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Project Metrics

Category Name Objective Explanation
Functionality / Productivity Effort Variation % Increase Team Productivity This metric is the difference between the Estimated and Actual effort as compared against the Estimated Effort.

Effort Variation = (Actual Effort – Estimated Effort) x 100 / Estimated Effort Computed at Overall project level and stage level

Quality Bug Tracking Track the number of bugs reported while running test cases on the system Bugs should be assigned a status of resolved, unresolved, or pending. All bugs will be considered unresolved upon initial discovery, moved to pending if a fix is in progress, and labeled as resolved once they have been fixed
Schedule Schedule Variation % Ensure timely completion of the project This metric gives the percentage Schedule Variation in terms of number of days slipped when compared against planned schedule. Schedule Variation is an important metric to determine the capability of on-time delivery.

Schedule Variation (%) = ((Actual End date – Planned End date) X 100 / (Planned End date - Planned Start date))

Computed at overall Project level and Stage level

Schedule Overhead Time Track actual time spent on doing the project Overhead time is the time spent communication with other stake holders ( Team CMU, Project Supervisors,Client) against the time spent in doing the actual project

Project Timeline

Project Milestones (Tentative)

S.No Milestone Expected Date of Completion
1. Web Service Integration with QR Code/ Data Matrix Libraries

Setting up Testing Infrastructure

September 25
2. User Interface for generating barcodes by manually entering data. October 2
3. User interface for generating barcodes on IBM.com October 15
4. Browser Plugin for generating barcodes October 22
5. Alpha Release October 29