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OoLaLa Project Information


We aim to develop a simple-to-use and user-friendly SMS Management System that caters to our client’s demands. Although similar systems exist in the market, they are either too expensive or complex to use. With the introduction of our system, Chirpy would be able to leverage on a simple and effective solution that is better enhanced compared to its competitors. This system will be delivered to the sponsor as an executable file that is easy to install on a local computer, to be used by one or more users.


By utilizing Java as our programming platform and tapping on the current GSM technology using a GSM Modem, we will be able to create this SMS Management System. With this system, user will be able to type the message on a local computer and send SMSes using a GSM modem.

Core Functionalities

Core Functionalities Description
Manage SMS

To create, view, modify, and delete messages. It also supports sending and receiving messages to and from individual and groups. A message log will be generated.

Manage Contacts

To create, view, modify, delete, and search contact groups and contacts, import and export contact list.

Manage Template

To create, view, modify, and delete template. Existing templates provide user a predefined structure of a text message.

Manage Event

To create, modify and delete event invitation messages. Event invitation are sent via the Manage SMS functionality.

Process Received SMS

The system will process SMS replies which have predefined syntax. E.g. <eventName><space><yourname><space><Y/N>. SMS will be sorted and stored into respective event folders.

Generate Event Invitation Summary Report

This functionality generates the attendance list for a specific event.

Advance Functionalities

Core Functionalities Advance Features
Manage SMS

Word count, SMS count, Save as draft, Reminder SMS, Confirmation SMS (Automated)

Manage Contacts

Import & Export SIM card contacts

Manage Event

Send Event attendance list via SMS to organizer

Backup and Restore

Backing up of SMS data

Generate Event Invitation Summary Report

Export to word or PDF file