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Kaizen Studio is working on a Location-based application for the iPhone platform. The objectives of our application is to deliver better customer experience for Standard Chartered Bank via an easy to use applications on the iPhone.

The idea was formulated even before iPhone reached the Singapore shore. The team, which consist of many Mac users, was thrilled to be given an opportunity to develop a banking-related application on the new platform. Starting from point zero, our team has overcome many difficulties to develop the best customer-oriented mobile application. Given the possibility that the project may go live, we are writing every piece of code in the best quality to ensure our client has the best iPhone application launch.

Kaizen Studios

Kaizen Studios is made up of 5 year 3 SIS Students dedicated to improve quality of consumers with innovative ideas. Our team members are:

  • Aaron Lee Kwang Siong, Web Application Designer
  • Augustine Leow Teck Kwee, Database Administrator
  • Desmond Tan Jian Liang, Software Engineer
  • Jack Tang Kejie, Application Architect
  • Paul Ng Siu Po, Project Manager

Project Deliverables

LocationOne on the iPhone Simulator. We have successfully deployed the application on the iPhone 2G and iPhone 3G

Our project code name "Snow Leopard" has the following deliverables:

  • Location-based Application
  • Web-based administrator interface
  • Internet Banking customized for iPhone display


The proposed purpose of this application is to display credit card promotion base on users' location. The user can make well-informed decision with the promotion details available to them. The merchants get publicity via the application. The application encourage consumers to spend with credit card and this in turn benefit the bank. With this application we are creating values for all fronts.

LocationOne is developed on the Mac platform with the Official iPhone SDK from Apple. It is written in Objective-C unique to Mac OS. Its special characteristics made it a challenging programming language to master. The Non-Disclosure-Agreement policy set by Apple on all iPhone developers made it even more difficult to pick up the API toolkit as developers were forbidden to share or discuss iPhone development technique.

Administrator Interface

The web-based administrator interface is designed to help Standard Chartered Bank employee maintain the LocationOne application. It is designed to be very simple to use, even for non-IT personnel. The interface forms the input layer for all merchants, branches and ATM location, information as well as promotion. These information will be parse on to the map interface and eventually display to the user.

iBanking Interface

The iPhone has set a new standard in mobile banking. With a fast 3G Internet connection, customers are enjoying feature-packed web-based application that runs smoothly on the iPhone. The iBanking Interface is dedicated to enhance that experience by complying to iPhone web-app standard.

Project Status

Snow Leopard Timeline

Our team has has completed UAT and done with our final presentation. A lot of changes were made to the UI after gathering feedback from users. We will move on to talk about launching the application on the Apple iTune store for free download. This is a tremendous achievement that our team is so proud of.