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Internal Testing User Acceptance Testing 1 User Acceptance Testing 2 (Admin) User Acceptance Testing 2 (Volunteer) User Acceptance Testing 2 (Benficiary)

Test Plan

Venue: Sponsor's Office

Date: 23/01/2018

Time: 14:00 - 17:00

Duration: 3 hours

Number of Participant(s): 6



  1. Gather feedback on developed user interface and developed functions on Food Bank webpage for admin functions, after a huge revamp following Acceptance.
  2. To identify potential usability issues
  3. To improve Food Bank webpage overall user experience
  4. To gather comments for further improvement


  1. Login and logout for admin
  2. Authentication for webpages
  3. Account Management
    • Account Creation
      • Beneficiary
      • Admin
    • Editing account details
    • Reset password
    • Delete account
    • Filter view for users
  4. Inventory Management
    • View inventory
      • Filter function in search bar
      • Filter function by category and classification
    • Edit food item quantity
    • Add a new food item
  5. Admin dashboard module
    • View past history for request (demand) and donations (supply)
    • View admin fields
    • Edit admin fields
    • Start and close request window


  1. The instructions for each tasks will be passed to the participants
  2. Participants are advised to think out aloud as they proceed with the testing
  3. Participants will be given minimal assistance during the testing process so that we may observe the general behavior of the users
  4. During the testing, participants will be required to note down the output of each task, and asked to rate the complexity on a scale of 5
  5. During the testing, a scribe will record behaviors, comments and enquiries from our participants


S/N Goals Results
1 Participants should be able to login and logout Pass
2 Participants should be able to view inventory list, with hierarchy filter of Category, Classification and Food Items Pass
3 Participant should be able to View Request Window status, start, set window end date and force end request window. Pass
4 Participant should be able to edit (add/deduct) from inventory list. Pass
5 Participant should be able to reset password Pass
6 Participant should be able to edit account details Pass
7 Participant should be able to add new food item Pass
8 Participant should be able to view and interact with analytics for past history of request and donations Pass

User Behaviour

Functions User's Behaviour Changes to be made
Account Management Unable to make sense what the icons for editing user details, resetting password and deleting accounts are, for the first time they are using the webpage Tooltip for icons in account manage page
Inventory Management When using the filter function of category or classification, it is not intuitive as the ordering looks random. Clients suggest that alphabetical ordering will be good.
Admin Module Management No indication that login is taking place UI feedback to user if system is currently logging in, or invalid login

User Comments

Functions User's Comments Changes to be made
Inventory Management To be more visually appealing, food item description should not have "-" and it should be replaced with whitespaces Dashes in food item description should be replaced with spaces
Account Management Unable to differentiate the use of Name and Username when creating an account, especially for beneficiaries. Place a prompt when creating beneficiary that the Name field would be for (Beneficiary's Organization Name) and username would be for login purposes.

Other Findings

Findings Description
Average time needed for each task Task Minutes
Successfully create and edit a user 3
Admin to search for a specific food item and change its quantity 2
Admin to close window and view allocation algorithm 3
Admin to reset password and user to receive new password via email 2
Average UAT Score 13/15

Overall Results/Comments

  • User interface, especially with the icons can be further enhanced to be more intuitive, cutting down time for user to make assumptions to find the correct process flow to do a specific task.
  • Client was satisfied with Team Bunanas’s progress.
  • Changes to be made which are a result of this UAT will be taken to Project Manager and will allow for Change Management process to be kick started. Supervisor will be involved in the final decision as stated in change process.

Additional Documents

File:Bunanas UAT2.docx