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Internal Testing User Acceptance Testing 1 User Acceptance Testing 2 (Admin) User Acceptance Testing 2 (Volunteer) User Acceptance Testing 2 (Benficiary)

Test Plan


  1. THK SAC @ AMK 257 Blk 257 Ang Mo Kio Ave 4 #01-67 Singapore 560257
  2. 5 Poh Huat Road Singapore 546703

Date: 8 & 9 Feb 2018

Duration: 1 hour each

Number of Participant(s): 4 (2 ICs * 2 beneficiary organisation)



  1. Gather feedback on the current process of requesting food item donations with the different platforms. The 2 platforms include excel sheeting, which is the current platform which Food Bank and the beneficiaries are using, and the Food Bank Webpage which is the new implemented system by Team Bunanas.
  2. To identity potential usability issues
  3. To improve Food Bank webpage and Food Bank Webpage
  4. To gather comments for further improvement
  5. Gauge user's enthusiasm for Food Bank Webpage and willingness to download


  1. Login and logout for beneficiary
  2. Requesting for food items
  3. Viewing current window food items requested
  4. Editing and deleting current window food items requested
  5. Viewing allocated food items when window is closed and allocation is generated and approved by admin
  6. Viewing past request and allocated history of previous windows.


  1. Participants (Food Bank Volunteers) to inventorize with all three platforms
  2. Participants will record down the timings used for inventorising per food item on all 3 platforms.
  3. Participants are advised to think aloud as they proceed with testing
  4. Participants are given minimal assistance during the test procedure


S/N Goals Results
1 Participants should be able to request with Food Bank Webpage Pass
2 Participants should be able to view, edit and delete request made during current window with Food Bank Webpage Pass
3 Participants should be able to view allocation for current window when allocation is generated and approved by admin Pass
4 Participants should be able to view past request and allocated history of previous windows. Pass

User Behaviour

Functions User's Behaviour Changes to be made
Excel requesting form Unintuitive ordering and selection process. Users are unable to quickly and intuitively find what specific food items they want. -
Food Bank Webpage Requesting next category food items Scrolling up after finishing all the request made for each category/classification. Add a scroll to top button at the bottom of webpage

User Comments

Functions User's Comments Changes to be made
Food Bank requesting food item Quite inefficient to keep clicking next page, if set to 10/25/50 food items per page. Have a setting to show ALL, within each category/classification
Food Bank requesting food item Quite inefficient to keep clicking "Add" for each food item Have a button to "Add All" at the bottom of the page
Viewing request window Beneficiaries do not know when the window closes Add the date which the current window closes at the home page of beneficiary.
After requesting Beneficiary feels that they are left out of the loop and do not have any idea what is happening after requesting Send email when allocation is approved, and when packing is done.
After requesting each food item Beneficiary feels that there is little/no feedback when adding each food item as request
 Have a top-bar notification to show the most recent 3 requests made, and a view all button to re-direct back to beneficiary home page to view all current window requests
Before requesting For the first login, user does not know there is a side-bar to go into requesting page At the home page, if there is currently 0 requests for the window, there is a link underneath which directly redirects to the request page.

Other Findings

Findings Description
Average time needed for each task Task Minutes
Successfully request 5 food items 2
Beneficiary to search for a specific food item and request (3 items) 3
Beneficiary to edit a specific food item ~1.5

Overall Results/Comments

  • Beneficiary is very impressed with the Food Bank webpage to do requesting, it is a huge improvement to the current system of excel requesting, as it is more user friendly
  • Beneficiary even wanted to get in touch with our school, potentially to do a project.
  • Client and beneficiary was very satisfied with the Food Bank webpage.
  • Changes to be made which are a result of this UAT will be taken to Project Manager and will allow for Change Management process to be kick started. Supervisor will be involved in the final decision as stated in change process.

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