2011-2012 Term 1

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2011/2012 Term 1

Hear team's 1 minute pitch. Click here for project acceptance, midterm and final schedule. Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Archan Misra Chris BOESCH


Acceptance Midterm Final

MOSAIC: Enhancing MySentosa App with Social Media and Insight This project will focus on building enhancements on existing capabilities as well as creating new features for the next generation of MySentosa iPhone mobile application. Currently, the MySentosa App allows island visitors to obtain the latest information on events or attractions. However, the present functionalities in the MySentosa App lacks user interaction, thus this project will extend the capabilities of the app in the following ways:
  1. Facebook integration to cater to the increasing demands of visitors who are dexterous with social media applications
  2. Personalized itinerary that capture users' input and plan the route around the island
  3. Interactive map that allows user to view attractions around the island
  4. Generating text-based directions between two attractions
  1. CHANG Hsin Yinn
  2. CHEW Wei Kian
  3. Nur Qamar Binte KAMAROLI
  4. CHNG Shuqi
  5. Muhamad Nassarudin Bin ABDUL KARIM
  6. Pearl SU Su
West Jean Ong, Sentosa Leisure Group (SLG)
Archan Misra Jason Woodard

Quick Responders

Acceptance Midterm Final

Banking services should not be limited to a physical location, an ATM or even on your laptop. QuickResponders will leverage on today’s technology, which allows snapped QR codes and your essential documents to make it all easier. As we pack more services into this mobile application such as fund transfer, bill payment and bill splitting, we are essentially bringing the bank to you and redefining the word “convenience”.

Most importantly, this application intelligently splits the bill via Optical Character Recognition and allows user to tag each item to each person. Intelligent bill splitting will conveniently generate a QR code for each user to adopt the scan and pay concept.

  1. Stradford TAY Teow Chin
  2. Shaun CHIA
  3. Melvin HENG Guan Lek
  4. HU Jiaming
  5. CHONG Zi Xin
  6. LIANG Yun Kai
Mr. Mishra Nigamananda, Standard Chartered. Mr Chris Ismael, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft Singapore
Archan Misra Chris BOESCH


Acceptance Midterm Final

Mobile application on iPhone and Android to replace the conventional way of using a card to (1) withdraw cash from ATMs and (2) for credit payment at restaurants.

Winner for Popular IS480 Poster award

  1. Edward ZENG
  2. TAN Wei Siong
  3. CHIA Luck Yong
  4. Shaun TAN Jun Hua
  5. Bryan OUYANG Zhiyuan
Mr. Mishra Nigamananda, Standard Chartered
Archan Misra Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Midterm Final

G-Element - 3D SMU social media visualizer - Creating a fully customized social media dashboard on simplified 3D model of Singapore Management University categorizing tweets based on location and trending topics.
  1. AUNG Myint Thein
  2. KYAW Moe Hein
  3. Thandar TUN
  4. TUN Phyo Wint Wint
  5. Khaing Pwint Wah
  6. Soe Thet AUNG (IS481)
Chwan Ren (GermaniumWeb)
Benjamin Gan ZHENG Baihua

Indies' Chronicle

Acceptance Midterm Final

Online Assessment tool. An assessment tool for Lodestone’s consultants – the full version. A preview assessment tool for Lodestone’s clients – the light version
  1. Antoni Riady LEWA
  2. Jessie
  3. Ronny Paulus MULIAWAN
  4. Jagannathan Satya KOTHIMANGALAM
  5. Athina Benedicta CHANIAGO
  6. Yessita AZEHARIE
Philip Kwa, Director, Lodestone Management Consultants
Benjamin Gan Jason Woodard

Kopa Wheel

Acceptance Midterm Final

Driving Singapore's Service Excellence - An interactive web portal that provides analysis of companies' customer satisfaction to CSISG corporate subscribers. The CSISG Web Portal includes dashboard, the CSISG Model which provides detailed data analysis, predictive analysis tool and report generation.

Besides, the web portal also includes administrative functions such as user subscription and structural model builder.

  1. WEE Yuting
  2. James KOH Yi Zh
  3. HE Feixiang
  4. PAN Liang Hua
SMU ISES Prof. Marcus Lee
Benjamin Gan Chris BOESCH


Acceptance 1 2 Midterm Final

Creating a world full of giving - User management, project listing, contribution management, connectivity/engagement and achievement wall using Cocoa (MacOS & iOS. Eligible for Lien Awards
  1. Eugene CHONG Liang Jin
  2. TING Wen Zhong
  3. ONG Wee Chian
  4. Daniel ONG Shin Jie
  5. TAY Hui Juan
Masami Sato, Buy1GIVE1
Benjamin Gan ZHENG Baihua


Acceptance Midterm Final

Healthcare Management System - Personal Health Management System aims to help customers of the Yishun Wellness Centre – a collaboration between the People’s Association and Khoo Teck Puat Hospital (managed by Alexandra Health) – to actively manage their own health, and to foster a community spirit through offering help to their neighbours. The system consists of a web portal and an iOS mobile application which:
  • assists doctors and nurses to capture customers’ health and social data digitally in health assessment surveys
  • provides customers the tools to enter and track their health indicators to encourage them to actively manage their own health
  • generates visuals to assist doctors and nurses in assessing customers’ health and social indicators on the area or individual level
  • provides a service sharing platform for the community to exchange services and knowledge

Winner for Best IS480 Value to Sponsor award

  1. Jeremy TAN Kam Wing
  2. GOH Chok Hui
  3. TEO Zi Rong
  4. Wayne TAN Jun Ren
  5. Jay LIM Jiayi
  6. KONG Yuan Ching
Dr. Wong Sweet Fun,

Mr. Lau Wing Chew, Mr. Kenneth Lam, Alexandra Hospital

Chris BOESCH Jason Woodard, Archan Misra


Acceptance Midterm Final

Continue project Pivoteers. Pivotal Expert is a fun social networking platform which helps entrepreneurs turn their ideas into reality, by easily providing them relevant student developers who are looking for opportunities to gain real world developing exposure and vice versa.

Winner for Best IS480 Project Management award

  1. Mark Chen Chuangan
  2. Kenneth KOK Jin Cheng
  3. CHAI Ching Hsiang
  4. CHUA Chee Huat
  5. Daniel TSOU Guo Yuen Tsen
Sandra Boesch, Pivotal Expert
Chris BOESCH Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Midterm Final

Mini Musical Star is an iPad app that allows closet musical enthusiasts to create a cover of a musical. They can do so by replacing the original vocals with their own voice and replacing the original pictures with their own photos. Features also include sharing of their creations to Facebook and Youtube. Mini Musical Star is available for download in the AppStore.

Winner for Best IS480 Project award

  1. Adrian CHENG Bing Jie
  2. LEE Jun Kit
  3. Asti Andayani TEMI
  4. LEW Ching Sien
  5. TAN Wei Jie
Prof Chris Boesch

Team Brownie Points

Acceptance Midterm Final

Communicare Auto Emailer System is a personalized and consolidated communication management system. Reminders and Reports. Reminders milestones involves reminders, recommendations and suggestions emails. (For example, a reminder email for a Business client will be one which notifies them that their company logo is empty on B1G1 website and reminds them to upload their business logo). Reports milestones are straightforward and personalized emails which contains a summary of donations given (for businesses) and donations received (for worthy causes). Eligible for Lien Awards
  1. MA Myat Noe Mon
  2. CHEW Lee Chen
  3. Lynn TAN
  4. AUNG Thu Wann
  5. SU Myat Mon
Masami Sato, Buy1GIVE1
Chris BOESCH Jason Woodard


Acceptance Midterm Final

Standard Chartered rewards system - An interactive mobile application that reinvents your banking rewards experience by allowing you to progress through different levels of rewards.
  1. Waritta Sukseree
  2. KOO Ze-hou
  3. Dexter TAN Wei Ru
  4. Brandon HENG Cheng Wei
Jeff Nicholas and Ramkumar Standard Chartered
Jason Woodard Benjamin Gan


Acceptance Midterm

eSpire - Portal for YDC to assist facilitation of an education program by YDC targeting secondary school students. Winner of Lien Awards
  1. NG Choon Teck
  2. AU Cheong Hing
  3. CHEN Junfan
  4. CHEE Jing Hui
  5. PEH Wei Kiat
Sanctuary House, Noel Tan (Head), Dya (Social Worker) & Han Ying (Head of Youth Development Committee)
Jason Woodard Chris BOESCH

Discover Linkage

Acceptance Midterm Final

TEDxSingapore Project Connect social network with focus on interest groups. Functions include group page, events, message, friends, offender reporting and search.
  1. Kenny LIN Baochong
  2. Lionel PAN Poheng
  3. NITTALA Swetha Sharmista
  4. Manesh Kumar RAI
  5. Madhan S/O KALIAPPAN
Dave LIM, Founding Curator, TEDxSingapore
Jason Woodard ZHENG Baihua


Acceptance Midterm Final

IVAG - Fun, Dynamic and Interactive Geography Learning Courseware for Secondary and Higher Level Students
  1. MIN Thu Han
  2. YE Min Naing
  3. EAINT Myet Chyal Pyi Aye
  4. Thiri MAY
  5. KHINE Su Mon
Prof Kam Tin Seong
Jason Woodard Archan Misra

Team Unitas

Acceptance Final

MeL, short for Mobile e-Learning, is a content development platform consisting of a server application and multi-platform mobile application for Standard Chartered Bank’s Group Learning department and/or content developers to create, manage and publish content for the bank’s employees.

Key features include Creation, Management and Publishing of e-learning modules, quizzes, announcements, as well as report generation and analytics to provide content developers with useful learning data.

  1. Jonathan LIM Song Ern
  2. TAN Zhong Ming
  3. OW Jie Wei
  4. Wilfred PHUA Wei Lun
  5. Jeremy SHING Yi Chuen
Sim Hong Wee Gallen, Standard Chartered
ZHENG Baihua Jason Woodard

Te Anälyzeren

Acceptance Midterm

Patient Satisfaction Management Dashboard - A Dashboard for quality managers using visual analytics on patient surveys of their satisfaction.

Winner for Best IS480 Technical Innovation award

  1. Michael XU Hongyang
  2. Cheryl CHIANG Si Yuan
  3. LEONG Ying Larp
  4. LEONG Jie Larp
  5. Sherlynn SIM Xuele
Mr Lau Wing Chew, Ms Tan Lay Cheng, Ms Lavanya Asokan, Alexandra Hospital
ZHENG Baihua Benjamin Gan

The Cobras

Midterm Final

Online Assessment tool - Create a web application which allows clients to answer predetermined questions for 3 different domains: SCM/HCM/CRM
  1. Muhammad Bin ALAMGIR
  2. Raghav Nandan PODDAR
  3. Tauhid Bin Abddul JALIL
  4. Varun SARAF
Philip Kwa, Director, Lodestone Management Consultants
ZHENG Baihua Benjamin Gan

The PIEs

Acceptance Midterm Final

Team management platform - The aim of our project is to develop a user friendly internet portal for our client, Positive Intentions (PI), for Human Resource Management (HRM) and Customer Relation Management (CRM) purposes, known as Positive Intentions Events Portal (PIE Portal). The HRM portal will be developed to help PI gain a better visibility of their available resources and allocate them efficiently. On the other hand, the CRM portal will provide a platform for PI clients to engage together. With the integration of both portals, the necessary information can flow within the entity and to the different stakeholders of the company smoothly.
  1. TAN Cheng Hoon
  2. Joanna HENG Wee Ying
  3. Victoria POON Su Ying
  4. ZHOU Zhi Yong
  5. LIM Wan Jun
  6. WONG Sook Xian
LEONG Rhui Ching, Michelle, Marketing Manager & Trainer, Lau Wee Kiat, Operations Manager & Trainer, Positive Intentions
ZHENG Baihua Archan Misra

Victorious Secrets

Midterm Final

International Student Social Community Web Portal "Our project involves developing a web portal that caters to the International student community who are either living in Singapore or planning to come over for study. Our portal offers a one-stop solution for the international students that accomodates their needs for study, live and play in Singapore which is supported by a wide range of functionality to help them better blend into Singapore’s educational, cultural and social life. Our portal features various social networking tools, local events organizer, public school information search, and forum space etc. The technology which supports the development of this portal is Drupal 6 Content Management System (CMS), with which we incorporated a pool of custom coded modules, web services and third party contributed modules"
  1. MA Cheng
  2. HENG Jia Qi
  3. TAN Hui Wen
  4. Jinson XU Guangzu
Mr. Jonathan Koh, the Founder of Grace Education International