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Project Progress Summary

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Project Management

Project Schedule (Plan vs. Actual)

Planned Project Schedule

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Acutal Project Schedule

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Change Management

Change Log
Iteration No. Date Category Change Description Reason for Request Accept/Reject Priority Status of Request
4 1 July 2017 Backend & Frontend Change from Java Script to React To adapt to future needs such as customisation of platform Accept High Closed
4 1 July 2017 Backend & Frontend Change of wireframing Client's request Accept Medium Closed
5 10 July 2017 Backend & Frontend Update relevant database fields Standardisation Accept Low Closed
7 7 August 2017 Backend & Frontend Add hobby field into student table. name of hobby in table = hobbies UAT takeaway Accept Low Closed
7 7 August 2017 Backend & Frontend Remove username from student table Email is good enough. Accept Low Closed
7 7 August 2017 Backend & Frontend Remove class id from student table Unnecessary Accept Low Closed
7 7 August 2017 Backend & Frontend Increase the years range for input on front end side Some inputs may require years in the future. E.g Education/Experience may end sometime in the future Accept Low Closed
7 12 August 2017 Backend & Frontend Remove predictive dashboard analysis Client claim unnecessary. Accept Low Closed
8 24 August 2017 Backend & Frontend Add comment/feedback function for faculty members to input when reviewing projects Client's request Accept Medium Closed
9 4 Sep 2017 Backend & Frontend Remove export project functionality Unnecessary Accept Low Closed

Project Metrics

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XPal BDC 11.pngBugmetrics.png

Project Risks

To view past risks that the team may have/may not been affected by, please visit: IS480 Team wiki: 2017T1 X-Pal PROJECT PLANNING RISK

Current Risks that may affect the team:
S/N Risk Type Risk Description Consequences Likelihood Impact Level Mitigation
1 Stakeholder Management Risk Have to liaise with many stakeholders like supervisor, sponsor and NP server in charge with conflicting suggestions Hinder the progress of project development High Medium Arrange meetings with stakeholders and provide the best win-win solution
2 Dependency Risk Heavily depends on client on providing testers as tertiary students are having term break. Hinder the progress of project development High High Liaise with sponsor and stress on the importance on meeting our x factor
3 Project Management Risk Team members have many commitments such as datelines for exams/tests/projects Hinder the progress of project development High Medium Fix some day and time for all members to meet weekly

Technical Overview

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Technical Complexity


Quality of Product

Intermediate Deliverables

Stage Specifications Work Product(s)
Project Management Minutes There are 3 types of minutes being maintained: Client Minutes, Supervisor Minutes and Internal Minutes. Our minutes can be found here: Minutes
Metrics We maintain 3 types of metrics to monitor our progress: Sprint Velocity, Scrum Burn down Chart, Bug Metrics. Our metrics can be viewed here: Metrics
Change Management Whenever changes are being made, the team will deliberate and decide on the severity and importance before coming to a group decision of accepting or dropping the change. Our changes can be viewed here: Change Metrics
Risk Management We have a risk metrics in place to keep track of the risks that may disrupt the success of our project as well as our mitigation. Our risks and mitigation can be viewed here Risk Metrics
Sprint Backlog To look for the breakdown of tasks completed at each sprint, our Sprint Backlog can be viewed here: Sprint Backlog
Testing User test plan Every sprint, the QA team will conduct an integration and regression testing to ensure that the app is still working fine after the new implementations and to look for more corner cases in order to make the app more stable.


Our project is deployed to AWS, It can be found as below:
Public website: http://ec2-18-221-100-249.us-east-2.compute.amazonaws.com/
Internal website: http://ec2-52-221-236-53.ap-southeast-1.compute.amazonaws.com
Note: Please ensure that you are using the latest version of Google Chrome browser & Javascript enabled to view the application.


Venue: Ngee Ann Polytechnic/ Singapore Management University 
Date: 6 to 8 October 2017 
Time: Online
Duration: ~20 minutes per user
Number of Participant(s): 42 
User Test: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0B8V3w304Y-GaaFdpYUpkUG9SenM here


  • To gather feedback on user interface and usability of the student portal, as well as its drag function
  • To gather feedback on new user interface of public website as well as its search and filter functions
  • To gather feedback on the project approval process (from submitting a project to viewing its status)


  • Login/Logout
  • Update Profile
  • Drag and re-order profile components
  • Upload Project
  • Search and Filter for student in public interface
  • View approval status of project
  • View notification

Profile of participants 

Type Number of Pax
Student of Ngee Ann Polytechnic 37
Faculty of Ngee Ann Polytechnic 3
Admin of Ngee Ann Polytechnic 2


Participants will complete the testing online independently, using Google Form to record their observations and thoughts. This is because it is the target users are currently having their holiday, and we are unable to conduct face-to- face testing. Task instructions will be given in the form, and participants will record their thoughts after each task.
User Test: https://goo.gl/forms/MCeHfLdDErPEswNu1 here

S/N Study Goals Reached/Not Reached?
1 Participants should be able to login, complete profile without encountering any errors or re-entering any information due to misunderstanding UI. Partially reached. 91.4% of the participants could achieve the task without any errors. 3 made mistakes such as accidentally removing information entered. 2 slips identified.
2 Participants should be able to drag and re-order components of their portfolio. Goal reached. 100% of participants were able to complete the tasks within the 1 minute targeted time.
3 Participants should be able to upload a project of their own and view its status. Goal reached.
4 Participants should be able find their portfolio page on the public site within 2 minutes (accounting for server response time). Partially reached. Average time taken to find portfolio: 2.2 minutes. 20% of the participants took longer than 2 minutes to complete the task.

S/N Study Goals Reached/Not Reached?
1 Participants should be able to login and approve/reject project within 5 minutes. Goal reached.
2 Participants should be able to add comments on project when reviewing. Goal reached. However, 33.33% of the participants mentioned that they didn’t know what was the remark for due to bad naming.

Key Findings 

Functions User's comment Changes to be made
Complete Profile Users mistook the ‘remove’ button of each component to be a ‘submit’ / ‘save’ button Floating update button at the bottom
Complete Profile The interface when adding the education is not intuitive (not enough hints/information to begin). Add "Click to add" button
Complete Profile When adding more than 1 education, the most recent one should be added to the top (easier to see and no need to scroll up just to press the (+) button if screen too small) The latest one should be at the top. Push the old one down.
Complete Profile In the Education section, the 'start' and 'end' are too far away from the input fields; makes the page feel very empty. Align closer
Complete Profile Users would like a preview of the entire profile after the user updates the profile (so that the user can preview what it will look like and edit accordingly) Add preview button
Upload Project Users did not know that they can add multiple project images. List images as a thumbnail concept whereby users can see all photos and click on any if needed.
Upload Project Error messages were vague; we told users which component had the error but not the exact error. Show specific error message
Drag & Re-Order Users didn't know what they could drag the components around. Add hint text
View Portfolio on Public Site Last page is not shown on pages that list students and projects. E.g. Users have to keep clicking next, can’t see how many pages there are in total. Single and double arrow to jump to front and last page
View Portfolio on Public Site Users found the filter button not obvious enough. They want to be able to select multiple filters. Change the color and size of the buttons to make it obvious
View Portfolio on Public Site Portfolios should be arranged in alphabetical order. Sort the student name by alphabetical order instead of date


Individual Reflections

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Xpal reflection1.png