Design Consideration

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Design Consideration


Checking of the data - check the data to ensure data is correct (make sense) - start with simple graph to locate outliers Explain encodings - assume users do not understand everything - use legends, labels and documentation to explain concept Label axes - include axis labels and scale Include units - do not leave any numbers naked Keep your geometry in check - check calculation and algorithm is correct - size representation is correct Include your sources - Include and label where the data is from Consider your audience - Design should be user need driven


Bullet Chart

Text label - Position - Color, orientation and size Quantitative scale along a single linear axis - Position - Range of values; what would be a good range to work with, will there be negative values - Tick mark color and stroke - Text label color, orientation and size Featured measure - Position - Color and stroke - Border One or two comparative measures - What is the comparative measure; what KPIs to measure - Position - Color and stroke Two or more ranges along the quantitative scale to declare the featured measure’s qualitative state - What percentile to measure - Color (color blindness, color intensity) - Border

Perceptual edge by Stephen Few – Bullet Graph Design Specification

Design Consideration.jpg