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About Jieting

Jieting profile.jpg

Name: Teo Jie Ting
Academic Year: 3
Degree: BSc Information Systems Management
2nd Major: Advanced Business Track (Without Track)
Likes: Traveling and Reading
Facebook: Facebook
Email Address: Email Me

Why TSM South Korea

I've went to Korea a few years back and gosh, the fond memories I had is still fresh in my mind! To me, Korea has been a country which has preserved its traditional culture and historical buildings well and yet at the same time, positioned herself well as a technology hub in Asia. The recent tremendous growth of South Korea based companies like Samsung has further propelled Korea into the world's limelight in the technology field. Hence, I would like to learn how these successful technology companies manage their IT innovations and build strategies to stay competitive in the long run.

As such, I believe that TSM will not only give me the opportunity to learn valuable business skills from startups and companies based there, but also give me a chance to bask in the rich culture and history of Korea.

Internship Opportunities

What type of internship opportunities interest you?
As I've interned in the Aviation Industry during the Summer break as a developer, I would like to explore into other industries and IT positions so as to understand how a successful technology company thrive and improve. Furthermore, serving an overseas Internship would definitely be a meaningful way to understand the culture of the country.

Any ideal firms (based in South Korea) that you wishes to join?

Company Reasons
Flitto logo-350x150.jpg Flitto is a crowd-sourcing translation platform which provides accurate, cost effective and fast translation through users' mobile phone. Just gotten out of beta recently, Flitto already has a strong user base of over two million users which they garnered during their beta testing! Being a application that makes use of crowd-sourcing, the business strategy used by Flitto is definitely something that I could learn from and apply on my self-proposed FYP project. Read more on Flitto at here
Jieting-Samsung-Logo.jpg Who will not want to have the opportunity to visit Samsung, one of the biggest technology company in the world? Samsung definitely has its own way of managing its business and company to be able to grow and become one of the top giant in the technology company currently. As such, having the opportunity to visit and learn from such a successful and world-renowned technology company would definitely aid in my own technopreneurship journey.
Jieting-Sundaytoz-700x279.jpg I always felt that game applications tend to have difficulty garnering a large user base due to the saturation in the mobile gaming industry dominated by a few companies like King for Candy Crush. User Interface and User Experience are definitely the one of the few points game application developers have to take note of to ensure users are not only attracted for the first time round, but would remain engaged and interested for a long period of time. As such, I would like to learn more about the game applications developers design their application to maximize user experience through providing a visually pleasing and intuitive user interface to use. Read more on Sundaytoz at here

Starting Business

What type of business interest you?

  • IT businesses that provides solution to social needs
  • Social Networking
  • Online E-commerce

What plan do you have in starting a business?
Under the mentorship of Mr Robert Chew, Managing Partner at Stream Global Pte, me and my 4 other friends are currently involved in a self-proposed final year project named SnapQuiz. SnapQuiz aims to promote the exchange of academic knowledge by creating a highly intuitive and fun way to ask and answer questions through leveraging on existing technologies.

To have a better understanding of this project, do visit this link here

As such, I would like to make sure of this opportunity to learn more about the business strategies employed by various successful technology companies based in and share this knowledge with my FYP teammates to allow us to bring SnapQuiz to greater heights.

Past Experience

As SnapQuiz (mentioned above) is my first startup, I do not have a rich startup experience. However, I have helped out in some startups in various industries and witnessed the tedious process from preparation to marketing, launching and eventually, sustaining the business. As such, this TSM would definitely be a great opportunity for me to learn from technologies experts from various industries.