

Week 17

24 Aug 09 - 30 Aug 09

  • Completion of access control functionality
  • Completion of exception report generation functionality

Week 18

31 Aug 09 - 06 Sep 09

  • Debugging of the system after deployment to SMBC's server

Week 19

07 Sep 09 - 13 Sep 09

  • Presentation to SMBC Management on the progress of system
  • New functionlity to add in a radio button for option was raised ("For Approval" and "For Report")
  • Debugging process continue from Week 18

Week 20

14 Sep 09 - 20 Sep 09

  • Functionality mentioned in Week 19 (radio button) was completed
  • Debugging of application (email error)

Week 21

21 Sep 09 - 27 Sep 09

  • Documentation for handing over of application to SMBC commenced
  • Debugging of application (xsd error)
  • Commenced on final presentation powerpoint slides

Week 22

27 Sep 09 - 04 Oct 09

  • Continuing on the powerpoint slides for Final Presentation
  • Minor debugging process held onsite at SMBC

Week 23

05 Sep 09 - 11 Oct 09

  • Final Presentation held on 5th Oct 09 at SMU SIS Meeting Room 4.6

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Minute No. Date Subject
01 05 May 09 Project Management
02 05 May 09 Project Discussion
03 06 May 09 GM Approval System User Requirements
04 07 May 09 Stationary Procurement System User Requirements
05 07 May 09 Control Ledger Recording System User Requirements
06 07 May 09 JRI Agreement
07 17 May 09 1st User Requirement Change Internal Meeting
08 20 May 09 Update and Changes to GM Approval System
09 04 Jun 09 1st Meeting with Supervisor (Prof Ben)
10 04 Jun 09 Group Internal Meeting
11 23 Jun 09 Supervisor and Client Meeting
12 27 Jun 09 Group Internal Meeting
13 11 Jul 09 Group Internal Meeting
14 21 Jul 09 Group Internal Meeting
15 22 Jul 09 Supervisor Meeting
16 30 Jul 09 Supervisor and Client Meeting
17 05 Aug 09 Supervisor Meeting
18 11 Aug 09 Group Internal Meeting
19 12 Aug 09 Supervisor Meeting
20 19 Aug 09 Supervisor Meeting
21 02 Sep 09 Supervisor Meeting
22 16 Sep 09 Supervisor Meeting
23 23 Sep 09 Group Internal Meeting
24 30 Sep 09 Supervisor Meeting

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