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Trip Itinerary

Map of Visitations

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Travelling Time

The link below is a Google spreadsheet of the itinerary which includes suggested travel attractions and confirmed/pending company visits:
Overview of Trip Itinerary

Day 0900 1000 1100 1200 1300 1400 1500 1600 1700 1800 1900 2000 2100 2200
29 Apr: Tue Golden Week 28 Apr - 6 May (Japan) SIA SQ608 (12:10AM SGT-07:45AM KST)
30 Apr: Wed Twinword Lasso Company SCC & ETRI Lunch KBS Check in Summit


Dinner (own) Free & Easy
1 May: Thu Labor day Ideabove MyRealTrip Lunch Intra company sharing Dinner (own) Free & Easy
2 May: Fri VCNC Lunch Memebox Flitto Chil Ryang's Dinner Free & Easy
3 May: Sat Free & Easy Lunch (own) Free & Easy Dinner (own) Free & Easy
4 May: Sun Free & Easy Lunch (own) Free & Easy Dinner (own) Free & Easy
5 May: Mon Children day Gyeongbok Palace Ginseng Chicken Free & Easy Dinner (own) Free & Easy
6 May: Tue Asiana OZ 102 (09:00AM KST-11:10AM JST) Lunch at Harajuku Meiji Shrine Check in Shinjuku Prince


Dinner on foot Free & Easy
7 May: Wed Smart Education Lunch Cybernoids Free & Easy Dinner Free & Easy
8 May: Thu Schedule Hachimen Roppi Freakout Gyoro2 (own) United Trippiece Wantedly Dinner (own) Free & Easy
9 May: Fri Transfer to airport SIA SQ637 (11:10AM JST-05:20PM SGT)

Unconfirmed Company Visit
Confirmed Company Visit

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