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The purpose of the User Testing 2 is to collect feedbacks on the various user types, namely: Individual(Facebook and Normal Login) and Business Member. Through this testing, we hope to gather feedbacks on the usability of the web application.

Test Participants

Verendus UT2 Participants.png

Devices Used for Testing

  • iPhone 5 (iOS 6)
  • iPhone 4S (iOS 5.1.1)
  • iPhone 3GS (iOS 5.1.1)
  • iPad (iOS 5.1.1)
  • iPad 2nd Gen (iOS 5.1.1)
  • Samsung Galaxy Note
  • Samsung Galaxy Ace
  • Samsung Galaxy Wonder
  • Samsung Galaxy S2
  • Samsung Galaxy S3
  • Samsung Galaxy Tab
  • HTC One V
  • HTC Sensation
  • HTC Sensation XE
  • Sony Tab S
  • Blackberry 9780

Browsers Used

  • Google Chrome
  • Mozilla Firefox
  • Safari
  • Andriod Default Web Browser

Test Pre-Requisites

  • QR Code Scanner

Test Plans

Overview of Test Results

"Overall Test Result"
"Overview of Test Results"


Some pictures took during our User Testing 2!

"Pei Wen observing our tester"
Pei Wen observing our tester

"Tester reflecting her feedbacks on our site"
Tester reflecting her feedbacks on our site

"Mardiana with Tester"
Mardiana with Tester

"International Student from Czech Republic"
International Student from Czech Republic

"Tester deeply engaged with our site"
Tester deeply engaged with our site

"Do not disturb! Test in progress!"
Do not disturb! Test in progress!

Result Analysis


Guided User Testing - Normal Login

Total number of testers: 15

Functions Passes Passes With Comments Failures
1. Create New User 13 2 0
2.1 Newsfeed - Comments Function 15 0 0
2.2 Newsfeed - Like Function 15 0 0
2.3 Newsfeed - Share Function 15 0 0
2.4 Newsfeed - Filter Function 15 0 0
2.5 Newsfeed - Instruction Function 15 0 0
2.5 Newsfeed - Load More Feeds Function 14 0 1
3.1 Check In 13 0 2
3.2 Check In - View Nearby Business Vicinity Function 12 1 2
3.3 Check In - Instruction Function 15 0 0
4.1 Impact 15 0 0
4.2 Impact - Instruction Function 15 0 0
5.1 Logout 15 0 0
6.1 Support 12 1 2
6.2 Support - Spamming of Support By Same User 11 2 2
7.1 Impact - Verify Supported Project 15 0 0
8.1 Account Management - Change Password 14 0 1
8.2 Account Management - Change Profile Picture 5 0 1

Overall Results:
"Overall Test Result"

Guided User Testing - Facebook Login

Total number of testers: 14

Functions Passes Passes With Comments Failures
1. Create New User 14 0 0
2.1 Newsfeed - Comments Function 13 1 0
2.2 Newsfeed - Like Function 14 0 0
2.3 Newsfeed - Share Function 13 1 0
2.4 Newsfeed - Filter Function 14 0 0
2.5 Newsfeed - Instruction Function 13 1 0
2.5 Newsfeed - Load More Feeds Function 13 0 1
3.1 Check In 9 0 5
3.2 Check In - View Nearby Business Vicinity Function 9 0 5
3.3 Check In - Instruction Function 14 0 0
4.1 Impact 14 0 0
4.2 Impact - Instruction Function 14 0 0
5.1 Logout 13 1 0
6.1 Support 9 3 2
6.2 Support - Spamming of Support By Same User 9 2 3
7.1 Impact - Verify Supported Project 11 0 3
8.1 Account Management - Change Password 12 1 1
8.2 Account Management - Invite Facebook Friends 14 0 0

Total number of passes, passes with comments and failures:

"Overall Test Result"

Guided Business Member Testing

Total number of testers: 15

Functions Passes Passes With Comments Failures
1. Login 12 2 1
2.1 Projects Function 8 7 0
2.2 Projects - Instruction Function 13 2 0
3.1 Newsfeed - Comments Function 14 1 0
3.2 Newsfeed - Like Function 14 1 0
3.3 Newsfeed - Share Function 11 3 1
3.4 Newsfeed - Filter Function 15 0 0
3.5 Newsfeed - Instruction Function 15 0 0
3.6 Newsfeed - Load More Feeds 13 2 0
4.1 Results - Individual users have shown support to the public projects listed 5 5 5
4.2 Results - Instruction Function 12 0 3
5.1 Summary 11 1 3
5.2 Impact - Instruction Function 15 0 0
6.1 Logout 15 0 0

Total number of passes, passes with comments and failures:
"Overall Test Result"

Unguided User Testing

The following table shows the comments and/or questions that we had gathered for the various functionalities of B1G1 Connect, as well as general comments from our 3-day User Testing.

Functions Comments/Questions Asked
  • User did not seem to notice the support button.
  • It is not obvious that the user name can be clicked
  • Users want to see the list of projects available in B1G1 Connect
  • Some images are not displayed, broken image etc.
  • The application is hard to navigate as the user need to keep scrolling
  • The application disables zoom function. Users suggest giving an option to enlarge the screen
  • Cannot see sub navigation bar at the Quick Tour page
  • Suggestion to use javascript class for indication to show that the page is loading because they dunno whether it is processing/disable post button
  • If something is clicked, users do not know whether it is clicked.
  • Design is too dull - should be more colourful. Color implies something – brown gives people a feeling of color of land. Gives people the feel of the need to do worth causes/social working.
  • Twitter message should be personalised.
  • "Why limit the no of support? The users won't spam and it's not clear about the non-spamming part."
  • When the user (assuming he/she has not used B1G1 Connect app at all) clicks on a B1G1 user's url (which is shared thru Twitter/Facebook), it is a hassle for the user to log in/register just to see the other user's contribution. Perhaps, it is possible to allow public view the user's contribution w/o logging in.
  • Words appear too small on some screens - hence, results in mistyping.
  • There is no giving trend in Singapore, so the users are afraid that users here may not participate in giving, as B1G1 is not a well-known brand in Singapore.
  • Map is not shown even though location is on
  • Do not know that location needs to be enabled in order for it to work
  • Users did not seem to notice the blue pins
  • Some browsers (Opera Mini for example) do not support geolocation
  • Google Map shows "1 Orchard Road" - quite far off. Different time login provides different location.
  • What is this location based service does?
  • Viewing nearby businesses take awhile.
  • What's the purpose of checking in?
Business Profile Page
  • Overlapping of the QR code and "Support Projects" button
  • The page is too wordy - not advisable especially for users on the move.
  • After liking a particular post, the user is redirected to the newsfeed page: Suggests that it should stay at the comments page as it is more user-friendly.
Quick Tour
  • Quick tour write up requires side scrolling
  • Images are not obvious
  • The tour is quite useful - to inform the users how to use.
  • The image is already not scaled and it is pretty small words. And if you fix the resolution, the text will be smaller. Might be good if there is something to click, pop up, then show instructions
  • The users did not know that they are supposed to click the support button when thumbsup has been clicked.
  • "Why cannot select more than one project to support?"
  • Users did not seem to know how many projects to support at one time. It is not clear that users can only select one project at a time. They are on assumption that they can select more than one.
  • Don’t know that they need to sign in for the user to support. Thus, we need to make the default page more obvious
  • The thumbs up icons are not aligned.
  • "Shouldn't they be given a choice to contribute twice?"
  • (when the business profile page shows 1 project) The user clicks on "Support Projects", she expects that she already supported the project. When she was asked to log in, she was unsure why there is a need to support again. And when she has selected a project (by clicking on the thumbup button), she assume that the thumbup already registered her support. She felt that the support button is redundant.
  • The support flow is confusing.
  • No words appear on the support.php for the instruction.
  • Users thought that click the project means support already (no need click support button)
  •  ? icon: Many thought that it is a help button, so not many people will click.
  • The ? icon is not obvious. And when it is clicked, the instruction pop-up is too big that it covers the entire screen.
  • Suggests that the instructions pop up box scale to the size of the TEXT instead.
  • Need to logging again and again - very troublesome
  • After sharing, users were prompted to relogin - troublesome
  • The user feels that the "Join B1G1" button is misleading. He keyed in his particulars and clicks the button, expecting that he will be registered automatically.
  • Require re-login after invites friends.
  • Too much login procedures.
  • Email shown not valid despite multiple tries
  • "Why isnt there notification when there are comments to my personal posts - then how do ppl know that there are comments?"
  • "Is everything posted appear on Twitter/Facebook or on the newsfeed itself?"
  • "Is there an option to hide posts for privacy sake?"
  • Users intuitively thought "My Newsfeed" will show all the activites tht she has made (comments, likes).
  • There is no standardisation - when the user likes, the user is redirected to the newsfeed. But the user was not redirected to the newsfeed when the user comments.
  • The user prefers not to be redirected to the newsfeed after liking.
  • Instead of just removing comment, can implement edit function as well.
  • The users wishes to see a particular user's contributions
  • The user wishes to see another user's impact page via the application.
  • Suggest to provide an indication on whether the user is on "My Newsfeed" or "All Newsfeed".
QR Code
  • Need to know Know which qr code browsers they have - else the web layout will be misaligned
  • Are these the projects that the member is supporting?"
  • Users will like to see the details of the company/business the users have helped
  • The user finds the account page hard to locate
  • The user wishes that, when the user click on another user's fb profile pic, to show the projects that they support
  • Uploading picture seems redundant
  • No instruction on account page
  • "Why iphone users cannot change picture?"
  • The profile picture is not scaled to fit after uploading.
Business Profile
  • The business profile page is too wordy - especially on the move.
  • Overlapping UI on the business profile page.
  • "If I scanned QR code and supported a project already, why can't I get to see the projects page again?"
  • A user suggests that the team should not write it as "Impact" as he would thought he would be looking at how many people supporting so far for the projects supported thus far. Some people might support depends on the impact results, then go support least amount of supporters of a particular project.
  • Show distribution of projects amount as individual wants to know.
  • The user wishes to see if the amount of supports - no. of supports for a particular cause.
  • The user wishes to see the no. of contribution.
  • The users wishes to see what other users have contributed for a specified time period.
  • Impact page help function: "friends and friends".
  • When the users share her impact on Twitter, the message shows impact url. She commented that when another user clicks on the url, it wont direct to her impact page, but to the other user's impact instead. Hence, she recommended to customize the message or to use the "get" parameter to pass the correct url. For the impact page, to share via Twitter/Facebook, to use specified url for other users to see her impact page.
Load More Feeds
  • The preloader should be above load more feeds button as it makes more sense.
  • Load more feeds spam clicks a lot of preloaders. Thus, it is better to use ajax to like function - preference.
  • Comment page - ? has nothing. If have nothing, jus remove.
  • "Why comment page never show no. of likes since newsfeed shown?"

Course of Action

Our team had discussed that the following actions to be taken after reviewing the comments that we had received from our users.

For Individual Functions:

Comments by Users Action taken by the Team
More vibrant and lively colors to be used to appeal to the users. In discussion with the Client for new color changes.
Finds check-in function meaningless and hard to search for businesses on the map. Removed check-in function for individual users' current locations. Major changes to location function - Now it allows users to search for businesses using the drop down menus and to check-in at the businesses' locations.
Impact page can provide more information of the projects such as the number of beneficiaries they have impacted. Adding of a new tab "Projects" for the users to view more information on the projects which they have supported. Impact page will show the impact of their supports once the business members have given.
Prefer to look at the public project of the business members rather than the business profiles after the QR code is scanned. Allow users to reach the support projects page instead of the business profile page once they have scanned the QR code. If the user is interested to find out more about the businesses, they can click on the more information link which would redirect them to the business profile page.