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Team Awesome Homepage

Project Progress Summary

Project Highlights

Project Management

  • Two team members left the project and dropped the course. As a result, it affected the team morale badly. Nevertheless, the team made a pact to go through thick and thin due to high level of drive and commitment.
  • First acceptance presentation was a failure. Despite that, we decided to work doubly hard as our supervisor and sponsor believed in us that we can make it. With their strong faith, we put in extra efforts and time to make this project possible.

    Project Requirements
  • Increased level in functionalities by sponsor, despite that, we keep in line with the schedule and along the way, even made some additional features to make the application better:
    (1) Workshop Recommendation for Students
    (2) Creation of Occupation
    (3) Added security features for the application such as the URL and password
    (4) Added the PayPal function – Unfortunately, due to the firewall restrictions, we are unable to receive payment confirmation from PayPal

    Application Architecture
  • Took two weeks to redesign the database
  • Took three weeks to master C# language
  • Took three weeks to learn PayPal technology

  • Project Challenges

    Lack of background in programming language

  • C# language was something new to us and most team members are not expert coders. The team took weeks to research and learn about this new programming language. As the weeks passed, the team managed to grasp this language along with the help of our supervisor and client.

    Integration of codes to server
  • The team spent a few days figuring out how to deploy our codes to the school server. A lot of time was invested in creating the right directory folders for documents to be saved. Also, the process of transferring our codes from localhost to a server environment has caused a few bugs to appear. Therefore, the team needed to work overtime to solve those bugs.

  • Paypal was an additional feature which was requested by our client and it took us quite a while to integrate it into our system. Another problem we faced regarding Paypal was the inability to retrieve a response from Paypal as the team did not have an external IP to our server. The team managed to work around this problem by making some changes to the codes.

  • Project Achievements

  • Application was built successfully from scratch despite the poor knowledge of programming and database design.
  • Deployed onto the school server successfully.
  • From our Sponsor, our work has exceeded his expectations and eventually he increased higher expectations of us. Despite this, we have achieved in earning his praises for the work of our system together with the support from his team.
  • Regardless the nature of team, the dynamic teamwork and the openness to lead in team was particularly successfully in delivering powerful and sustainable results for this project.

  • Project Management

    Project Schedule

    Project Bug

    Technical Complexity

    Descending rank order of highest technical complexity:

  • 1. Single Score Calculation
  • 2. DB Structure
  • 3. PayPal
  • 4. Deploying our application in server

  • Quality of Product

    Our project follows the MVC framework which facilitates the independent development, testing, and maintenance of each role (Model, View, Controller). Our database is structured in a way whereby data can be easily retrieved and is highly scalable. The BankingOnTalent Learning Portal has also several security features, such hashing of password, GUID and email confirmation, which raises user confidence. In essence, our system allows users to navigate effortlessly with minimal processing time, hence enhances the user experience.

    Stage Modules
    Project Management Meeting Minutes
    Bug Metric , Schedule Metric
    Manuals Trainer Manual,

    Student Manual, New User Manual

    Diagrams ER Diagram

    Logical Diagram

    UI Mock Up Roles


    Deployment Web Application


    UAT 2

  • Aim: Find out if our system has improved
  • Venue: Within SMU
  • Date: 06/04/2012
  • Participant Profile: SMU Undergraduates & Sponsor
  • UAT 2 Test Case [Click Here!]
  • UAT Methodology: Regression Testing

    [1] Quantitative Aspect
    - No of Failure per task
    - Time Taken per task

    [2] Qualitative Aspect
    - User Interface score for every function

  • Reflection

    Team Reflection

    These 15 weeks have finally come to a conclusion. The whole journey was truly a rich learning journey for us. At first, one of our team members quitted which was an unanticipated departure for us. Despite that, we still persevered and make it through.

    Along the way, we managed to overcome many crucial issues such as communication and technical skills. In terms of communication, we had different opinions and sometimes faced misunderstandings. However, with our frequent team meetings and meetings with our supervisor and sponsor, we were able to grasp the details fully and sort them out nicely. To us, communication is truly important and taking initative to solve problems and provide solutions is the key.

    Technically, we are not pro programmers, however, this does not deterred us and we spent more efforts and time to learn C# language and improve the knowledge of usability, while juggling and adjusting to everybody different working styles. Working closely with each other have greatly help us overcome many obstacles to a large extent and we are really grateful to know each other.

    We are also very fortunate to have our patient Professor Kevin Steppe to guide us and ensure we are on the right track. His jovial attitude towards us is greatly appreciated and moreover, his frequent honest feedbacks also enabled us to explore more solutions and persevere to achieve the unexpected goals. Secondly, we also want to thank our Sponsor, Pawan who never failed to give clear instructions of new requirements and strive to make our application better.

    We also would like to extend our thanks to our reviewers, Professor Benjamin Gan, Professor Alan Megarel and Professor Yingjiu for their useful feedbacks. If not for them, we wouldn't have put in much more efforts for the finals. Additionally, we also would like to thank all our UAT users who kindly took the time off to explore our system and provide comments to improve on it.

    To sum up our whole experience, we truly treasured the rich learning experience and appreciate the friendship grew throughout this project. Most importantly, each of us also agreed that we would never forget this memorable journey and we are satisfied with how we deliver this system despite the tight schedule.

    Team Awesome with Sponsor

    Individual Reflection

    Ong Jing Yun Ginny
    Being part of Team Awesome is truly a privilege. With my perseverance, I had to make sure that I will not let my disability be a liability in this team. During the whole phase of this project, there were frequent clash of different interests and opinions, nevertheless, I'm glad I put in much more efforts of hard work to earn the team's trust & confidence in leading the team. Most importantly, the team and I have made it clear that we have to work very hard together as a team. True enough, everyone were extremely patient and ensure that all is on the same page. This project have enlarged my view of how communication and team work can be critical.

    Time management is also another learning experience for myself. Despite the fact that we are all not good programmers, proper time management taught me how to save more time for self study and for deep research. All in all, I'm sad that its the end of the final year project and the main takeaways I bring with me is hard work, perseverance, flexibility to changes and communication.

    Deslie Tan Jun Hui
    The most important learning lesson for myself is that having good project management is imperative to successful execution of the project. Secondly, I experienced that being realistic in building the system is vital because in the real world, implementing and developing system is very much different. Also, we have to frequently make sure that we should save some back up time for buffer, should we face any changes or any abrupt failure that cannot be solved.

    Lastly, working with one another in this team and learning to accept each other's capabilities is important to make this project workable. I'm thankful for this wonderful group who have taught me so many invaluable lessons.

    Philip Ang Choon Yong
    I learnt that being patient and listening to the other party first helps in making our communication much more open and helpful. From this 15 weeks of sweat & hard work, experiencing a great deal of technical skills have emphasized the great importance of this project.

    Other than technical skills, having a proper Client Management relationship is crucial as it helps us to satisfy the project requirements. Though the client keep giving new requirements, I have learnt how to manage their demands and ensure that the whole team is able to handle them. I believe that having frequent change requirements is inevitable but at least, experiencing this have taught me a great deal which can be applicable in the real working world in future.

    Gao Zhi Fan
    This project have taught me a great deal in proper time management as it ensure we meet the deadline of each milestone. I have also learnt how to manage my time and adjust to everybody's working styles. To be honest, it wasn't easy for all of us but with our effective meetings, we were able to overcome the problems and make it through.

    Before I return to China, I'm sure I will keep this whole experience in my memory - not just the friendship, but the importance of how to make sure the project is up to standard while working with everybody.

    "Working with Team Awesome for the last 15 weeks has been a good experience. Each member of the team has demonstrated an eagerness to do well, to learn and to seek help when in doubt. They have worked very well as a group and have communicated with me on a regular basis seeking feedback and areas of improvement.

    Ginny has been a great project manager and has managed expectations very well. I found her to be forthright and clear in her communication when it came to deadlines, changes in scope, problems faced and proposed solutions.

    Deslie picked up things very fast and was able to articulate his thoughts very well. I appreciate the fact that he kept things realistic and highlighted issues early. He has grown technically and that has reflected in his work.

    I found Zhi Fan to be technically sound and ever willing to try different solutions. He always had suggestions and put them forward during out meets. He had a good grasp on the requirements and was able to foresee possible problems early.

    I found Philip to be apprehensive at first but he has picked up things fast and has been able to grasp requirements quickly and think of possible solutions. That goes to show his growth over 15 weeks. He, too, has been clear in his communication and strove to do well at all levels."