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Welcome to our wiki page! We will be posting articles and documents relating to our project, and some interesting stuff regarding each of our team members too!

Do come back often to check out the latest updates!

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Team VAROX consist of 5 final year students, consisting of:

  • Ang Kian Wee
  • Anubhav Ghosh
  • Li Diwei Thomas
  • Siew Tuck Wing
  • Sunil s/o Jiwatram Dadlani

Our Sponsor

Our project sponsor

Our project sponsor is the DBS Ltd, which is the largest bank in Singapore. We are working with Customer Experience & Analytic department of DBS.

[1]DBS Website

Project VIBIS

In this project, the FYP team would be assisting the consumer banking group of Development Bank of Singapore (DBS) to develop a Visual Business Intelligence System (VIBIS), using interactive visualization concepts to aid in their decision making process. This will involve the gathering and structuring of data from various sources to suit the needs of VIBIS.

In a bid to allow data to be access in an efficient manner, the team would also be developing a repository database system to clean and integrate the multi-sourced data, allowing better optimized performance.

Upon completion of the project, the bank would be able to make use of the system to visualize their customers by various dimensions in preferred visual representation formats. These dimensions could include customer segment, products, channels, transactions, geographical location, resources, financial and temporal. This information will prove to be of utmost importance to the bank as it will enhance insight in branch customer portfolios. This in turn will create numerous future avenues of exploration in the future to increase customer value.

Note: Team VAROX has signed a NDA with DBS, so technical details and actual specifications of the system would be kept in privacy. However we will still be providing general information about the status progress of the project.

Project VIBIS

Developement Methodology

The iteration approach

We are adopting the evolutionary prototyping methodology for the development of the system. As the project is exploratory in nature and our client are does not have explicit user requirements, we believe it is important our client to be able to review the system sooner so they are more likely to identify and define explicit requirements fast, compared with structured design approaches. Also, for this project where the system is exposed to a large set of users, eliciting client feedback and incorporating the changes is a very critical phase both for testing as well as enhancing or more precisely evolving the software from the conceptual domain to implementation. Thus we feel that evolutionary prototyping is the most appropriate approach for this project.

Roles & Responsibilities

We have defined and assigned roles and responsibilities to each of the members for the duration of this project:

Role Responsibilities
Sunil Project Manager Oversees the project to ensure that it meets its objectives in time and with accord to the client’s expectations; primary contact point.
Kelvan Business Analyst Identifies and priorities the functionality of the system; identifies how the system will provide business value.
Programmer Codes system.
Thomas System Analyst Designs the system – with a focus on analysis models and interface design.
Technical Writer Creates technical documentation and progress reports; conduct interviews with subject matter experts.
Kian Wee System Analyst Quality Reviewer Designs the system, with a focus on analysis models and system performance.
Quality Reviewer Checks the system for general quality and bugs; create change reports.
Anubhav Infrastructure Analyst Ensures the system conforms to infrastructure standards at DBS; ensures that the DBS infrastructure can support the new system.
Programmer Codes system.

Two weeks into the project, roles and responsbilities were reassigned to cater to the new deliverables and scope required.


***Reporting Structure: All project team members will report to Sunil.***

VAROX Standing Orders

  1. All absence from DBS would have to be substantiated with proof for PM's record and made up on another work day
  2. All documentation unrelated to banking data would need to be uploaded to MS Groove
  3. All minutes to be submitted within 24 hours of conclusion
  4. All members are expected to visit MS Groove regularly to check for updates
  5. Once submission has been done on MS Groove, an email has to be sent to update all members

Hardware and Software


Throughout the course of the project, we are working with the 3 IBM machines with the following specifications, provided by DBS:

• 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo processor with 2 MB shared L2 cache


• 120 GB Serial ATA hard drive

• DVD-Super Multi Drive

• Built-in 10/100BASE-T

• Built-in 54 Mbps Wi-Fi (802.11g)


The team is using the following software required for the project:

• Microsoft Office 2003 and above

We are using MS Groove to store our project documentation (i.e. minutes of meeting, project schedule, user manuals, data dictionary & schema, etc)

• Tableau Professional Edition v4.0

• Manifold 8.00 Professional

• Java IDE

Online Workspace

• Assembla

We are using Assembla (a form of subversion) as a online workspace to store our codes and to track versions, including rollback options and email updates

Project Schedule

This is the current progress of the project so far:


Glimpses of FYP

When the going gets tough, members of VAROX switch to their alter-egos...


While the Project Manager presides over the members...