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Project CACHE (Hong Kong)

Project Sypnosis

This project objective is to develop a prototype in aid of building the Inventory Management System (IMS) for the IDS Group (Hong Kong). The pilot site of implementation is at their site location in Hong Kong.

With the strategic goal to implement a system in supporting the Inventory Management Services of IDS, the project involves designing an IT-solution that is able to fit on their current business practices. Thus, the intial part of the project is directed to study their business profile via personnel interviews and interaction with the management tier of IDS-Hong Kong. Gap Analysis is then conducted in identifying the system's features and needs. The next phase of the project, prototyping will be conducted to help IDS identify key functionalities for their IMS.

Client's Background IDS logo.jpg

The IDS Group (also known as Integrated Distribution Service) is a Multi-National Corporation that specializes in distribution of logistics for reputable brands world-wide. They represent brand owners by distributing their products to consumer and healthcare outlets across Asia. They primarily focus on distributing FMCG (Fast Moving Products) and healthcare products and have developed multi-distribution channels to hypermarkets, supermarkets, convenience stores and etc. The IDS Group operates in more than 9 countries across Asia with their mainstream business operation at the Hong Kong office.

Project Team Information


Project Methodologies

The software development framework used will be RUP[1]. Since the RUP development model is adopted, interim submissions are planned in each of the phases. The below project plan illustrates the team's plan before the start of the term.

Milestones for Prototype Development includes:

1. AS_IS Modeling (Conducting Interviews)

2. GAP Analysis

3. TO_BE Modeling

4. Defining System Requirements and Features

5. Iteration ( 3 formal reviews with clients in total)

6. UAT and Test Cases

7. Integrate and Deployment (on-going)


Project Technologies

The deployment framework used will be Joomla (a Content Management System) .

The development language used will be 'php'.

The prototype will be deployed on http://ims.wallacezeng.com

Joomla Logo.jpegPHP Logo.jpeg

Project Features

• Demand Forecast Module

• Buying Module – Regular Replenishment With OIN

• Buying Module – Regular Replenishment Without OIN

• Buying Module – Low Coverage Expedite Process

• Buying Module – Over Stock Postponement Process

• Viewing and Approval Module – Purchase Order

• Browsing Catalogue Module – Inventory Browsing

• CSV File Export Module

• UAT Module

Project Updates

2nd Jan -- Client brief the project team on the initial project requirements

15th Jan -- Project Requirements Gathering: Interviews at IDS Hong Kong

6th Feb -- AS_IS Modeling Review with Project Sponsor (Mr Edwin Coseteng in Singapore)

18th Feb -- TO_BE Modeling Proposal to Client (in IDS Singapore)

18th Feb -- Presented Iteration 1 (UI) to Client

20th Feb -- Defined Project Features (ver 1.0)

27th Feb -- *Submitted Project Proposal*

6th Mar -- TO_BE Brainstorming Workshop by Mr Tommy Lui (Project Director of CACHE)

7th Mar -- Revised Project Features (ver 2.0)

7th Mar -- Project have gone through a requirements change by the client

18th Mar -- Team re-define feature set in new requirements

20th Mar -- Submitted new TO_BE Models to Client

30th Mar -- Completed first version of the "Demand Forecast Module"

30th Mar -- Presented Iteration 2 (UI) to Client

27th April -- *Submitted Project Mid-Term Reflection*

5th May -- Partial Completion of Phase Alpha

11th May -- Revision of Phase Beta Deliverables





Term 3A Updates Ending Week 0 (20th April - 24th April)

• Team met project supervisor for mid-term reflection preview @ 22nd April 2009

• Team reviewed and adjusted new timeline for period in Term 3A (Phase Alpha and Beta)



Term 3A Updates Ending Week 1 (27th April - 1st May)

• Development initiated on Buying Module and Inventory Browsing

• Refining Demand Forecast Module


Term 3A Updates Ending Week 2 (4th May - 8th May)

• Met up with Supervisor to update the project progress.

• Touch up the regular buying, overstock and low coverage process.

• Updated the data dictionary and insert new fields.


Term 3A Updates Ending Week 3 (11th May - 15th May)

• Revised project deliverables and further monitor project progress on (module-by-module basis)

• Team has added extra man-hours to speed up development progress

DevCompletionChart version1.JPG

• Team has further refined system prototype as of updated development progress status shown below

DevCompletionChart v2.JPG


Term 3A Updates Ending Week 4 (18th May - 22nd May)

New Updates caa 19th May!

• New Dashboard' layout

• Standardization of UI display(Regular Replenishment, Lowstock, Overstock)

• Additional Backend Feature to add new product into DB: *Create SKU* (by Admin Role only)

• Additional Alerts Feature


Term 3A Updates Ending Week 5 (25th May - 29th May)

DevCompletionChart v3.JPG

• Supervisor added comments on how the presentation can be improved

• Team members consolidated all documentations for submission

• Team Presentation on 28th May, 5pm at SIS SR 2.3

• Judging Panel: Prof Benjamin Gan, Prof Kevin Steppe



Special Thanks to Project Sponsor, IDS-Hong Kong for offering Team 6th Simphony this project opportunity. Especially to Miss Wong Hsiao Hwei, Project Manager, Project CACHE.

In heartiest appreciation to Project Supervisor of Team 6th Simphony, Prof Kevin Steppe, for his continual guidance throughout this Final Year Project.