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Presenting our Project - Operation Management System (OPMS). This Wiki page aims to create awareness of our project and at the same time, it serves as a useful guide for our reviewer, supervisor and even client to keep track of our project progress.

Team Logo
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Background of Lian Yick Metal Tents Pte Ltd

Lian Yick Metal Tents Pte Ltd is Singapore’s leading marquee and event logistics provider. The company has a proven track record with partners such as Sentosa Leisure Group and Festival Square Circle Pte Ltd. The company deals in a wide array of projects ranging from Singapore Fashion Show, Zoukout, banquets to corporate events. Lian Yick’s value chain sees through the design work, site analysis, the eventual deployment of logistics and delivering personalized theme. Hence the flow of information across departments is essential to achieve this goal.

However, Lian Yick currently depends on the manual process of recording customer orders in a physical book. The order book is passed around among the sales team and also used by the operation manager for planning the duty roster for operation staff. Hence when one person is using it, others are unable to access it. As the amendments to the orders are solely handwritten, this pose risk of committing errors when users are unable to understand what was written. Moreover as the order book is the only source of record, the organization will bear detrimental repercussion if the order book is ever lost or sabotaged.

Apart from the order system, the process of duty planning for operation personnel is also manual. A Sales agent has to print out a sheet of paper indicating the deliveries and collections for the next day. Base on the information, the operation manager will manually group the orders by their locality and assign staff to the specific delivery or collection activity based on the event timing and location. Being a leading marquee and event logistics provider in the industry, Lian Yick is interested to innovate some of their business processes and implement an information system that will enable them to become productive in their operations and eventually being efficient in their business.

Project Overview

Project Description

The team will develop an Operation Management System (OPMS) aimed to improve productivity and efficiency of Lian Yick Pte Ltd. This system will be build using open source platforms. The team will be combining RUP and Agile methodology for the project.

The system will be deployed to improve productivity in the sales department by digitalizing customer order information and enable all sales agents to access information simultaneously. The system will enable workflow control through the lead stage of quotation all the way to the eventual issue of tax invoice. Alerts will also be used to remind sales agent to follow up on activities such as inactive quotations and late payments.

At the management level, users will have access to Revenue and Payment reports, allowing user to monitor the health of the business in terms of revenue stream and identify areas that require attention such as late payments. The process for logistic delivery and collection will also be simplified with the bulk of the processing such as duty scheduling will be carried out by the system.

The project will involve the following:

  • Requirement Gathering and Interview with Client
  • Development of System
  • User Interface Test
  • User Acceptance Test
  • Deploying of System

Project Objectives

The objectives of developing the system are:

  • Improve Productivity
  • Monitor Business Performance
  • Reduce Risk
  • Encourage the utilization of IT as an enabler

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Project Scope

The Operations Management System (OPMS) will encompass the following modules:

  • Module 1: Sales Management
  • Module 2: Inventory Management
  • Module 3: Reporting
  • Module 4: Delivery Planning
  • Module 5: User Access Control

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Project Team

1GB consists of an amazing team of five. They are:

  • Chan I-Yann Augustin
  • Lee Chong Han
  • Koh Chen Hui Jason
  • Lau Khai Chih
  • Lim Ming Ying Melanie

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Project Plan

This is a summary of the work breakdown structure for this project as well as how much man-hour have been assigned and estimated for each section. The work breakdown structure is calculated using preliminary assessment and scope of the project. A more detailed description, tasks, and PERT hours within each section are included below in the links. The man-hours are estimated using the PERT method of estimation.

WBS Version Tracking

Pert Version Tracking

Project Schedule Version Tracking

Deliverables and Milestones

Click here to view more on our Deliverables and the milestones the team has to meet in order to consider this project a success.

Assumption, Risks and Mitigation

We understand that we need to have a contingency plan for any unforseen situtation. Risks need to be managed properly in order to achieve success in developing OPMS. At the same time, it is also a learning stage for everyone in the team to learn, prioritize and resolved any difficulty or risk as a team. Below is the different versions of our assumptions, risks and mitigations document. Risks are categorized Low, Moderate or High.

System Design, Testing and Bug Tracking

System Design Document

Use Case Diagram

  • TBA
  • TBA

Workflow Diagram

  • TBA
  • TBA

Sequence Diagram

  • TBA
  • TBA

Database Diagram

  • TBA
  • TBA

Testing Script

  • TBA
  • TBA

Bug Tracker

  • TBA
  • TBA

Project Progress Updates

Week 1

  • Use Case Diagrams
  • Draft Use Case Specification
  • OPMS Screen Flow
  • ERD
  • Submitted Proposal
  • Proposal Approved

Week 2

  • Work Allocated - Deadline Saturday 29.08.2009 2359
  • Updated Wiki Page
  • Finalize on the ERD used for coding
  • Setup SVN, Netbean, MySQL for development

Week 3

  • Allocation of programming code for each members (refer to meeting minutes 27.08.2009)
  • Coding for phase 1 development
  • Email Lian Yick regarding business requirements
  • Meet up with the client to clarify business rules and processes - 02.09.2009 (Cancel by the client)
  • Testing and System bug fixing (refer to project schedule v1.0)
  • Re-arrange another meeting with client on 09.09.2009 @ 2.30pm

Week 4

  • Continue unfinished development
  • Integration Phase 1 begin
  • Client Meeting to gather more information on development requirements
  • Understand Client requirements on the various data type required
  • Validation module added into WBS and Project Schedule
  • Improve on user interface
  • UAT and UIT was not conducted during this week. Client unavailable

Week 5

  • Validation development
  • Reporting module development
  • Drag and Drop Delivery Schedule development
  • Decided on using AJAX
  • Continue Integration Phase 1 due to changes in data type and addition attributes were required for the ERD diagram
  • Make changes to ERD Diagram

Week 6

  • Validation development
  • Drag and Drop Delivery Schedule integration
  • UI Integrated into all pages using templates
  • Prepared for mid term reflection

Week 7

Week 8

  • Review development status
  • Continue with the work allocated and complete them by deadline given
  • Focus on development work

Week 9

  • Bug review and tracking
  • Status update on development
  • Continue with the work allocated and complete them by deadline given

Week 10

  • Went down for another round of UAT - Click here to view UAT Feedback Week 10
  • Revised the database redesign
  • Get feedback from managers of LYMT
  • Discussed on the additional scope which was raised during the UAT
  • Agree on the scope which we can deliver within the limited time frame

Week 11

  • Discuss on the installation and deployment of the system
  • Did up the dashboard and link every pages up
  • Tieing up loose ends
  • Module on generation of pdf is in progress

Week 12

  • Tieing up loose ends
  • Stress testing of system
  • FYP Poster
  • Team bonding session

Week 13

  • Pending

Project Minutes

Regular Team Meeting

Client Meeting

Supervisor Meeting

Project Photos

Project Resources and References

Here are the list of resources and references we have referred to during the course of our project progress.

Learning Outcome Summary