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Project Scope

For more detailed information regarding the various project tasks, please click [here]

Sceenshots Feature Description

 Core Features

CheckOutCart.gif Checkout Cart
  • User can checkout products that he has selected
  • User can see the Purchase summary of the products he has selected and the coupons he can use
  • User is shown confirmation message after purchase of products
Coupon.gif Manage Coupons
  • User can view the coupon(s) he currently has
  • User can use the coupon(s) on products he wishes to purchase
Profiles.jpg Manage Profiles
  • User can view his profile and his friend's profiles
  • User can edit his own profile
Campaigns.png Manage Campaigns
  • Marketing Professionals can view Campaigns they have created
  • Marketing Professionals can create Campaigns
  • Marketing Professionals can design Campaigns
Hook.jpg Manage Hooks
  • Marketing Professionals can create hooks
  • Marketing Professionals can design coupon hooks
  • Marketing Professionals can design social messages hooks
  • Marketing Professionals can view hooks available
Insight.jpg Manage Insights
  • Marketing Professionals can choose data source Transaction Records/Campaign data for analysis
  • Marketing Professionals can choose the chart type
  • Marketing Professionals can view graph created by the analysis

 Good-to-Have Features

Couponstack.jpg Ranking of Campaigns/Coupons/Hooks' Revenues
  • Marketing Professionals can see coupons/hooks popularity in the campaigns and its according revenues
Wish-list1.png Manage Wishlist
  • User can view his own wishlist
  • User can view his friend's wishlist
  • User can add products into his wishlist
  • User can share wishlist on Facebook
Drilling-down-into-keywords.jpg Recursive Drilldown
  • Marketing Professionals can drill down/up Charts by clicking on a particular part of the chart
Optimization.png Coupon Optimization
  • Consumers can now see which coupons are best used on which products when they purchase items
Annotate.gif Diagram Annotations
  • Marketing Professionals can now add Annotations to Diagrams

Old Use Cases

  • Version 1
  • Version 2


Old UI Thumbnails

Business Scenario Writeup

Work Process Flow

ConsumerProcessFlow1.png BIProcessFlow.png
CouponProcess.png CreateCampaignProcess.png
WishListProcess.png CreateHooks.png

Magento Framework & ER Diagram

Magento Framework


Magento EAV Database Diagram

Click here for a better view of the database


Server Architecture & Resources

Team Chm would like to thank and reference the following people, resources for the invaluable feedback/information given in this project:

Server Architecture Layers
Requirements Resources/References Description
System Architecture
Project Management
Training Materials
  • Facebook Page
  • Skype
  • Whatsapp
  • Email
  • Invaluable feedback from Client (Prof Shim) and Project Supervisor
  • Users' time required to also provide feedback during acceptance testing.
Wiki Page
Magento Code Structure

BI Tool Offerings

d3.js (the one that is highlighted) is the intending framework that we are currently using for our BI section.

Features Required Magento Pentaho Highcharts BIRT OpenReports d3.js
Ease of Integration -
  • Intermediate -Advanced
  • Java-based whereas Magento is PHP-based
  • Intermediate
  • JavaScript-based
  • Advanced
  • Java-based
  • Intermediate
  • Web-based service via API
  • Intermediate
  • Javascript-based
Cost - Free version available Free version available Free version available Free Free
Reporting Tool Basic Reporting Tool
  • Standalone desktop application, not available as an Eclipse plug-in
  • Not user-friendly
None High learning curve Report Generation and scheduling capabilities High Learning Curve
DrillDown - Able to drill down None Able to drill down - Able to drill down
Exporting Features - PDF, Excel Document Export to raster or vector image PDF, Excel Document PDF, HTML, CSV, XLS, RTF, image PDF, HTML, CSV, XLS, RTF, image
Visualization Basic Graph Charting is very difficult for end-users Numerous chart types and many of them can be combined into one chart Web 2.0 style report and visualisations. Rich, highly interactive and navigable Java reports with formatting, graphic and conditional display options. -
  • Well documented
  • High visualisation tool
  • Low level Framework which enables developers to gain full control of the data visualisation