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Welcome to IS427: Technopreneur Study Mission

Term 2 2018-2019

Hong Kong

Term 2 2017-2018

Silicon Valley

Term 2 2016-2017

South Korea

Term 2 2015-2016

South Korea

Term 2 2014-2015

South Korea

Term 1 2014-2015

Silicon Valley

Term 2 2013-2014

South Korea

Term 1 2013-2014


Term 2 2012-2013

South Korea

Term 1 2012-2013


Term 2 2011-2012

South Korea

Term 1 2011-2012


Internship subsidy plan by IIE

  1. For those who have NOT exhibited entrepreneurial interest – whatever the allowance that the company gives.
  2. Those who can show evidence of their entrepreneurial interest
    1. Matching internship allowance (If the internship sponsor pays X. IIE/Dean of Students can pay X subject to a maximum)
    2. Airfare subsidy (75%). Please contact Dean of Students for other subsidy.
    3. Any Visa fees beyond the normal visa fees. This is especially true in the case of J-1 visa for internships in US where we need to go through an intermediary. Where it is the normal visa fee such as the fee for visitor visa then IIE will not pay.
  3. The student is expected to use the funds for housing, transportation and other living expenses. They are supposed to find their own housing although we will ask the company to help them.
  4. Director IIE will meet with the student to determine whether they are entitled to 1 or 2. IIE staff to ensure company is a startup and OCS can follow up.
  5. Expect the full claim to be done 1-4 months after the claim documents are all submitted.

Please read PDF

To utilise your PSEA funds to claim for approved expenses for the study mission (approved & endorsed by SMU)

As the PSEA claim is on reimbursement basis, you may submit the PSEA form for this claim after you return from your exchange/study mission. Please submit within 1 month from completion of the trip. You may wish to check and confirm with Office of Finance level 12 on the deadline to submit. The amount that’s available for reimbursement will be determined by the amount of funds that you have in your PSEA account. To find out your account balance, you may wish to call the MOE Customer Service Hotline at 6260 0777.

Please complete the PSEA Adhoc application form and attach the following original invoices/documents :

  1. Approval notification by school/OGL & host university for your exchange/study mission
  2. Original invoices by the travel agency/carrier and insurance company (e.g. vaccination, airfare, boarding pass, travel insurance & accommodation etc)

Do ensure that all of the supporting documents are issued in your name to seek for the reimbursement from your PSEA account. Please submit your completed application form and supporting documents into the Office of Finance drop-box on Level 12 (outside the Office of Finance) of the SMU Admin Building.

The reimbursement process would take about 2-3 months for Finance to process your application. This is because OFN would have to send your application over to MOE for approval, thereafter, MOE will takes about a month to process the funds from your PSEA account and transfer to SMU.

However, please note that you should not be in receipt of other sources of funding for this exchange if you wish to use the funds from your PSEA to fund this exchange/study mission. You may contact Ms TAY Hui Yu from Office of Finance for any queries pertaining to the claims.

If you are submitting multiple applications for the same semester, only 1 application can be submitted per semester. So it is better that you compile all your claims together in 1 application and submit after you have returned from the trip.