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Project 2D-BC

1. Who You will be working with the Innovations team in ibm.com based in New York, USA.

2. What To build an automated tool that generates 2D barcodes to represent web-page URLs, and other information. It must be able to generate images on the fly, and through a user interface. This tool will be used in ibm.com, and also released as an Open-Source tool for use under the appropriate license.

2D barcodes have the ability to store information which can be read by mobile devices equipped with a camera and the reader software. Typically, a user can take a picture of a 2D barcode which is encoded with a URL with his mobile phone. The reader application will open the phone’s browser, and display the web page in the mobile phone.

3. How The use of Open Source libraries and codes is highly encouraged. Due diligence must be shown with source code origin documented. This is to facilitate release of this application for use by the Open Source community.

Collaboration will be through weekly video conferences, or more frequently if necessary.

4. Requirements The project scope does not include developing the reader software for mobile applications. For version 1, the basic function of generating barcode images for URLs must be implemented. Possible extensions include support for other types of information.

The application is not limited to only URLs, but can also include vCard information, telephone numbers, email addresses, calendar events.

Support for barcode formats must include Data Matrix, and QR Code. These two types are the most commonly used Open Source formats.

5. Challenges - to design an automated application with a clean, and efficient architecture with minimal resource overheads - to prevent the automated tool from becoming a ‘hosted service’ for everyone to connect to - to work in a cross-border collaboration project

6. Contact for more information John Lui – johnlui@us.ibm.com David Leip – leip@us.ibm.com