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Development Resources
Programming Languages Java has an excellent range of libraries resources to solve common problems when developing enterprise application. Java SE 7 will be used in this project as it enables developers with ease of writing and optimizing the Java code.
Frameworks SAP UI 5 is a crucial component of this project, for it would serve to fulfill the UX requirements of rendering a smoother learning curve for the application as it as the engine for front-end interactivity.

The Spring Framework is an open source application framework that aims to make J2EE development easier. Spring can build applications from “plain old Java objects” (POJOs) and to apply enterprise services non-invasively to POJOs.

Code Repository As per client requirements, code is hosted via GitHub as it is the de facto means of collaborative development with In Mind Computing engineers.
Web Server SAP HANA, a PaaS, would allow for rapid deployment to clients of Inmind Computing. Its capabilities consists of analyse information in real time, create flexible analytic models and minimize data duplication to allow work efficiency.
OWL Editor Protégé OWL Editor is an ontology editor and knowledge-based framework that supports modeling of Web Ontology Language (OWL). It is extensible, and provides a plug-and-play environment which makes it a flexible base for the rapid prototyping and application development of our project.
Reasoning Engine Pellet is a complete and capable OWL-DL reasoner with excellent performance, extensive middleware, and a number of unique features. As our project needs to represent and reason about information using OWL, an OWL reasoning engine like Pellet is essential towards ensuring consistency of the ontology and deriving further rules from the ontology.
JENA Apache JENA is a collection of APIs and Java libraries used to develop semantic web applications. It can be viewed as the communications platform between Java applications and ontologies. To use ontologies in our project, our application will require JENA functions to retrieve and modify the stored ontologies. In addition, JENA can be used to communicate with the Pellet reasoner.
JasperReports JasperReports is an open source reporting engine that supports Java. It is widely used in generating reports of differing formats. JasperReports will be used in our project to generate the proposal in reply to the RFQ.
Project Management Resources
Issue Management Trello is a collaboration tool that organizes your projects and ideas into boards. In one glance, Trello tells you what's being worked on, who's working on what, and where something is in a process.

-Quoted from Trello

The team uses Trello as a one-stop information hub for all matters concerning the project. From stakeholder-specific questions to task assignment, Trello allows us to collaborate effectively and productively. In addition, Trello has an iOS-native app available for free alongside its Android counterpart, allowsing the team to access the information any time, any where (provided that there is 3G connectivity and sufficient battery!).