2010-2011 Term 2

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2010/2011 Term 2

Click here for project acceptance, midterm and final schedule. Click on your team name in the team column to update your team wiki page. Have fun!

Supervisor Reviewers Team Project Members Sponsor
Benjamin Gan Zhu FeiDa & Jason


Universal Studios Singapore Visitor Management System. Video acceptancemidtermfinal. Winner for Best IS480 Project Management award
  1. Joy KOH Meiying
  2. TAN Kuan Liang
  3. Angeline SU Peishan
  4. Cindy LAM Yan Yee
  5. TOH An Qi
  6. TSANG Wing Hei
Resorts World Universal Studios
Benjamin Gan Wong Yue Kee & Zhu FeiDa


3D SMU Room Booking System with GermaniumWeb Video midtermfinal
  1. Febbry Lasgon
  2. Evelyn DJUHARI
  3. LAI Leong Koon
  4. Louisa ZEPHANIA
  5. Raymond Setyadi UMBARA
Chwan Ren, Tong Wing & Ian Loh, G-Element Pte_ltd
Benjamin Gan Wong Yue Kee & Zhu FeiDa


Pivotal Expert a portal that allows local businesses, usually SMEs to post technical projects Video midtermfinal. Winner for Best IS480 Value for Sponsor and Most Popular awards
  1. Cheryl-Jo Tan
  2. Lynn CHANG Cairu
  3. Shaun THAM Qinwen
  4. PANG Kah Chuan
  5. Fidelis Cornelia TAN Hwee Ping
  6. Kelvin CHING Kian Weng
Chris and Sandra Boesch, Pivotal Expert
Jason WOODARD Benjamin Gan & Zhu FeiDa


Kampung Temasek: Virtual Reality to attract potential volunteers, an interactive game. Eligible for Lien AwardsVideo midtermfinal
  1. BAU Hon Tzern
  2. DAI Wenjing
  3. CHOI Wing Yan (Christina)
  4. Desmond HO Song Sheng
Soh Ju Hu, Kampung Manager, Kampung Temasek - School of Doing
Jason WOODARD Wong Yue Kee & Benjamin Gan


Android Mobile Application for Standard Chartered (Augmented Reality). Nominee for Best IS480 Value for Sponsor award
  1. Jazreel TAN Mei Xing
  2. ZHAO Zhunqi
  3. XU Ying
  4. Jonathan Noel CHEE Jian Hui
  5. CHONG Hong Hao
Daniel Chong, Standard Chartered (iLab)
Jason WOODARD Wong Yue Kee & Zhu FeiDa


Revamp the current InnovativeSingapore.com for local developers to exchange ideas, share Microsoft technology knowledge and socialize among themselves. Video midtermfinal
  1. LEE Heng Pei
  2. Gabriel YEE Qi Ming
  3. POH Seow Theng
  4. LIM Dit Ching
  5. NGUYEN Thi Tam
Mingfei Yan, Developer Evangelist, Microsoft
Jason WOODARD Zhu FeiDa & Wong Yue Kee


Web portal to facilitate learning, sharing and planning of information (education). midtermfinal
  1. LAU Jun Hui
  2. Elaine TAN Chew Ling
  3. Kelvin GOH Hong Wei
  4. TAN Ming Wie
  5. Serene BAY Ting Ting
Own Project (MITB)
Kevin STEPPE Chris BOESCH & Benjamin Gan

Paradigm Shift

Gecko English Teacher Video midtermfinal
  1. Diwanand DAVAR
  2. SOH Fang Yi
  3. Nur Muhammad Rifqi Bin ROHAIZAT
  4. Mohamed Ali Jinnah S/o ABDUL AZIZ
  5. Mohamed Asheeq S/o MOHAMED RAFIE
Own Project, Client: Short Street Tamil Methodist Church & Indian Muslim Social Service Association
Wong Yue Kee Zhu FeiDa & Benjamin Gan


Alexandra Health: Knowledge Management System
  1. Hiubert Limas Lim
  2. Alvin
  4. Michael Allen Palanca Olivan
  5. Teena Carissa Chung NGO
Ong Poh Suan, Operations Assistant Manager, Lau Wing Chew, Chief Transformational Officer, Lim Hock Leong Benjamin, Principal Systems Specialist, Alexandra Healthcare
Wong Yue Kee Zhu FeiDa & Jason


Wackotopia Android App Videofinal
  1. Sherman Glenn CHUA
  2. Tang Bin
  3. Qiao Yang
  4. Carol Then
Mr Abhijit, founder Intellectio
Wong Yue Kee Jason & Benjamin Gan


EasyPay Android Peer-To-Peer Transfer using BUMP. Winner for Best IS480 awards.
  1. Carmen TAN Jia Min
  2. TEOH Qi Wei
  3. LEONG Shuanna
  4. Wilson LIM Weisheng
Daniel Chong, Standard Chartered (iLab)
Wong Yue Kee Benjamin Gan & Jason


IS481: Castle defense type multi player game that takes advantage of the iPad as a console and iPhone as its controllers. Video midtermfinalfinal. Winner for Best IS480 Technical Innovation awards
  1. Jaryl SIM Mong Cho
  2. Mohamad Fauzi Bin ASAD
  3. WONG Yik Meng
  4. NYEOW Siew Hui
  5. LIM Hang Loon
Own project
Zhu FeiDa Benjamin Gan & Jason

Army Ants

Ant House comparison platform use data mining to analyze the reviews or comments. Video acceptance midtermfinal
  1. ZHAO Liang
  2. JIANG Hao
  3. WAN Feng
  4. YU Sikan
  5. CHEN Xuezheng
  6. LI Qi
Prof Zhu FeiDa, SIS SMU
Zhu FeiDa Benjamin Gan & Wong Yue Kee

Let’s Give!


Incorporate giving as part of an individual and/or business lifestyle. Winner for Lien Awards. Video midtermfinal
  1. CHAN Chin Hong
  2. LAU Pei En
  3. LAU Sheng Shiun
  4. Soe Sandy TUN
  5. TAN Jian Wei
  6. XU Xiaoyue
Masami Sato, BUY1GIVE1
Zhu FeiDa Jason & Benjamin Gan


Geospatial visualization dashboard that converts conventional online data into business intelligent analysis reports. Video midtermfinal final. Nominee for Best IS480 Value for Sponsor award
  1. TAN Ying Da
  2. Isaac LIM Yuan Zhun
  3. SIM Sing Hong
  4. NG Wei Quan
  5. Marcus YAP Renjie
Dr. Kam Tin Seong, SMU. Nicholas Tan, Director IT Application, IDS Group, Malaysia