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Project Overview

Project Management


Personas Prototypes Meeting Minutes Diagrams Technologies User Testing Deliverables

Version 2 (Finals)

Low Fidelity Prototypes

Zenith prototype 1.jpg
Zenith prototype 2.jpg
Zenith prototype 3.jpg
Zenith prototype 4.jpg

High Fidelity Prototypes

Admin dashboard
Student case statistics
Student past attempts
Student performance statistics
Professor case page
Professor case statistics (MCQ)
Professor case statistics (Open)
Professor performance statistics
Acknowledgements - NUS
Acknowledgements - SMU
Case Upload Page
Search cases
Search case
Upload preview
Game Result
Start case
Student search case
Game question
Game answer
Profile page
Edit profile
Student homepage
Professor homepage

Version 1 (Midterms)

Low Fidelity Prototypes

Sign Up
Homepage (Student)
Homepage (Professor)
Case Upload - Success
Case Upload - Error Handling
Case Vetting - Case Vetting Overview

High Fidelity Prototypes

Student Homepage
Professor Homepage
Case Upload - Title
Case Upload - Question Manager
Case Upload - Question Detail
Case Upload - Learning Objective
Case Vetting - Overview