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Project Overview

Wholesale Banking Management Reporting and Decision Support System

Standard Chartered Bank (SCB) Wholesale Bank currently has in place extensive data capture across its 37 countries and 7 regions and makes use of this data to provide analytics and reports to various stakeholders across their global Wholesale Bank operations. The current method of preparing reports is a time consuming and laborious process whereby different complex queries are prepared and the data are cut manually. Because of this, the team responsible of this is unable to spend their time more fruitfully on preparing more reports which would derive greater value for the bank.

The main deliverable of this project will be implementing a system that will generate electronic dashboard, graphical and tabular workbooks using dynamically queried data from several databases across the organization. It will generate a full set of prepared reports to give the various global users an accurate view of their business so as to make better decisions on a daily basis.

To implement this project, the team will be using Tableau Professional V 4.0 and Tableau Server.

Work Breakdown Structure

Our project is scheduled to commence on 18 Aug 2008 and target UAT signoff is targeted for 31 Oct 2008 (11 weeks). Each team member will commit to a minimum of 4 hours per day over a five day work week to give a total of 220 man hours. The project will be divided into 5 phases as follows:
I. Solution Startup
II. BI Strategy and Planning (Solutions outline)
III. Build Cycle
IV. Testing
V. Deployment
Multiple iterations of the build cycle will be performed and development testing conducted each time.