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The team will evaluate the change by taking the following steps

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Priority Rating Decision Action
0 Reject Inform client about rejection of change
1 Low Functions can be added to tertiary/good-to-have functions
2 Medium Discuss with client to rescope the project. Reduce current functionalities to cater for change. Reschedule project accordingly.
3 High To be done immediately. PM is to reschedule tasks to include new function.

Iteration Requested On Change Description Reason of Change Change Feasibility Priority Level Accepted/Rejected Status
4 15 Dec 2015 New function to store LSP forms Training Hubs are subjected to regular inspections by the government and need to have a trail of documents to show the inspectors. •Include additional tab in sidebar

• Adjustments in database to store the documents

3 Accepted In Progress
4 15 Dec 2015 Moving of Search functionality to secondary functions Based on further observations, the search functionality is rather important for a large number of instances for courses/classes etc. •Adjustments made to project scope and schedule

• Removal of notifications function

3 Accepted In Progress