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Project Gateway

About Project Gateway

The Project Gateway seeks to create a knowledge management and collaboration portal on a web-based environment that allows the tacit knowledge in UBS AG, Investment Bank - Singapore Operations (UBS-IBOPS) to be cataloged and accessed by all employees throughout Singapore. Project Gateway provides an avenue for users to create and update personal profiles, departments, projects, business process information and systems knowledge. The web portal integrates Web 2.0 technologies such as custom tagging and user-generated contents to enrich user experience and drives a collaborative framework for knowledge sharing.

Team Gateway

The team comprises of 4 members who all had interned with UBS AG previously.

  • James Phang
  • Joanne Tan
  • Tan Jin Jie
  • Tham Jun Quan

FYP Supervisor

We are glad to have Professor Benjamin Gan as our supervisor as well as being a mentor to us.

Our Client

We are fortunate to have UBS AG, Investment Banking - Singapore Operations as our FYP Sponsor. Special thanks goes to Donald Kow, our sponsor, as well as Wayne Lim, liaison for UBS AG. We're also grateful to both Lynette Poh and Chua Wei Wei, managers of Data Services Group (DSG) and Global Reconcilations Utility (GRU) respectively, who volunteered their departments to participate as users in this project. Lastly, we also thank Neil and team for supporting us with the IT deployment and also providing valuable feedback along the way.

Project Milestones


Weekly Progress Summary

Week 01


  • Iteration 3 with prototype UI done but not connected to database yet.
  • Using XWiki
  • Presented to get UBS business buy in 24 Dec 2008 (dept heads)

To do

  • Confirm meeting with technical to discuss the deployment environment (policies)
 - met up IT on 06 Jan 2009 to discuss on deployment environment. 
 - IT will get back to us on the technologies that Project Gateway proposed (Struts, MSSQL, Java)
  • Add to the prototype (connect to database, use real data, etc)
 - working on Struts framework. (JQ)
  • Need to work out details of requirement (use cases) with each department (Data Services Group)
 - Initiation (JQ)
  • Learn XWiki
    • Connect to database. In case XWiki does not deploy with MSSQL, can we use MySQL?
    • Customize the wiki to have department structured data (plug in)
- cannot connect to MSSQL
- Deployment environment does not support MySQL. 


  • Understanding Xwiki (High)
  • Setting up meeting with technical and DSG (Medium)

X Factor

  • Deploy it within a department (Global Reconcilation Utility) with UAT sign off.
  • Adding a structured data onto Xwiki for this project (deciding on the data structure to use)

Week 02

  • To Do List
    • To find out how to integrate with HRI. More details. Call using web services or through other way?
    • Team decided to build from scratch instead of building using XWiki framework.
    • Update proposal
    • Editor to use? (e.g. MediaWiki) Formatting in HTML? Can user cut and paste?
    • User Login (This will not be done because we will use UBS single sign-on)
    • To find out more details how this will be implemented.

15 Jan 2009

(1) Meeting with Business Group

  • Frequency: Every fortnight starting 23 Jan 09, Friday.
  • Audience:
  • (a) Project Liason - Wayne Lim
  • (b) Business Liason - Chua Wei Wei (GRU), Lynette Poh (DSG)
  • (c) Project Gateway members
  • Duration: Appro. 60 minutes
  • Time: 1400 - 1500 hrs.
  • Venue: UBS, Suntec Tower 5, Level 16. Meeting room - TBC.
  • Agenda: To be confirmed on weekly wednesday's team meeting.

Note: Next Friday, we will be doing a presentation during the IB Operations - management meeting.

  • Date: 23 Jan 09, Friday
  • Duration:10-15 minutes
  • Time: 1100 - 1200 hrs
  • Venue: UBS, Suntec Tower 5, Level 16, Artic Room.
  • Agenda:
  • (1) what project gateway is all about
  • (2) static prototype
  • (3) cost and benefits
  • This meeting is to give a heads up to the rest of the management that this project is ongoing for GRU and DSG.

(2) Meeting with Technology Group

  • Frequency: Every fortnight starting 30 Jan 09, Friday.
  • Audience:
  • (a) Technology Liason - Madhvani, Neil
  • (c) Project Gateway members
  • Duration: Appro. 60 minutes
  • Time: 1030 - 1130 hrs.
  • Venue: UBS, Suntec Tower 5. Meeting room - TBC.
  • Agenda: More details would be discussed on the weekly Wednesday's team meeting.
  • 1) Progress
  • 2) Issues - Development
  • 3) Issues - Deployment
  • 4) Others

Week 03

  • Connected to oracle database using Java
  • Modified database schema
  • Created dump file and populate dummy data
  • Query from database successful. Able to retrieve and display it on JSP.
  • Created bug tracking list to help keep track of bugs in the system
  • Created issue tracking list to track concerns raisd by client
  • Team is within schedule

Week 04

  • Person module 65% completed
  • Process module 70% completed
  • Edited CSS, now using UBS corporate stylesheet
  • Research on Lucene
  • Started developing basic search module
  • Team is within schedule
  • Meeting with Neil (UBS technical group)

Week 05

  • Presented to Christophe, Head Global Support Delivery (IT Group)
  • Process module completed
  • Person module completed
  • Basic search module completed
  • Team is within schedule

2 Feb

Supervisor meeting File:Supervisor Minutes 04.doc

3 Feb

Below is the list of meeting minutes thus far.

Supervisor Minutes

Client Minutes

Week 06

  • Manage favourite function completed
  • Department module completed
  • Project module 80% completed
  • Advance search module 70% completed
  • Management Meeting with Donald and other department heads
  • Team is within schedule

Week 07

Week 08

  • Login module completed
  • Application module 60% completed
  • Signature module 40% completed
  • Team is within schedule

Week 09

  • Login module completed
  • Application module 60% completed
  • Signature module 40% completed
  • Latest deployed copy is working fully on client's server
  • Online tutorial done
  • Team is within schedule

Week 10

  • UAT test plan done
  • Internal system testing done
  • We'll do another deployment to the UAT environment before UAT next week
  • Team is within schedule

Week 11

  • Started UAT, however we are not able to finish the entire UAT testing.
  • Will extend project schedule to include 1 more week of UAT

Week 12

  • Finished UAT testing for GRU and DSG departments
  • Information seeding to take place from next monday till wednesday

Week 13

  • Seeding of data done over at UBS's server
  • Final presentation details confirmed. (refer to week 14)

Week 14

IS480 Presentation Details

  • Date: 09 Apr 2009
  • Venue: UBS Level 16, Artic Room
  • Time: 1030 hours

Remaining Tasks On Hand

  • Handover documents to client
  • Final Report

Week 15

  • Exams
  • Final Report done
  • Official handover to client will proceed next week

Week 16 & 17

  • Project handover (in progress)
  • Final presentation to Donald & senior management (28-Apr-09)
  • Handover to-be-done on 28-Apr-09