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Welcome to our wiki page. Here’s some stuff that’s in relation to the project. Do check back often to find out what the team is up to!

Warmest 480 regards,
Team Sport Check :)


Who We Are

Abigail Kok Yan Xiu
Chen Changcai (Alex)
Seah Yulin
Tan Yi Sin
Wint Hnin Hket (Chenyze)
Zhong Bangzhi (Dave)

The name sport check was a pun spun off ‘spot check’ because the project has elements of checking. Coupled with the industry our sponsor is in, we created the name Team Sport Check.

SAA.jpg Singapore Athletic Association [1]

Project Sport Check

In this project, the team would be assisting the Singapore Athletic Association in creating an integrated web portal to allow all stakeholders to be involved in the main business process, vastly different from current processes now. This web portal can better help SAA to manage their competitions and athletes as well as encourage sponsors and the public to take an even greater interest in the events/competitions that SAA organizes.

To allow better management, we would be adopting various access levels to accommodate to different stakeholders.

Upon completion, the SAA would be able to make use of the web portal to streamline their work processes and better coordinate between the various systems they currently have.


  • Main website
    • Brand new website layout and design
    • Interactive Photo/Video Gallery

  • Athlete's Portal; a complete management tool for athletes with the SAA
    • Individual training calendar
    • Individual video gallery

  • Various adminstrative management functions
    • Online school registration for events
    • Functions for administrators specifically (including coaches)




With Client


With Supervisor