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Solutionist welcomes you here...

About the Team


Our Google groups page: SOLUTIONIST

About the Client


About the Project

Brief Summary of previous milestones
Wks 1 to 7: Database structure, User class, Person class, Client classes (including components of Client)

Current workings
Wk 8-9: Volunteer classes, User Interface template(Design and layout)

    For more detailed past, present and future progress, please go to the Solutionist Assembla page.

Weekly Meetings with Supervisor

@ Week 13 (12 Nov 2008)


-> Make the buttons bigger and ensure the same size across all pages

-> Display "No entries found" for pages with no records

-> Validate adding of new records by not allowing empty rows of entries to be added


-> Display reports on new page

-> Adjust size of columns to fit the appropriate lengths

-> Next meeting on 24th Nov, 6.30pm

@ Week 12 (3 Nov 2008)


-> Login page issues (more visually appealing)

-> Indicate clear separation of different sections of a page

-> Relevant buttons (Submit, Save) should be placed in main contents box in a page

-> Improve the general 'Look & Feel' of the whole system


-> Clarify MAILING function/engine

-> Clarify REPORTS requirements

-> Next meeting on Wed 12 Nov at 8pm

@ Week 10 (22 Oct 2008)


-> Finalize contents of Login page, Name the system

-> Maximize the space and margins of the page

-> Style of fonts and textfields

-> Test pages out on different explorers (BOTH firefox and IE)

-> Think through security issue (disabling multiple logins concurrently, default icons/buttons)


-> Next meeting with prof on Nov 3, 1.45pm

@ Week 9 (16 Oct 2008)


-> Input field for "Birth-Date" instead of using calendar function?

-> Try to use 2 different variations at most in setting the size/length of text boxes

-> Indicate compulsory fields in the pages

-> Think through where to put the uploading of profile pictures of clients

-> Make create/search functions more straight forward instead of using intermediary pages (possibly use dropdown menus instead)

-> Focus on what should the default functionality be in the HOME page and its contents

-> Start considering the options for generating reports

-> Consider the ways to retrieve enquiries


-> Check back with FaithActs on outstanding issues discussed

-> Settle the "agreement" with FaithActs regarding the main features of the system to facilitate the handing over of system

@ Week 8 (9 Oct 2008)


-> provide update of past weeks progress of project

-> consider UI layout and views for end-user

-> touch up on visual appearances for web pages

-> consider whether performance issues will be affected when system is rolled out


-> submit mid-term review by deadline

-> gather feedback from sponsor regarding UI issue

@ Week 5 (15 Sept 2008)


-> Slight Modification of database (last_update_person to link to a user)

-> catch up on delayed work to keep to scheduled timeline

-> consider sponsor's preference for asthetics regarding page views and controls


-> weekly update of IS480 wiki on meeting minutes with supervisor

-> follow-up on getting SVN server

-> Prepare for next update for sponsor (getting relevant materials)

-> Testing