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Risk Event Risk Type Likelihood Impact Mitigation
Technical Risk Team is unfamiliar with the new technologies used eg Meteor.js High High

- Project manager to allocate more time to understand the new software framework when planning.
- Lead developer is to research and teach the other group members.
- Project manager to keep track of members’ progress and revise the plan after each milestone.

Project Management Risk Unable to get the administrators to test the system as the training facility is still being built High High

- Project manager will work closely with the sponsor to source for similar training facilities and conduct observations and tests with them. - Project Manager to work closely with sponsor to plan each functions.

Technical Risk Client is unable to provide access to local server during development phase. High Medium

- Team to deploy onto Amazon Web Services during development phase.
- Team is to know the client's server's specifications and research on deploymnet prior to deployment to client's server.

Project Management Risk Failed to factor in minor coding tasks due to lack of experience Medium Medium Project manager to work closely with lead developer and allocate additional buffer time for functionalities deemed more difficult.
Change Risk Sponsor adds requirements on an ad hoc basis as the school is still at preparing phase. Low Medium Project Manager and Business Analyst to work with sponsor closely to monitor and modify the team plan after every iteration.