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About the Project

BLINK BLITHE, a Store Management System Kratos is designed for our client Fairy's Inc to support their business process. The system aims to be:

1) A fast, reliable and user-friendly tool designed with the idea of being an automated "Assistant".

2) A system with an intuitive and creative user interface.

3) A portable, light weighted system that serves all the functionality optimally.

4) Minimal learning and easy to implement to prevent hassle for the user.

Client Objectives

Fairy's Inc Diamond does customized wedding jewelry since 2002. Within the customized wedding jewelry industry, the business process relies heavily on paperback record keeping for their replenish, sales, customer, production order and inventory records.

Over the years, Fairy's Inc have accumulated 6 years of paperback record folders which are valuable assets to them. In order to maximize the value of the current set of information and to improve the business process for their future expansion, Blink Blithe will be a customized solution for Fairy's Inc.

The objectives of Blink Blithe for Fairy's Inc Diamond are:

1) To provide a one stop system that allows them easy record and retrieve of their replenish, sales, customer, production order and inventory records

2) To store current folders of information into a relational database that would allow Fairy's inc to use in the future

3) To allow greater transparency of the business operations

Getting Started!

Team Kratos is made up of 6 intelligent and adorable members:


1) Tan Boon Keng --> Project Manager (aka Slave Driver)

2) Ankit Tulsyan --> Lead Designer (aka Greedy Scumbag, minority representative for meeting international students quota)

3) Eugene Lim --> Assistant Designer (aka Residential Whiner)

4) Glenn Ang Weixiang --> System Analyst (aka FoS *let ur imagination run wild*)

5) Muhammad Mas'ood --> Secretary (aka Mas Selamat Fugitive, minority representative for meeting racial quota)

6) Celeste Phua Mei Qi --> Creative Designer (aka The uncreative Bitch, minority representative for meeting gender quota)

Celeste.jpg Boon.jpg Glenn.jpg Ankit.jpg

Mas.jpg Eugene.jpg

Not forgetting that we are guided & "closely" monitored by:


Desai Arcot Narasimhalu --> Project Supervisor (aka GUI GURU)


Benjamin Gan --> FYP Overall Coordinator (aka Overlord)

Random Words from Us

Boon: "Its Week 4 and we are behind schedule!!!"

Celeste: "GUI GUI... I see "GUI" ah!"

Eugene: "You got 14 more mins before i go to class, better show me something!"

Ankit: "Hey wait.. lemme change from ubuntu to windows first"

Mas: "What is the cheapest ticket to Indo?"

Glenn: "Why like that? Pop a chill pill!"

Pretty Lady Clients


Blink Blithe will be implemented at Fairy's Inc[1] which is a jewelry store owned by Evelyn and Sandra (in photo). They are currently working closely with the team on providing functional requirements and inputs for the system.

Key Challenges

As the team embarked on the project, we faced many challenges and took each hurdle as an lesson learnt.

1) The team was very unfamiliar with the jewelry industry, which posed as a hurdle when we tried to understand the business processes. Fortunately we had the assistance of our client as they patiently walk us through their business process.

2) High complexity in the business rules of the customized jewelry business made the designing of the system a major challenge. In order to help the designing process, all member were involved in each phase of our system design. This process is also assisted by the client.

3) Unforeseen draw out of our vendor sponsor, Siemens, created much confusion within the team. Furthermore, the team was also very demoralized. Turning point of the situation, however, was when the team decided unanimously to stay objective and focused on our client as the main sponsor instead.

4) The new technology(Adobe Air) adopted posed many problems and restrictions to our development. In order to work within the constraints, there were many trial and error attempts. Despite all the setbacks, the team had support from each other in the learning process to overcome challenges.


Clients' Website (Go visit if you want to make a nice ring!) [[2]]

Gantt Charts[[3]]

Wetpaint Calendar (A shared calendar) [[4]]

Presentation Slides Presentation.pptx