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Roles & Responsibilities

Roles Primary Secondary Responsibilities
Conceptual Designing IC Mohan s/o Jeyapalan Shandy Alidjaja Responsible for the use of technologies necessary for the project. Research on any additional software applications that might be beneficial to meet the project requirements.
Interface Designer and Publication IC Shandy Alidjaja Chitanya Arora In-charge of overall design, including, logo, poster, user interface (UI) of the application. Regularly updating online team Wiki site. Collate feedback from users specifically on user-friendliness and usability of the UI.-
Project Manager Chitanya Arora Andy William Plan and monitor the project progress. Maintain regular reports to ensure all members on the same page. Keep everyone on track and based on project schedule. Responsible for arranging of meetings (location/time), documenting of minutes, and user guides. Document relevant links and research for projects.
Quality Algorithm Assurance IC Dedi Setiawan Mohan s/o Jeyapalan Person-in-contact with the client and supervisor. Clarify requirement and ensure deliverables meeting the expectations and on-time.
Quality Testing IC Andy William Dedi Setiawan Ensures that the quality of the final product is in line with the requirements of the client.

System Architecture.jpg

Minutes & Bi-Weekly presentation slides

Project Status

Task/Function/Features Status Confidence Level (0-1) Person I/C
Requirement Gathering Completed - Shandy, Dedi, Andy, Chitanya, Mohan
Finalizing Requirements with client (SPOC) Completed - Chitanya
Define Algorithms Completed - Dedi, Mohan
Familiarize with Microsoft Surface Table Completed - Shandy, Dedi, Andy, Chitanya, Mohan
Build Test Application on Microsoft Surface Table Completed - Andy, Chitanya, Mohan
Capturing Proces: Identifying the x-y coordinates, capturing screenshot & Storing Data in DB Completed - Dedi
Capturing Process: Creating Class File which can be used by any Surface SDK Application Completed - Chitanya
Processing Process: Retrieve raw Data Completed - Mohan & Chitanya
Processing Process: Find distance between 2 fingers & Group fingers to find no. Of hands Completed - Mohan
Processing Process: Integrating the codes with the algorithm Completed - Mohan
Presenting Process: Design Prototype Completed - Shandy
Presenting Process: Line Graph Visualization with Interval & Labeling Completed - Andy
Presenting Process: Report Generation Completed - Andy & Shandy
Phase 1 Client Testing Completed - -
Phase 2 Client Testing Completed - -
Optimize Processing Time 90% Complete 1 -
Integration of the codes for capturing, processing & presentation Completed 1 Shandy, Dedi, Andy, Chitanya, Mohan
Finger Intensity Process: Vector point calculation Completed - Dedi
Finger Intensity Process: Slideshow format viewing Completed - Dedi
Optimizing data gathering process Completed - TBC
Phase 3 Client Testing Completed - TBC

Team Weekly Update & To-do-List

Week 1

  • Submission of Project Proposal
  • Update Architecture and Design of system
  • Decide Data input and output for the system
  • Presentation to Client and Supervisor
  • Completed iMADS Industry Scan Report

Week 2

We have divided ourselves into 2 teams and we will be focusing on capturing data and processing data

Team A:Dedi Setiawan & Shandy Alidjaja

  • Capturing Raw Data
  • Update to DB
  • Delete raw Data from DB

Team B:Andy William, Chitanya Arora & Mohan s/o Jeyapalan

  • Deploy simple application to Microsoft surface
  • Simple login interface

Week 3

Project Phase 1 Delayed

Team A:Dedi Setiawan & Shandy Alidjaja

  • Prepare Presentation Materials for Client

Team B:Andy William, Chitanya Arora & Mohan s/o Jeyapalan

  • User Validation

Week 4


Team A: Shandy Alidjaja & [[Andy William]

  • Focus on Design and Concept of User Interface
  • List Fields to be included in the Presentation Layer
  • Organize the layout for the presentation layer

Team B: Chitanya Arora, Dedi Setiawan & Mohan s/o Jeyapalan

  • Focusing on Processing Layer
  • Create prototype to process number of hands
  • Create prototype for tracking number of touches per hot spot region

Week 5

Project Phase 1 Delayed

Team A:Dedi Setiawan & Shandy Alidjaja

  • Prepare Presentation Materials for Client

Team B:Andy William, Chitanya Arora & Mohan s/o Jeyapalan

  • User Validation

Week 6

  • Research on capturing data (back-end service)
  • Start Design and Development of User Interface
  • Work on the Algorithm
  • Create Touch Intensity Slide Show Preview

Week 7

  • Intensely preparing mid term reflection
  • Revising Algorithm (Processing Layer)
  • Start designing User Interface - Control Panel to View Report

Week 8

  • Supposed to end Phase 2 (Delayed)
  • Re-shuffling of team (to be more focussed in each layer)

Team A: Shandy Alidjaja

  • Continue with designing and developing User Interface

Team B: Chitanya Arora & Mohan s/o Jeyapalan

  • Help Chitanya in capturing data
  • Work on the algorithm (improving accuracy)
  • Encountered problems with algorithm (seeking help from supervisor)

Team C: Andy William & Dedi Setiawan

  • Work on the presentation layer (Graph & Touch Intensity)

Week 9

  • Finish up the basic foundation for Capturing layer
  • Completed zooming and displaying information on each touched point(Graph)
  • Decided on the algorithm for processing part
  • Completed Designing of User Interface - Control Panel to View Report (Sent to Client to vet)
  • Problems with service application on Microsoft Surface (Seeking help from professional)
  • Sharing session to sort out any issues or concerns related to project or personal(Internal Meeting)

Week 10

  • Capturing Layer still on hold
  • Log in function
  • Change panel UI based on feedback from Client
  • Line Graph: Charting

Week 11

  • Team Get Together Session: Lunch @ Kopitiam
  • Complete Login, Admin & Panel (Main User Interface)
  • Finalize Line Graph: Intervals, axis label, Data touch point & Instant touch enabled
  • Start doing Poster

Week 12

  • Capturing Layer (alternative solution)
  • PDF: saving content and convert
  • PDF Viewer
  • Arrangement Function for Scatter View Items
  • Processing Layer
  • Functions to arrange opened file and search archive folder

Week 13

  • Poster Submission
  • Capturing Screen Shot of an application
  • Final User Acceptance Test
  • Issue of the departure of Surface Table
  • Complete whatever tasks that require the use of surface table
  • Email function to be included

Week 14

  • Complete Product
  • Documentation
  • Prepare Final Presentation
  • Testing of application

Week 15

  • Rehearse for Final Presentation
  • Final Testing before submission
  • Finalize and check documentation