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~ Team Barcoders ~

This wiki is used to collaborate on the '2 D Barcodes generation tool' project. The project is an open source (हिन्दी: खुला स्रोत) initiative by IBM.COM, Carnige Mellon University and Singapore Management University to develop a web service on open source technologies which enables users to easily generate two dimensional barcodes. With this project, the team hopes to achieve increased use of two dimensional barcodes for easier and faster access to websites (and possibly other formats of data).

More details can be seen here

Project Stakeholders

Project stakeholders can be found here: [[1]]


Find pictures here: [[2]]

Open Source Libraries

Open source libraries can be found here: [[3]]

Meeting Minutes

Minutes of Meetings can be found here : [[4]]

Project Management Issues

Project Management Issues can be found here : [[5]]


Defects are being tracked here, at least for now: [[6]]

Other Important Links

Project Source Code: [[7]] (Authentication Required)
Development Server (with new interface): [[8]]
Mohit's journal of development: [9]
IBM Online QR Code Example [10]/
User Acceptance Testing [11]
Status Report (as of Sep. 15) : [12]