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Internal Testing User Acceptance Testing 1 User Acceptance Testing 2 (Admin) User Acceptance Testing 2 (Volunteer) User Acceptance Testing 2 (Benficiary)

Test Plan

Venue: Sponsor's Office

Date: 06/11/2017

Time: 1600

Duration: ~30 minutes per user

Number of Participant(s): 6



  1. Gather feedback on developed user interface and developed functions on the Food Bank web application
  2. To identify potential usability issues
  3. To improve Food Bank's web application overall user experience


  1. Login & Logout Functions (for Admin, Volunteer and Beneficiary)
  2. Admin Functions:
    • View Inventory Listing
    • Edit Inventory
    • View Request Window Status
    • Start/End Request Window
    • View Top-K Food Item Demand
    • View Top-K Food Item Supply
    • Allocation Algorithm
    • Approve/Reject Recommended Allocations
    • Account Management
  3. Volunteer Functions:
    • View Inventory
    • Edit Inventory
  4. Beneficiary Functions:
    • View Inventory
    • View Request Window Status
    • Request for Food Item


  1. The instructions for each tasks will be passed to the participants
  2. Participants are advised to think out aloud as they proceed with the testing
  3. Participants will be given minimal assistance during the testing process so that we may observe the general behavior of the users
  4. During the testing, participants will be required to note down the output of each task, and asked to rate the complexity on a scale of 5
  5. During the testing, a scribe will record behaviors, comments and enquiries from our participants

S/N Goals Results
1 Participants should be able to login and logout Pass
2 Participants should be able to view inventory list, with hierarchy filter of Category, Classification and Food Items Pass
3 Participant should be able to View Request Window status, start, set window end date and force end request window. Pass
4 Participant should be able to edit (add/deduct) from inventory list. Pass
5 Participant should be able to generate and view allocation of food items after ending request window. Pass
6 Participant should be able to approve or reject allocated results. Pass
7 Participant should be able to request food item when window is open Pass
8 Participant should be able to add food item to cart Pass
9 Participant should be able to checkout cart to confirm request Pass
10 Participant should be able to view users account, add, and edit account details Pass

Functions User's Behaviour Changes to be made
Account Management User found that all different types of users (beneficiary, admin, volunteers) in one page is too cluttered Have separate tabs of each type of user, to better manage individual users within their type.
Inventory Food Item Edit User found that searching for a food item by keying in food description is not intuitive for volunteers Allow volunteers to choose food item by category, then classification.
Request Food Items User could not find an intuitive way to request another food item after submitting the first one to the cart. (Currently have to press Inventory side-bar tab, or click on Categories) After submitting a food item request, user will be redirected to Inventory Categories to continue selecting should they want to request more food items.

Functions User's Comments Changes to be made
User Interface User felt that the current UI of food items with dashes included made it hard to read and search for specific items they wanted. Print the weight in spate brackets
Account Management User found that generating accounts for every batch of volunteers was too troublesome. We will bootstrap a total of 20 volunteer accounts and allow them to be reused for every batch of volunteers, since every batch of volunteers has a maximum of 20.
Inventory Requesting User found that to have a picture for every food item made it very hard to find the exact food item which they were looking for We will display the food items in a list format. Adding in filter functions with category and classification, and a search bar.

Findings Description
Average time needed for each task Task Minutes
Successfully create and edit a user 4
Admin to search for a specific food item and change its quantity (3 items) 4
Volunteer to search for a specific item and add/subtract quantity (3 items) 5
Admin to close window and view allocation algorithm 3
Beneficiary to add food items to cart and checkout (3 items) 7
Average UAT Score 22/23

Overall Results/Comments

  • User interface can be further improved to be more intuitive, and allow for respective users to get the task done faster and more precisely, all taking into account the different user profiles.
  • Client was satisfied with Team Bunanas’s progress.
  • Changes to be made which are a result of this UAT will be taken to Project Manager and will allow for Change Management process to be kick started. Supervisor will be involved in the final decision as stated in change process.