Guru House Rules

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  • Sensitivity. Be sensitive to cultural differences.
  • Openness. All unhappiness and disagreements should be politely raised up for discussions.
  • Punctuality. Buffer time of 15 minutes will be given. All members are expected to have a valid reason for turning up late.
  • Be prepared for meeting. All members are required to come prepared with the required readings and assigned work done.
  • Attention and contributions. All members should stay focus and participate actively in the project discussions.
  • Commitment. Unless a valid reason is given, all members should attend all the scheduled meetings. Effort need to be put into every single assignment, no sloppy work will be accepted.
  • Responsibility. All responsibilities and work assigned are to be done on time, and with his/her utmost effort.
  • Mutual learning. All members should make use of the project opportunity to optimize mutual learning and contributions.
  • Compromise. Should any of the members become overloaded with work or pre-occupied with valid personal issues, members of the team should actively help to bear the burden.
  • Work quality check. Work responsibilities may be assigned to an individual. However, all members should put in the effort to understand and check each other’s work to ensure work quality and accuracy.
  • Meeting data time: Both countries timings should be indicated to avoid confusion.
  • Plagiarism avoidance: All references must be cited. (before and after compilation)


  • Avoid slang/colloquialisms /jargon/acronyms/metaphors
  • Use simple language
  • Confirm understanding should there be any confusion
  • Formulate criticism/praise carefully
  • Keep to the point


  • Speak slowly/clearly
  • Acknowledge/invite each other to speak


  • Be more descriptive
  • Use lists/points

Addressing Violations

  • Level 1: Verbal warning will be issued.
  • Level 2: A written warning will be issued and documented.
  • Level 3: Issue will be brought up to the instructor-in-charge. Action will be taken.

Rules of Contact

  • Communication during weekends is optional. Partners are not required to be able to assist during weekends.
  • No work after 18:00/6:00 pm on weekdays.
  • During a communication session:
    • No slang or exaggerations. Communication must be clear between partners, and slang/exaggeration only serves to further miscommunication.
    • Be polite. Sneering, swearing or rude remarks will not be tolerated - a friendly tone between partners is necessary for good communication.
    • Be concise. Speak of the issues at hand, and avoid talking of unrelated issues or personal things.


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