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Overview Project Management Documentation



Schedule Metrics

To serve as an indicator to check if the project is currently on schedule


Schedule Ratio = Remaining Time ÷ Remaining Effort

Schedule Ratio Description Response
> 1.2 Project is ahead of schedule Project Manager assigns tasks from next sprint to current sprint.
Between 0.8 and 1.2 Project is within schedule No action is required for ratio of 1. Keep a look out when nearing below 1.
< 0.8 Project is behind schedule Project Manager will reschedule tasks while the team will put in additional man hours for the week. In addition, the PM will need to identify root causes of delays by end of sprint, communicate with the team about solutions to the issues and inform client about the project status.


Schedule Ratio for each sprint

Sprint 11
Sprint 10

Sprint 9

Sprint 8

Sprint 7

Sprint 6

Sprint 5

Sprint 4

Sprint 3

Sprint 2

Sprint 1

Product Backlog

Bug Metrics

Team Objectives
To minimize the number of existing bugs to achieve good quality standard for our project
Refer to the Bug Metric Documentation.


Bug Ratio = (2X No. of low severity bugs) + (4X No. of medium severity bugs) + (10 X No. of high severity bugs)

Severity Score Severity Level Description
2 Low Cosmetic defects. Developed functions are functional, but at a sub optimum level
4 Medium Defects that cripple a function
10 High Defects that cripple more than 1 function

Sprint Response

Bug Score Sum Response
6 and below Bugs are to be resolved at the end of the sprint.
Between 7 and 9 Resolve bugs that are medium severity within the sprint, else schedule the bugs to be resolved in future sprints.
10 and above Developer working on non-critical functions will assist the developer on the critical bug.