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Project Outline

The goal of the project is to develop a Visitor Management System (VMS) for Jungle Sentosa to assist in management of ticket sales. There are two different customer types: independent visitors / tourists (FIT visitors) and organized tour group (OGT) via agents. The project requires us to create a completely new VMS without relying on the present implementation, which is completely manual. We will be defining a new business process; acquiring and setting up the required infrastructure; along with designing, developing, and deploying a brand new VMS for Jungle Sentosa.

Project Client


Jungle Sentosa

Project Motivation

Currently, Jungle Sentosa is using a manual ticketing system wherein pre-printed tickets with running numbers are sold over the counter for FIT visitors and delivered to the agents for the OGT visitors.

The management is interested in the statistics with respect to ticket sales (grouped by various attributes including but not limited to, ticket type, purchaser of ticket, time of sales of ticket etc). These are presently manually collated for onward submission to Sentosa Development Corporation and Singapore Tourism Board on a monthly, quarterly and annually basis.

There have also been cases of fraud with OGTs using invalid tickets. This includes re-using used tickets or printing fakes. Since currently there is no means to verify if a ticket has been used, it is possible to defeat the system. The new VMS needs to address this issue.

Jungle Sentosa wishes to have a better overview of its daily, monthly and also yearly visitors statistics and revenue statistics and at the same time, cut down on manual activities. Our client also has to adhere to monthly reporting of revenue and visitors statistics to the relevant authorities which include Singapore Tourism Board, Sentosa Development Corporation and want to be in a position of accurate reporting and be able to gather certain Business intelligence information over their business with the reports.

Project Scope


Full Feature List: Project Feature List.doc‎

Team Members

Ankit Guglani [1]

Chiang Zhan Xiang [2]

Moonis Ahmed [3]

Nur Haida Binte Hanapi [4]

Udai Joshi [5]

Zheng Fu [6]

Meeting Minutes & Summary

Brief Meeting Summary for FYP Preparation

Monday (12/1/2009) 2pm - 3.30pm SIS Level 5 Prof Gan Office Prof Gan, Zhan Xiang, Haida, Moonis, Zheng Fu => Project Proposal Guidelines

Wednesday (14/1/2009) 10 - 12 pm SIS GSR 2.2 Zhan Xiang, Haida, Zheng Fu => To-do List for Proposal

Thursday (15/1/2009) 4 - 7pm SIS GSR 2.1 Zhan Xiang, Moonis, Zheng Fu => Worked on to do, update Proposal

Friday (16/1/2009) 3 - 7pm SIS GSR 2.1 Zhan Xiang, Moonis, Haida => Word on Proposal => Went through Project deliverable => Client's Business Model

Meeting Minutes for Term 3A

Week 0 (20 April - 26 April)

Project Progress Summary:

Completed Issue Ticket codes Completed User Interface for Admin, Issuer and Manager

22 April 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_22_Apr.doc

24 April 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_24_Apr.doc

Week 1 (27 April - 3 May)

Project Progress Summary:

Client changed requirements to touch screen interfaces

Changed Issue Ticket and all user interface to touch screen friendly screens

Update and consultation session with Project Supervisor: Li Yingjiu

27 April 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_27_Apr.doc

28 April 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_28_Apr.doc

30 April 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_30_Apr.doc

Week 2 (4 May - 10 May)

Project Progress Summary:

Completed Admin codes

Completed Codes to integrate the barcode printers (but with errors)

Week 3 (11 May - 17 May)

Project Progress Summary:

Complete Reporting codes

Research and resolve the errors for barcode; integrate the barcode system.

Decision support

11 May 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_11_May.doc

12 May 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_12_May.doc

13 May 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_13_May.doc

Week 4 (18 May - 24 May)

Project Progress Summary:

Completed Reporting codes and integrated to the main system.

Research and resolve the errors for barcode; integrate the barcode system.

Completed Test cases

Completed User manual

Linked up ticketing and printing for issue ticket and printing tickets

Fixed printing alignments. Developed features to customize the print layout of tickets.

Redefine our additional scope according to client requirements and our project plan.

Meeting with Supervisor and course manager for project updates.

19 May 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_19_May.doc

21 May 2009 Media:Impetus_Minutes_21_May.doc

Week 5 (25 May - 31 May)

Project Progress Summary:

Final wrap up.

Solved Barcode issues: We had some alignment issues. When the ticket is printed, barcode scanner could not detect the barcode.

Presentation preparation