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Defect Number Reported By Date Reported Status Description
0001 David Leip 10/08/08 Partially Resolved Strings of different links generate different image sizes when encoded.Media:0001.png
0002 David Leip 10/08/08 Closed Barcodes and number labels don't wrap as a single unit.
0003 David Leip 10/08/08 Closed New line characters used to delimit strings to be encoded as separate barcodes are included in the encoding.
0004 David Leip 10/08/08 Closed On the text input panel, there is a problem with number labels matching up to the correct strings when the strings are long enough to wrap. This seems to occur when the type of barcode being requested is changed, for example. (At least on Firefox on both OSX & WinXP) Media:0004.png
0005 Team SMU 10/08/08 Open One Input , but two outputs. Refer to the picture Media:0005.png
0006 Team SMU 10/08/08 Closed When you encode a url say www.ibm.com using datamatrix and then decode it back by clicking on the decode link. The result given is www.ibm.com www.ibm.com. It basically repeats the URL twice
0007 David Leip 10/15/08 Closed Textarea shrinks when you enter the first URL
0008 David Leip 10/15/08 Closed Textarea is missing horizontal scrollbar
0009 David Leip 10/15/08 Closed Re-generating a previously generated barcode but checking the 'Append tracking code' option doesn't create a new image
0010 Robert Muth 10/15/08 Closed Formatting issues result in inconsistent appearance between IE7 and Firefox 2/3