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Project Progress Summary


Project Highlights
Events Action taken
Implementation of the HTTPS slows down the loading of our website Due to time constraint, we decided to drop this implementation and continue using the HTTP
Implementation of the notification , emails , and payment functionalities We improve the customer experience through the implementation of these features
Implementation of coach recommendation to talents We add text analytics to analyse what most people are talking about in the Forum platform and use that data to recommend suitable coaches to talent
Receive feedbacks to improve the overall user experience We improve the User Interface so that users are able to easily join or create sessions and view their forum activities in the dashboard
We have made much overall improvement from UAT 2 to UAT 3 based on the ratings given We will continue to fix small bugs and improve our website based on the feedbacks given in UAT 3



Project Management

Project Status


Project Schedule (Planned Vs Actual)

Due to major changes in the business focus, we make major modification to our schedule and scope. We added the Forum Module while removing the Employer module. Adding on, we remove the UAT 4 in our schedule as we are a little bit behind schedule. This is because the learning of React Javascript and integration of Java and React JS delayed our iteration by 3- 4 weeks. However, we have pretty much finished most of our backend code. Our focus now is towards the front-end and integration.


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Sprint Velocity Chart


Task Metric


Bug Metric


Change Management


Full Change Management Tracker

Risk Management


Technical Complexity

Technical Complexity


Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes Minutes
Metrics Metrics
Requirements Product & Sprint Backlog Product & Sprint Backlog
Analysis Architecture Diagram Architecture Diagram
Use Case Diagram Use Case Diagram
ER Diagram EER Diagram
Customer Journey Customer Journey
Design Prototype Prototype
Testing User Testing 1 User Test 1
User Testing 2 User Test 2
User Testing 3 User Test 3

Team Reflection

Team Reflection