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The aim of this test is to collect further feedback after significant changes have been made prior to UT#3 and the usability of the individual user functions.

Test Participants

Individual Testers:
- 33 Users ranging from age group of 18-35
Business Testers:
- B1G1 Team

Devices Used for Testing

  • iPhone 5 (iOS 6)
  • iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1)
  • iPhone 3GS (iOS 5.1.1)
  • iPad (iOS 5.1.1)
  • iPad 2nd Gen (iOS 5.1.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Blackberry 9700

Browsers Used

  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Andriod Default Web Browser

Test Pre-Requisites

  • QR Code Scanner Application

Test Plans

Overview of Test Results

Verendus UT3 Overview.png


Some pictures took during our User Testing 3! Verendus UT3 Collage.png

Result Analysis

User Testing - Normal Login

Total number of testers: 13

Functions Scale
1. Create New User 1.54
1.2 Login with new account created 1.62
2.1 Comment on one of the post 2.3
2.2 Remove comment 1
2.3 Like a Post 1.1
2.4 Unlike a Post 1.31
2.5 View Post's on own activities 1.46
2.6 Share the post via FB/Twitter 1.46
2.7 Load more activities 1.92
3.1 Check in 2
3.2 List down 3 business members 2.16
4.1 Locate the impact page 2.2
4.2 Locate the '?' icon for the impact page 1.32
5.1 Scan the QR Code 1
6.1 Find out number of impact page 1
6.2 Share post on FB/Twitter 1.59
7.1 Locate account management 2.06
7.2 Change password 1
Overall 1.5577

Overall Results:
According to the results, most users feel that our application is user friendly as the scores average out to be less than 3, which signifies that all the functions are easy to use. However, among all the functions, account management and locating business member from the map are areas which could be further improved.

User Testing - Facebook Login

Total number of testers: 20

Functions Scale
1. Login with Facebook Account 1.1
2.1 Newsfeed - Comment on one of the function 1.95
2.2 Newsfeed - Remove Comment 2.15
2.3 Newsfeed - Like a Post 1.2
2.4 Newsfeed - Unlike a Post Function 2.05
2.5 Newsfeed - View Posts on own activities Function 1.25
2.6 Newsfeed - Share post via FB/Twitter Function 2.05
2.7 Load more activities 1
3.1 Check In Function 2.4
3.2 List 3 of the business members 1.65
4.1 Locate the impact page 1.20
5.1 Scan the QR code 1.75
6.1 Find out the number of impact in impact page 1.2
6.2 Share impact on twitter/facebook 2
7.1 Locate account management 1.4
7.2 Change Password 1.75
7.3 Invite your Facebook friends 3.25
Overall 1.726

Overall Result:
The analysis is similar to the above analysis since the functions between normal login and facebook login only has differences in the account management. Invite your facebook friends is rated as the most user unfriendly function because there was slow connection and many users were not able to be directed to facebook to invite their friends in.

Comments from our users

The following shows the comments/feedbacks provided by our users and the course of action our team had taken.

Comments from our users Course of Action by the team
Show more information about the project
Brief Description about the organization Users will be able to know more about B1G1 under the quick tour page.
Have the invite friends function at one of the tab instead We introduced a Recommend function to allow users to invite their friends to B1G1 Connect.

Guided Business Member Testing

Total number of testers:

Functions Scale
1.1 Projects Function 2.0625
1.2 Projects - Instruction Function 2.25
2.1 Newsfeed - Comments Function 1.125
2.2 Newsfeed - Like Function 1.125
2.3 Newsfeed - Share Function 5
2.4 Newsfeed - Filter Function 3
2.6 Newsfeed - Load More Feeds 3
3.1 Results - Giving 3
5.1 Summary 3.5
6.1 Logout 1.25
Overall 2.53125

Comments from B1G1 Team Testers

After deployment, our web application was tested by B1G1 Team. The following shows the comments/feedbacks provided by them and the course of action our team had taken.

Comments from B1G1 Team Testers Course of Action by the team
The supportable/favorite projects is confusing with the existing B1G1 Drupal members The users can refer to the help icon if they are confuse with the flow of adding of supportable projects
The thumbs up icon is not clear in conveying the idea if project was added Included the purpose of the thumbs up icon in the quick tour
No supports for the project, misleading to user if they want to support If there are no supports for the projects, user will not be allow to give
Help icon should be bigger for easy identification Due to space constraint, help icon size cannot be increased. We have explained this to our client.
It will be easier to have a search function for the businesses to search for the projects they wish to support. Our team has implemented a search function for the businesses to search for the necessary projects they wish.