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Good Mix is a team of 5, entering their final year when school reopens in August 2010. Most of us have experience working with each other and we felt that we can make a great team.

This team was actually formed back in May 2009. However, we decided to register for FYP this summer for the upcoming term due to our academic schedule. We had agreed to complete all our IS core modules before taking up FYP. This way, we can gain more project experience and hone our project management and development skills further.

"Good Mix" comes about from the main characteristic that we observed: We have a good mix of gender, race, second majors, hobbies etc. Mainly, we have a good mix of soft skills and we complement well in what we are good at. This sets us uniquely different from each other but work well together with the same goal and mindset.

Despite our differences in being a good mix, we do have similarities such as our love for cheap and good food, joking with each other and cool environment to do work is a must-have! We are excited about the N. Parks project after looking at online posted works on interactive map applications. As with all the other projects we have done, challenges are bound to be on the way, we are still keen for the journey ahead!

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