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Overview Project Management Documentation



Mockups V3

(v3) Take in Requirements (1).jpg (v3) Take in Requirements (2).jpg (v3) Take in Requirements (3).jpg (v3) Recommend Options.jpg
(v3) Modify Recommended Options.jpg (v3) Adjust Pricing, Review and Edit Proposal.jpg (v3) Approve Proposal.jpg (v3) Proposal Management Functions.jpg

Mockups V2


(v2) Login SIS.jpg

The user will be required to input a valid username and password combination to login to SIS.


(v2) Dashboard.jpg
Upon logging in successfully, the user is presented with the following dashboard.The dashboard will present an overview of the proposals that are authored by the user,illustrating the states and their respective number of proposals.In addition, it also provides quick access to recently modified proposals so as to facilitate the user to resume work upon login.

Take in Requirements

(v2) Take in Requirements 1.jpg
The sales consultant will be required to furnish answers pertaining to what the proposal is regarding and for which client company the proposal shall be for.
(v2) Take in Requirements 2.jpg

(v2) Take in Requirements 3.jpg.png
Further questions are dynamically generated based on ontologies and the sales consultant’s input to the preceding questions. The process of question generation will be repeated until all possible and relevant questions have been answered.

Recommended Options

(v2) Recommend Options.jpg
This mockup is based on the scenario in which the RFP has more than 1 product required.The panel will be scrollable if number of products exceed available screen space. Clicking on the option will link to the option’s information page.

Modify Recommended Options

(v2) Modify Recommended Options.jpg
Allows for customization options.Select button saves the customization and returns back to previous screen.Back to Options button returns back to the previous screen.

Adjust Pricing, Review and Edit Proposal

(v2) Adjust Pricing, Review and Edit Proposal.jpg
The user will then review the proposal. In the event there are aspects requiring modification, the user can click on the desired section and be brought to the screen in modify recommended options to change the configuration. Once complete, the user will then submit for supervisory approval.

Approval Proposal

(v2) Approve Proposal.jpg
A proposal can only be approved by a user of a supervisory role. On this screen, the user can make edits to the proposal and save the edits without approval.

Proposal Management Functions

(v2) Proposal Management Functions.png
Segmented into an Inbound section and Outbound section, this menu displays the proposals of the various statuses authored by the current logged in user.Inbound documents comprise of documents that require furnishing,documents that require resuming and documents that require approval. Outbound documents comprise of documents that are completed. They can be deleted, viewed, or edited as a new copy.

Mockups V1

Mockuppg1v1.jpg Mockuppg2v1.jpg Mockuppg3v1.jpg Mockuppg4v1.jpg
Mockuppg5v1.jpg Mockuppg6v1.jpg Mockuppg7v1.jpg Mockuppg8v1.jpg