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Mid-Term Individual Reflection

So far the project turned out to be a great learning experience for every member of my team, including myself. School work and schedule is tough enough to work out, but when there are five different schedules to work around one must collaborate with the other four members to work out meeting times. The team I participated with worked out meeting times the best we could. We had regular meeting twice a week to update on our allocated task progress. While working on the team we do encounter problems especially trying to understand the new programming language, structure and system. Also conflicts are bound to arise and each person must realize that their idea is not always right. We learn from each other and we get to express our idea before the decision is being made. We consider every person’s input before a final decision is made. At first I do feel uncomfortable working with new team members and may not be used to the working style and expectation. Also I felt that I have problems juggling FYP with my other modules and at times I missed the deadline for some of my assigned tasks. But as time goes by I get used to the style and able to complete my task before the deadline. Overall, I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the team. Each time we meet was a place where we teach and help one another. I feel that we can still improve on the team building experience which is currently lacking. This can be further improved as we progress before the completion of the project.