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1337 welcomes you here...

About the Team

1337 = = LEET

1337 is geakspeak that stands for elite or "LEET". LEET is commonly used term in the gaming community to describe and individual or a team as superior or professional. It is also used often when talking about new tech products or games, and describing someone or something as 1337 is considered to be a compliment

week 1

  • Meeting with client discuss with basic function and requirement
  • Completed project plan

week 2

  • Completed Use Case sketches
  • Detailed planning of most important use cases

week 3

  • Meeting with client discussed other solutions that she considered in the past.
  • Viewing of daily processes and identification of the paper based processes.
  • Priority list for features
  • Addition of new factors into consideration for the database
  • Development of database diagram based on the new requirement
  • Update system design plan

week 4

  • Built the initial database
  • Designed initial GUI
  • Developed some basic functions:
 Login, Forgot password (need connect to email), Create new user, Add new patient,

Patient list, Patient details

week 5

  • Developed more functions:
  Appointment management, Image and attachment management for patients
  • Applied master pages for existing functions

week 6

  • Test and configure first prototype of system
  • Demonstration of first system prototype to client get feedback
  • Built new function
 Add Category, Patient Category

week 7

  • Solve all the problem for the existing functions
  • Merge GUI with existing functions
  • built new functions
 Inventory Management

week 8

  • Improve first prototype
  • Finish second prototype

week 9

  • Finished the following function:
  Add Treatment, Treatment, Treatment Category, Calender
  • Billing function in progress

week 10

  • Finished the following function:
  Handle Appointment, Recall List
  • Edit database
  • Validation for some functions

week 11

  • Edit the Home page -- Interactive Calender
  • Create login page
  • Edit the style sheet

week 12

  • UAT
  • Client testing
  • Gather feedback and new requirements
  • Change database

week 13

  • Change Interface
  • Build new function:
  Email alert, Dispense history

week 14

  • Prepare for presentation