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Project Progress Summary

Project is reaching completion with the team collecting the data from the UAT test and also refining and adding of the documentation which is required.

After the mid term presentation there was a few changes made to the project as team GURU needs to accommodate to the new requirement by client and some feedback made by reviewers. Team decided to contribute more hours during the period from week 8-9 which. The following key highlights are listed as follows relating to the project.

Also the client requests to have some new insertion relating to the profile section ie; Birthday, gender and policy disclaimer relating to the copyrighted music. Feedbacks were also made by the reviewers toward the practice song page on the font and overall improvement on the user interface. Further enhancement was also made to the application ie; swap summary, login with salt, auto complete, password hash and pagination. Team also conducted a detailed UAT testing from the period of week 11-13. The results are then collected and determine if there a need to change base on the level of impact.

Project Highlights

Event highlights: Team was planned to visit the church from week 11 – 13. However, due to some management issue, the team can only conduct the test online from week 12-13. Additionally, changes were made by church members after the UAT test was conducted on some improvement needed on the application. Another issue that team encounter is the deployment issues as the management withdraw from deploying within the church.

Solution: Both hard and soft copy of the questionnaire was used to resolve the issue of the UAT testing. In response to the changes requested by members, team guru looked into the buffer time that was previously plan on the Gantt chart and utilised the extra buffer time to solve the changes requested by the church members.

Project Challenges:

Refer to team reflection located below.

Project Achievements:

For technologies, member look into ways to manage the information as the database store a large records of members and team decided to look into pagination to sort the information accordingly. Next, team member also faces the issue of remember names of recipient when sending SMS notification or email hence javascripts are used to provide auto complete search for these names. For practice songs, jplayer was used to accommodate a dynamic list of songs categorised accordingly to each category.

For the administrator, the adding of songs and lyrics provide fully customisation for each verse of the lyrics the methods used was to provide delimiter for each of the sentence with a timing before switching it to the next lyrics allowing customisable for any new recorded songs which are uploaded into the system.

Project Management

Provide more details about the status, schedule and the scope of the project. Describe the complexity of the project.

Project Schedule (Plan Vs Actual):






  • Duty Swapping
  • Send/Reply SMS,
  • Login/Logout, UI (Home, Login, Swap)
  • Duty Swapping,
  • Send/Reply SMS,
  • Login/Logout, UI (Home, Login, Swap)

No change


  • Read/Update Individual Profile
  • Send/Reply SMS
  • Download Songs and Lyrics,
  • CRUD Account
  •  CRUD Announcement
  • Read/Update Individual Profile
  • Send/Reply SMS,
  • Download Songs and Lyrics
  •  Search
  • CRUD Account
  • CRUD Announcement

Team require a additional search function causes iteration to delay


  • SMS/Email Notification,
  • Individual Schedule,
  • CR Admin Schedule
  • SMS/Email notification,
  • Individual Schedule,
  • CRUD Admin Schedule UI

Require more time to develop the UI, team over estimate on the progress.


  • Add Song/Lyrics
  • Swap Duty System,
  • Read/Update Duty Roster
  • Update, Delete Admin Overall
  • C,R,U,D Attire
  • Swap Duty UI
  • View Duty Roster
  • Revamp of UI
  • R Duty Roster

RU Duty roster to R duty roster as client requires to view the duty roster only

Change in the revamp UI causes other schedule to be affected


  • Play songs with Lyrics
  • CRUD Duty Roster
  • RD Error Report
  • Update Song & Lyrics
  • Play songs with Lyrics,
  • Swap Duty Coding
  • RD Error Report
  • Add song/Lyric UI

Require more time to develop the UI, team over estimate on the progress.


  • Play Songs (Different Sections) for each line of lyric
  • Play Song with Lyrics according to Timing
  • Reports songs & upload songs
  • View sent notification summary
  • Delete Song & Lyrics


  • Play Song with Lyrics according to Timing
  • Play Accordingly to Wkly Play list
  • C,R,U,D Admin Overall Schedule
  • View Notification Summary


J player was integrated with the playlist, as such team decided to develop the function for weekly play list first instead.

CRUD Admin overall schedule coding was pushed back from week 2 to week 5 due to the changes for revamp UI.

Coding for the admin overall schedule requires longer time due to the scale of the project as such delete song and lyrics was pushed backs


  • Buffer time for Phase
  • Member Personalized Playlist
  • Read, Delete User uploaded Songs
  • CRUD Attire Code


  • Play Song with different section displayed for each line of lyric
  • Report Song / Upload Song
  • Read and Delete user’s uploaded songs
  • Add Admin Song/Lyrics


As week 5 iteration was completed, the project expedited and carry on for week 6 for play song with different section displayed

Personalize play list was removed.

CRUD Attire Code was completed in week 2, and develop admin song and lyric at week6


  • Select song's part according to different section (Sop, Alto, etc)
  • Play songs according to member's play list / weekly play list
  • CU Weekly Play list
  • RD Weekly Play list
  • Edit Profile: DOB Changes, Gender
  • Search with auto complete
  • Admin - DOB changes, Gender
  • CU Admin - Weekly Playlist


Client Feedbacks and mid term feedbacks


  • Buffer Time
  • Supportability on mobile phone
  • Buffer Time


  • Revamp of UI for Practice Song
  • RD Admin Songs & Lyrics
  • RD Admin - Weekly Playlist
  • CRUD Admin – Role
  • CRUD Admin - Team

UI changes due feedback from client

Admin CRUD, delayed


  • Buffer Time
  • Buffer Time
  • Buffer Time
  • Select song's part according to different section (Sop, Alto, etc)
  • Swap Summary
  • Add, Update Admin Songs & Lyrics


Select songs pushed from week 9 due to changes cater for UI


  • Integration of all systems
  • Test cases
  • Testing using cases
  • Debugging
  • Testing using cases


  • Auto complete for Admin weekly play list (Enhancement)
  • Pagination for all admin pages (Enhancement)
  • Login security with Salt (Enhancement)
  • UAT Testing for Week 11 (Church)


Group initiative to work on the following enhancement


  • UAT by client / Feedback
  • Enhancement based on feedback
  • UAT by random people / feedback
  • Enhancement based on feedback


  • UAT by client / Feedback
  • Enhancement based on feedback




  • Project Management
  • Documentation
  • Buffer Time for refining of development


  • UAT by client / Feedback
  • UAT Compilation
  • Documentation
  • Wiki



  • Project Management
  • Documentation
  • Buffer Time for refining of development
  • Final Report Preparation
  • Final Presentation
  • Final Documentation
  • Wiki


Project Metrics:

Team Performance Metric is calculated on the number of hours contributed each week where the metrics are measured base on the complexity of the function and the changes made by the client.

Each hour contribution made for each iterations per week is recorded and a chart is generated as shown below which allows team member to identify the amount of contribution which is being made for the week.


•Bug Tracker: Number of bugs/week Measured based on complexity of the functions



Project Risks

Projects Assumptions

Risk Ratings


Changes in client requirement which require more time to handle the changes and affected the iteration progress


Increase contribution hours on the current week to solve the problem.

New insertions of changes made after the mid-term presentation feedbacks


Team make changes to the new insertions and contribute more effort on the following week to make up the losses

Changes made by client feedback during week 8 and week 10.


Team will assess the impact on the project schedule in the event there a change in the functions. Team meet up to change the Gantt Chart to accommodate for the changes made by the client

Collection of result made from the UAT test may not be sufficient


Team will gather more people from SMU to evaluate on the applications

Team GURU is currently using their own GSM Modem and equipment due to client limitation


Limitation due to constraint

Deployment issues due to changes made by client


Limitation due to constraint

Technical Complexity:

Complexity of the code for Swap Duty and Practice song can be located inside here. Technical Complexity[1]

Quality of product

Project Deliverables:

List the artifacts produced for this project. The entire deliverable can be submitted in a separate thumb drive, web repository or place in the IS480 team wiki.

Stage Specification Modules
Project Management Minutes: https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/Team_Guru_Minutes Sponsor weeks: 2,4,6,8,10 Supervisor weeks: 2,4,6,9,11,13
Metrics (Hours Contribution) [2] Bug metrics [3]
Requirements Story cards VIDEO -
Analysis Use case [4] -
System Sequence Diagram [5] -
Business Process Diagram [6] -
Screen Shots [7] [8] -
Design ER Diagram [9] -
Class Diagram [10] -
Testing Test plan for Admin [11] / Test plan for User [12] instructions
Handover Member User Guide [13] Admin User Guide [14] User tutorial, Developer manual, Setup manual
Code client server
Deployment Diagram [15] instructions
  • Parts highlighted in yellow will be submitted via softcopy due to its large file size.


For the church management system, the duty roster, swap, SMS, search songs which allows re-usability of the coding development. As most of the codes can be applied to other types of management systems as the following functions can be reused without major changes to the codes. Also the team develop the application base on Model, View and Controller.

Architecture Diagram





The test was conducted during week 11 to week 13 in the church. Team GURU went down for UAT testing at the church. Team carried out a briefing at the church to the members. The test was conducted between 15-20 members in the church. The following below indicates the timeline which team went down to the the church.

During the UAT test, due to some limitation by the church management, team have to conduct the test via e-survey online during Week 12 and week 13. A total of 69 people (59 members and 10 administrators).The test was conducted using a online document which church members was brief. before carrying out the task.Members tested on the system on its functionality of the system and error checking.

The test cases can be found at the following link here:

  1. https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/c/cf/UAT_-_AdminSurvey.doc
  2. https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/w/is480/images/0/0c/UAT_-_User_Survey.doc

Week 11:

  1. 1.       Sat: XX, Paul, WC, DM, Eric (School)
  2. 2.       Sun: Eric, DM, WC, Gina, Paul (School)

Week 12:

  1. 1.       Sat: DM, WC, XX, Gina, Paul (School)

Week 13:

  1. 1.       Sat: DM, WC, XX, Paul, Gina (School)

UAT Execution

  • 1.       10 mins Briefing
  • 2.       20 mins hands-on execution
  • 3.       10 mins survey
  • 4.       Use Website to sing their weekly songs

The survey results: The results are collected and the overall chart is as follow


100% of the choir members who did the UAT finds it satisfactory and will use the system in the future. Overall the feedbacks indicate positive feedback on the system. Only minor changes are required for the system. The survey are consolidated between week 11 and 13 with both hard and soft copy. Feedbacks relating to the key function for swap duty indicates positive feedbacks where members find that it was easy to use which helps to save time and convienence for members. The next key function would be the practice song where members are positive and commented that the sing-along-page is engaging with the concept of a "karaoke".

Also team conducted the UAT test internallly during mid term with Grouper and highlighted some of the issues. The test cases and results can be located in the mid term folder here: https://wiki.smu.edu.sg/is480/MidTerm_Report In addition, the UAT test results also found out some bugs which allows team members to further improve on the function. Each of the Bug are being captured into the team bug tracker which can be found here:



Team Reflection:

Team member has learn on project management on how to prioritize our functions and restructure of project schedule accordingly with the function. The project management also plays an important role between the team with the supervisor and the client. Also when handling clients and members in the church it is always important to highlight the issue to everyone so that the members are able to provide the best accurate results when doing the testing considering that they understand the intention of the test. User acceptance test also plays an important role to understand the feasibility, quality and improvements made to the functions. New technologies such as the use of Ajax, practice song with synchronizing allows team member to tap on one another strength and weakness to compliment one another skills.

Benjamin Gan Reflection:

Each team members has looked into ways contributing to the team project. Improvement can be made with the need better look onto how the application can be further improved for example to customize member personalize play list for each user who logged into the system. Team has look into ways of enhancing and improvement on the functions base on UAT tests and have taken self-initiatives to look into ways of expanding the functions. Also the every member contribute his effort towards meeting 4 days a week and meeting up with client once every 2 weeks. In addition team members also help out with function by pairing it up to support one another team progress to ensure that it meets the project schedule for every week iteration.

Comments/Feedback was consolidated base on members and client inputs in overall.