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Project Overview

Project Description

Spokle is a social network for users to share promotions and a channel to deliver personalized, non-intrusive interactive advertisements. We aim to deliver the perfect advertisement, one that understands who you are and only appear when you need it. It changes the way advertising is delivered to users by moving from a push by the ad distribution channels to a pull by the users.

Spokle exists on the web and on the mobile. This project will focus solely on the web application, thus providing the foundation for developing the mobile application in the future. The project shall encompass the design, development, testing and deployment of Spokle Web.


Businesses want the most impact per dollar spent on ads. Impact is often measured in tangible (increase in sales and market share) and non-tangible (brand awareness) terms. On the other side of the fence, consumers want ads which are personalized and only shown to them, when they want or need it.

The reality, however, is a stark contrast. Ads are often ignored by consumers, resulting in lower ad dollar performance for businesses. They are shoved with ads at every opportunity, making them frustrated and incognizant to the hundreds of ads that they see every day.


Spokle was born as a business idea developed during the IS426: Technopreneurship module. At the moment the stakeholders are the team members. As the business develops, the number of stakeholders will expand to include users of Spokle (both consumers and businesses), business advisors and mentors, investors and our partners in the advertising industry ecosystem.


With limited time and resources, the web application will be furthered broken down to focus solely on developing the initial social network. This project will not include capabilities for brands to advertise on our platform; instead, all contents will be user generated. Hence, at the end of the project, we aim to provide users with an avenue to share promotions, recommendations and maximize their value per dollar spent. Spokle will also empower users to discover popular brands, information on places, friend’s likes/dislikes and comments.  

Roles & Responsbilities

Name Role(s) Responsibilities
Azhar Amin Project Manager Plan and monitor the project progress, considering risks and resources, and update the team periodically
Shahfik Amasha User Experience Manager Interface design and usability
Zuhairi Taha Technical Manager Quality assurance and Standards
Hairul Khafiz Ramli Solution Architect Software and hardware architecture design

Project Schedule

Milestone Week Milestone/Delivables
1 Week 3
  • Login/Logout
  • Registration
  • Image Upload
  • Spokle Site
  • 2 Week 6
  • Spokle Feature
  • Likes/Dislikes
  • Comments
  • Bookmark
  • 3 Week 9
  • Profile Settings
  • Wall Update
  • Add Friends
  • Location Detection (Google Maps)
  • 4 Week 12
  • Community Feature
  • AJAX / JS Integration
  • Wall Updates
  • Comments
  • Image Gallery (Lightbox)
  • Page Loading
  • 5 Week 14
  • Google Analytics
  • Go Live!
  • Final Version
  • Meeting Minutes

    You can view our meeting updates here : Meeting Minutes

    Weekly Updates

    You can view our weekly updates here : Weekly Updates