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Team Formation

Team was officially formed on March 02 2010.
We know each other from our SE Class, except for chuanzhong who was introduced by joshua.

First Unofficial BrainStorming Session

First unofficial brainstorming session (Project Selection) on April 18 2010.
We met up for project selection, we all have one goal in mind, which was to do a meaning full project.

Introduction to VastPark

Introduction to VastPark on April 20 2010.
Joshua gave all of us an introduction to VastPark and demonstration of the Virtual platform.

Second Unofficial BrainStorming Session

Second unofficial brainstorming session (Project Selection) on April 27 2010.
Exploring alternative ideas for project.

Third Unofficial BrainStorming Session

Third unofficial brainstorming session (Project Planning) on May 04 2010.
Decided on project. Looked deeper into proposed idea.Feasibility of idea, risk and business aspect of project.

Draft Requirements Gathering

Draft requirements gathering on May 11 2010.

Requirements Gathering

Requirements gathering on June 09 2010.

Draft Project Proposal

Draft project proposal on June 09 2010.
Came out with the skeleton of the proposal.
Application Design on June 12 2010.
Finalizing project proposal on June 13 2010.

Proposal Submission

Proposal Submission on June 15 2010.

Meeting with Prof Davis

Consultation with Prof Davis on June 17 2010.
Getting advise from Prof Davis on our project. Advise given was to do simulation to test and understand if project is useful.
Simulation 01 on June 21 2010.
Trial and Error, goal was to find out whether collaboration in 3D environment is useful.
Simulation 02 on June 24 2010.
Walk through use case scenario , worked on prototyping and designing aspects. (BrainStorming)
Supervisor Meeting on June 29 2010.
Unofficial Meeting. Gave an introduction of the team and project
Simulation 03 on July 01 2010.
Walk through use case scenario , worked on prototyping and designing aspects. (Powerpoint Collaboration)
Simulation 04 on July 04 2010.
Walk through use case scenario . Redesign prototypes and functions. (BrainStorming and Powerpoint Collaboration)
Review of Project Scope and Functionality on July 05 2010.
Finalized Project Scope and functions after few round of simulations.
Scheduling Functions, Prioritization of functions on July 08 2010.
Discuss on the priority of functions. Scheduling it into iterations
Updated Prof Davis on our progress on July 09 2010.
Prof Davis introduced us to SCRUM and gaves us advise on our simulations
Plug-in Tutorial on July 13 2010.
Joshua conducted a plug-in tutorial. Learn about vastpark's plug-in.
Introduction of SCRUM and Simulation 05 on July 15 2010
Bryan gave an overview of how we can adopt modified scrum for project management. Wrap up simulation on create KO.
Progress Meeting on July 19 2010
Updates on current tasks and clarification modified scrum.
Progress Meeting on July 21 2010
Updates on current tasks and clarification on Sprint Log
Plug-in revision on July 26 2010
Subeesh conducted a plug-in revision and help for environment setting
Bug Arise on August 01 2010
High level bugs, fixed bugs immediately
Functional Testing on August 06 2010
Subeesh completed 90% of Modules Integration and Testing
Modules Integration on August 07 2010
Subeesh completed 100% of Modules Integration and Testing
First Rehearsal on August 08 2010
Made some changes to the slides and flow.
Final Rehearsal on August 10 2010
Full-dress rehearsal.