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Welcome to Team T-BIT's wiki page

Last update: 9th November 2008 Sunday

Week 12

Things done this week

  • Development work for prototype
  • BP Analysis Report

Week 11

Things done this week

  • Met up with Sponsor to discuss final deliverable which includes Prototype for Accident Reporting instead of working on their system and BP analysis and solutioning.
  • Started the development work on the prototyping - using finalised DB schema and UI
  • Developing prototypes for BP solution

Week 10

Things done this week

  • DB sizing
  • UI on the cdg system for the 1st tab
  • Update statements for common DB table

Week 9

Things done this week

  • UI V5 done
  • Finalised DB structure and DB dictionary
  • Insert statements for common DB table
  • Display of information is working: finishing first tab.

Things to do this week

  • Finalised UI V6 to be finished

Week 8

Things done this week

  • Confirmed project scope with both Sponsor and Clients (Wed)
  • Obtained UI and DB final feedback from CDG (Tue - Thu)
  • Started work on developing a CRUD page (Tue - Fri)
  • Team Reflection

Week 7

Things done this week

  • Obtained DB feedback from CDG
  • Uploaded Progress Report [1]

Week 6

Things done this week

  • Prepared stat-quo report
  • Integrated accident reporting tab into existing FMS with the help of CDG IT staff
  • Discussed DB design issues with CDG IT staff
  • Set up testing PC in CDG office

Week 5

Things done this week

  • Had our first UAT and presented the first deliverable to the clients.

Week 4

Things done this week

  • Went through the As-Is Process with the clients.
  • Proposed the new To-Be Process to the clients.
  • Showed a demo of the PDA application prototype to the clients.
  • The UI for the accident reporting application is almost finalized.
  • Acquired necessary software (BEA WebLogic, Oracle DB) and codes to start coding on our laptops