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Team Rojak is developing an integrated order tracking system based on the Apache Open For Business (OFBiz) framework that allows Meemo, our client, to track the Quotations issued by their resellers, allocate purchases and manpower costs to each Quotation, and track payment from resellers and to suppliers and employees.

Team Rojak is a uniquely diverse yet integrated FYP team. The team comprises of Wee Kee, Ricky, Hafiz, Zuhairi and Zixian. We are diverse in that all of us has very different specialities, yet integrated in our passion for learning and trying out new technologies.

In the original sense of the word Rojak, it refers to the ability to code-switch between different languages seamlessly. This is in essence, what we, the team, and our project is all about. We as a team, has very diverse abilities and specialities, but is able to put all that together to synergize our strengths as a team.

Apache OFBiz, the ERP framework we are developing on, can too be described as a Rojak platform. It is a mix of multiple software framework, development methodologies, and programming languages all working seamlessly together.

Team Rojak seek to learn more about Apache OFBiz through this FYP project, and contribute not only to our FYP client, but also back to the Open-source community.

Learning Outcomes

The team hopes that through this FYP project, we can facilitate learning and development in the 3 main aspects:

  1. Business aspects (business processes, business-IT alignment, use of IT as a business enabler)
  2. IT aspects (project management, software development, working with open-source community, and with large scale development with multiple frameworks)
  3. Soft skills (client management, negotiation skills, working in diverse team)

Detailed information on our learning outcomes through examples and experiences we gleaned from the project is available here: [[1]]

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meetings can be found here : [[2]]

Progress Report

Progress Report can be found here : [[3]]